I Found Her
Wrapped In Tears Of Lace
Between Star-dusted Marvels
And Tears Upon Her Face

I Found Her
In Condescending Frame
With Sorrow's Decadence
Barely She Stayed Sane

I Found Her
Drowning In Her World
Internally Diseased
Yet Still a Little Girl

I Found Her
With Dilapidated Hopes
Bond In Medication
The Doctor Sent To Cope

I Found Her
Tucked Within Her Tears
Hiding In The Hurt
She's Felt For All These Years

I Found Her
Star-dusted In Her Shell
Crotched To a Life
She's Accepted As Her Hell

The ginger tom extended a long demonic claw and traced the border of the young felines face. He could still hear the terrified screams of her parents as they pleaded with him not to take her. Fools. Dealing with the devil on normal occasions was hazardous enough but dealing with Macavity at all, was deadly. He looked at the lifeless forms of the motionless creatures before giving the signal to the Pollicle's to dispose of their desolated bodies. Walking down the twisted hallway that led to his lair he could feel his followers eyes upon him as he took the kitten into his bed chambers.
She was barely out of infancy, unable to walk never saying anything other then a few meaningless words. He was about a year older then her, not a full grown adult but not a teenager. He was wicked, a creature who relied upon darkness to fill his every need, every desire. This part of town was his and anyone who dared to question his authority wouldn't live to see another sunrise. This hell house was his world, everyone else was just in it.

Gently laying the kitten down beside him, he examined her features, going over every inch of her body, taking it in. Deep brown eye's gazed into his piercing blue ones. He examined her closely, every speck of black, every splotch of white, every patch of red he took in, memorizing her completely. As their eyes met once again the younger cats head tilted to the side confused. Macavity touched the red fringe of her head fur that had not yet fully reached its proper length.

The tom sneered. He had already heard some of the nasty remarks that had been made by some of the henchrats after they had found out he was taking a kitten in. No, that was far from his plan, he wouldn't raise her as his own, she would know of her deceased family and he would turn her against them. Oh he definitely had plans for this queen in the making, she would learn every secret there was to this life, everyway to manipulate, terrify and eventually kill anyone who he wanted her to. She would become one of the best they'd ever have, and in time she would become his mate. A name, you need a name. Macavity's eyes narrowed as he thought for a second. Many of his supporters had wondered why he just didn't take one of the older kittens who had been born into this society and who had grown up in this manner. They didn't understand the fact that this particular kitten was special and he knew she'd go far when given the right training. Bombalurina. That's what he would call her. She would become the bombshell of the area and have a spitfire personality to go with it. She would be craved for but he would make sure she would deceive them, get there trust and then betray them before anyone could figure out his motives. No one would go near him but if they came across a young, innocent, hurt queen, how could they refuse? A wicked smile crossed his lips. Life as everyone knew it, was changing.

New story, short begginng. At time's this fic is going to get pretty dark and it may range from T-M. Not much happend in this chapter considering that this is just the prologue. NOTE Bombalurina isnt a Jellicle in thisstory, part of it takes place after the Jellicle ball in the stage show/ video and she works for Macavity, though the Jellicles dont realize/know it. Macavity is a good bit older then her, I'm using Cat years in this one. Humans see them as normal cats but to eachother they're anthro. In future not a friendly piece of fiction. Macavity and Bombalurina are dark 'll find out more in the next chapters. Thanx and hope you enjoy.