WARNING: Macavity is extremely degenerate in this chapter and this chapter also deals with mature themes. Bombalurina is still a kitten (about the age of Jemima in the play) and this is how her dark relationship with Macavity started. Diffrent story from what I usally wright. Every song I use is property to their singing/ writer. This song is property to Billy Joel.

Baby all the lights are turned on you
Now you're in the center of the stage
Everything revolves on what you do

Ah, you are in your prime
You've come of age
You can always have your way somehow
'Cause everybody loves you now

You can walk away from your mistakes
You can turn your back on what you do
Just a little smile is all it takes
And you can have your cake and eat it too

All the people want to know your name
Soon there will be lines outside your door
Feelings do not matter in your game
'Cause nothing's gonna touch you anymore
So your life is only living anyhow
And everybody loves you now

See how all the people gather 'round
Hey, isn't it a thrill to see them all crawl
Keep your eyes ahead and don't look down
Yeah, and lock yourself inside your sacred wall
This is what you wanted, ain't you proud
'Cause everybody loves you now

A shimmering burst of light skimmed the skies horizon line, it's golden rays washing over the distant forest setting the tree tops ablaze, while the city rooftops gently came out of the shadows. The young kittens fingers combed through her head fur as she turned over onto her side, preparing to soak up the suns first few ray's of light.

Something in the middle of the night had refused to let her continue sleeping, forcing her to leave the comfort of her den that she shared with her master. Sighing dreamily she turned over onto her white chest as the sunlight covered her back, causing a silent purr to escape her mouth. Opening her eyes half way, she watched memorized as the suns rays tinted the sky with bright oranges and reds.

There was something magical about this place, perhaps it was its view that made it so captivating; the whole city could be watched from here, every glass window of a executive building could be marvelled at, every detailed stain glass window of the cathedral could be seen shinning like the stars in the night sky, when the sun hit them just right. It was true what they say, the beauty of this tower was unlike any other in the world; but of course, there wasn't anywhere in the world that could match up to what Macavity claimed as his own.

A confused smile crossed her lips as she thought of her master. He was a mystery; keeping to himself most of the time but being everywhere and with everyone at once. It was as if he could control everything, make every outcome turn out just the way he wanted it to. He could foretell the future, keep record of the past, a dark magician that could lead anyone into temptation, despite their upbringing. Twisting her tail around her finger she inhaled a deep breath, filling her lungs with the cold morning air. Moving over to sit on her hunches she noticed a dark figure looming in the background.

"You weren't there when I woke up Bombalurina." The ginger tom spit at the young kitten who looked away, knowing that she was going to get a scolding from him.

"I felt weird in the middle of the night, so I came out here to get some air." Macavity arched a unimpressed eyebrow.

"And you thought that it would be o.k. to remain out here the rest of the night? Despite the fact that you didn't ask permission?"

"I, I fell asleep," The red kitten said as the large tom stalked toward her, his features basking in the golden light, "I didn't mean it."

Making his way past the kitten, Macavity let a yawn escape his mouth as he stretched out his limbs. Turning his attention back to the youngster he scowled down at her. Bombalurina looked up at the tom and sheepishly smiled. She knew he wasn't mad at her, sure he tried to act like it all the time but she knew she was special to him. He couldn't stay mad at her for more then a few minutes. No other queen nor tom for that matter, was treated as well as her. She was the only cat that could get a remark out of the tom, the only cat that he actually paid attention to. Despite the other queens antics to try and get the same amount of respect from the ginger tom, none had even come close.

"Make sure it doesn't happen again." His voice stated sternly as his eyes shifted past her over the towers cliff. Bombalurina often wondered what he found so interesting about this particular spot, he had claimed the highest room in the tower his, even though he owned the tower itself. This part was off-limits to everyone, it was his secret chambers and anyone who dared wander into it, would suffer immensely; that was, anyone except her. She lived with him, shared the same views, the same opinions, the same room and even the same bed. She knew that he thought of her as above every other cat in the place; she was his property and anyone who dared to touch her or challenge her would have to answer to him. She ruled this place along side of him. Walking toward the older tom she came to stand beside him, measuring only up to his waist; taller then any of the other kittens her age. He didn't look down at the kitten who had plastered herself to his side, instead his attention was thrown to the dark shadow that had made its home at the other end of the city.

"Whatcha looking at?" Bombalurina asked following his gaze. Without taking his eyes of the spot he responded.

"The junkyard."

"The Jellicle Junkyard?" The small kitten asked as she tilted her head in confusion. What did he see in those low life cats? Macavity nodded.

"I've got business to attend to over there today," he said as he turned away, beginning to walk away from the spot, "Stay out of my way."

Bombalurina's ears fell as she watched him disappear back into the shadows. He never let her come along anymore. When she had been just learning to talk, she was often taken on his outings. She suppose that he was just to afraid that if he left her, one of the other cats would do something to her. Disregarding the thought with the flick of her tail, she got up from her position and headed toward the beach.

Shaking her head violently, Bombalurina desperately tried to rid herself of the dead fish smell that haunted the market place. Darting in-between cracks and crates that were loaded with fresh fruit waiting for the towns people to buy them. She successfully made it to the shoreline without being seen by anyone other then a few harmless human kids who pointed admiringly at her coat of red that was ablaze in the morning sunlight. Jumping of the white ledge that divided the beaches white sands from the road, the kitten lazily made her way toward the pier. Hearing the endless hungry cries of the gulls awaiting the fishers to bring in the days sea nets so they could eat, Bombalurina ran up the steps and headed down the board walk. It was a beautiful day, unlike any she had seen in a while but it seemed different. She seemed different. The strange feeling that she had encountered in the middle of the night seemed to come creeping back to her again. A restless tingle shot up her body, causing her to flinch. Inhaling a breath of the salty sea air she tried to calm herself.

"Ah!" Another feeling caught her off guard. She felt anxious, sitting down she tried to gather her thoughts. Jumping in the air frightened she felt one more vibration go through her body. All of a sudden the sensations stopped, and her eyes sagged over as a haze set in. Something was changing. The kitten put a trembling hand to her heart, feeling her chest thumping wildly. Bombalurina's hand trailed lower down her body, traveling over the small swells of her chest and down to her thighs. She was oblivious to the world around her and she didn't care. This feeling was desirable. She craved something, something she hadn't ever felt before. Bringing her hands back up to her chest she let a small groan out of her lips.

"Just what in carnations do you think your doing?" A husky voice purred quite amused by the little cats antics. Jumping to her feet alarmed, Bombalurina looked down embarrassed as her face grew flushed.

"I, I, I"

"You, You, You what!" Griddlebone's voice shrieked at the young flustered cat. "You just thought that know one was around so you'd give it a try?"

"What! NO! I, I,"

"There you go with the ME! ME! ME! You must really think the world revolves around you huh?"

" I don't know what's the matter with me! I woke up this morning and I felt… Different!" The red kitten yelled back. She didn't know what had just come over her. She had been through many of things in her short life time but had never felt like that.

"Bombalurina wait Till Macavity hears about thi-" Griddlebone immediately cut of her sentence as the young queens scent reached her nose. The white sultry queens eyes widened in realization as she backed away from the kit. Bombalurina looked at her confused. "Welcome to the club of grown up queens sweetie," The adult queen said smiling, "Follow me, this deserves recognition." Following with hesitation, Bombalurina trailed behind the white cat confused. Griddlebone had been like a sister to her, ever since she could remember, Griddlebone had always been the one showing her the ropes, other then Macavity. Now since she was older, she barely ever got to see the fluffy feline. Of course she couldn't blame her, the lives of the cats that lived in the empire were tuff. Many a time's when she was lucky enough to be taken out by Macavity had she seen cats getting killed by another one, just over the smallest piece of food.

As the two arrived back at the tower they made there way into the front room, that was just for lunging.

"Morning Griddlebone." A raspy voice called.

"You too."

"And what's that little fur ball doing with you?" A brown tabby queen called from a pillow she was lying on. "You know kitty cat, this place isn't for kittens to be hanging around." Bombalurina was just about to respond when Griddlebone covered her mouth.

"Kitten you say? As of today she's as very much out of kitten hood as you and I." The other cats in the club looked at her perplexed. " Bombalurina here, is in her first cycle."

The toms breath deepened as he crouched down lower to the ground, readying his attach. Tension hung in the air heavily as the henchcats awaited the signal. With a swift nod of his head, three black cats darted into the clearing, digging their claws into the small brown kitten that was happily drinking a bowl of milk, unaware of there presence. With a painful yowl the toms sunk their peal white jaws into its hide, soaking themselves with its blood. Macavity leisurely sauntered up to the paralyzed kitten, who's eyes were filled with tears. The toms scrapped their fangs along its sides, practically skinning it on the spot. As the three blood drenched cats backed away, wicked smiled planted on each gruesome face, Macavity lowered his head down to the kittens ear.

"This is going to hurt you, a lot more then it will hurt me." With a painful yelp the little animals last breath left its pain stricken body. The bloodstained body went limp in the ginger toms mouth as he dropped it to the ground and trotted over to the milk that was in the bowl.

" Eat up boy's, this is the last meal you'll be getting for a while."

"And sashay, now shake your hips a bit more, and I think you've got it!" Griddlebone smiled as she watched the young red cat saunter past the toms as she was rooted on by the rest of the vixens.

"Keep this up Bombalurina and one day you'll be one wanted queen." The white queen laughed as she sat down beside the young cat.

"You really think I was good?" Bombalurina asked soaking up all the male toms impressed comments.

"I know you were good." A loud growl caused everyone in the place to turn their attention toward the entrance way.

"Get out of my way you stupid animal!"

"Don't hurt him Macavity!"

"Keep that disgrace out of my way!" Macavity growled at the young black queen who ran over and sat down beside her wounded brother.

"Mac what happened?" Bombalurina said jumping down of the cushion and rushing over to see the tom.

"Stay out of my way Bombalurina!" He hissed as he threw a sack off his shoulders onto the ground. As the bag ripped open little bits of wood came out. Snarling frustrated Macavity bent down to scoop them up.

"Wait, I'll help you!" Bombalurina said lunging down in front of him, landing on top of the bag. A shocked scream filled the air as the red cat shot herself back up from the bag, finding a few splinters launched into her skin and every other piece of wood broken. Clutching her stomach in pain, she backed away only to be forcefully pulled back by the scruff of her neck.

"You stupid girl! You foolish stupid girl!" Macavity screamed at her as a loud cracking sound whipped through the air as his hand came in contact with her face. Gasping for a breath, Bombalurina clutched her throbbing face as the pain just started to make itself known to her. Never in all her life had Macavity ever struck her. Tears spilling out of her eyes, she ran out into the night. The place fell deadly silent as some cats headed for the exit. Griddlebone cautiously approached the ginger tom.

"WHAT!" He snarled up at the queen, still deadly upset about the broken trellis pieces.

"Bombalurina's in heat."

Sometime later, Macavity made his way back to his den that overlooked the city. Stalking inside the den, he looked around for the red cat, who was curled up in the back corner, trying her best to ignore his presence.

"Come here Bombalurina."

"Why? Your just going to hit me again!" She shrieked at him with a fear filled voice.

"You had no right to do that tonight, I told you to stay away."

"I just wanted to help."

"You only do what I tell you! Understand that?"

She nodded as she crept out of the corner. A sinful smile crossed his lips as he eyed the young queen up and down. Nice. Very nice. Despite the fact that Bombalurina was still very much a kitten, her early development proved against it. She was extremely well shaped for her age and as of this moment so desirable. He smiled again. She was of age, in her prime. He could take her and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The young cat noticed his sudden change in attitude and looked up at him concerned.


"Shhh" He lulled her as he began to circle her drawing long claws across the top of her chest. "You'll enjoy this." Without another word the ginger toms forcefully pressed his lips against the tiny red queens. Letting a shocked yelp go through the air, Bombalurina was dragged to the bed. Inhaling the pheromones that she had realised into the air Macavity continued to caress the queen purring huskily comments into her ear. A low moan escaped her mouth as she pressed against the mighty tom. His lips met hers again and she wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing him to continue doing whatever he wanted to with her.

Sometime later when Macavity had finished with her and fallen asleep, Bombalurina lay panting cuddled into the toms chest. He had claimed her that night as his own, she was now his mate. The shock of what she had just done was still just starting to overwhelm her. What scared her most was that she had liked it, craved it, and she still wanted it. Wrapping her legs around the toms waist she lay down on top of him, drifting into a lustful slumber. Outside the entrance to the den a dark silhouette of a fluffy queen watched the red queen fall asleep knowing that Bombalurina's life had just changed forever.

The story plot begins with the next chapter. Hope you enjoyed and werent completely freaked out.