Looks deceptive, yet somehow the truth I perceived
The realization damning; I was regretfully conceived
Rue overshadowing love I never received
Dawn to dusk, I passionately grieved...

You noticed the passing shadow over my face
Your conscience afire, you took my case
Yearning you felt with each embrace
I though felt all along, nauseatingly out of place...

Your confidence fostered; you carried on
Staying by my side from dusk to dawn
At first outward; then inwardly drawn
My true emotions; the show still goes on...

And I've chosen to fake every step of the way
The closer you get, the stronger I play
The more I seem pleased, the calmer you stay
I think I'm in love, with this mask labelled 'gay'

And my smile deceives you yet again
You still can't see me writhe in pain
Hidden are the scars; hidden is the stain
My life's story ; all in vain !

Her ears pricked up as she felt someone nudge her side. How long had she been down here? Her sides were sore and were plastered with welts and bruises. Her fur was dull, defiantly not the same radiant red coat that used to attract many of her admirers. He had been right, her training had been hard and it had hurt. Despite her bedraggled appearance she still held her head up high, never fearing what would happen to her next, she trusted Macavity and knew that the outcome to this would determine her future; their future.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"Only a few hours Bombalurina," Griddlebone said smiling as she started to groom the cats fur. " but you better hurry up, Macavity wants you to make the perfect entrance."

The young queen smiled before a yawn escaped her mouth.

"What's so special about this tribe anyway?"

" Well you know about the happenings of that hidey tidy ball that the lot of them hold every year, right?"

Bombalurina nodded. Of course she knew about the ball, everybody new about the ball.

"Ya some nonsense about some heavy side layer crap? How does that effect us, not like we're going there anytime soon." She said flicking her tail back and fourth impatiently. An event such as that was mere foolishness, it probably was a whole sham anyway.

"You'll find out in time, now stop squirming! You don't want the Jellicle's to suspect anything do ya?"

"For one thing, whenever I'm on the job, no one suspects nothing," The queen said smiling arrogantly. " I know how to get whatever I want."

The white queen rolled her eyes. No dear, you only think you can get whatever you want.

"Good morning Bombalurina," The ginger tom said through glistening crocked teeth. "I trust you slept well?"

"Like a kitten."

"Good, good. Now Old Deuteronomy comes once a year as you know, and last month when you ran into his two sons at the market," He stopped to see if she was paying attention and continued when she nodded in acknowledgement. " He was just arriving for his yearly visit. He stay's for three weeks after arriving on the night of the ball. His mate however, Grizabella I think her name is, stay's with the tribe all year long to sort of lead it and make sure nothing bad happens."

" And what does she have to do with me?"

"The ball passed last month when he came, the tribe is vulnerable right now, their in a good mood; their leaders back and they'll do anything to help a cat in need. Befriend them, learn their secrets."

"Why can't we just do some other tribe?" Bombalurina asked once again annoyed at how this tribe was so special from all the others.

"I told you that I'd tell you in time! Now are you going to do this or will I have to get someone better?" He hissed aggravated. She always had been a stubborn one. Sighing unimpressed she waited for him to continue.

" Now, you will use your real name, no Ginger, no Lorena, but Bombalurina. Understand?"

" But wh-"


"Yes! O.k. I'll use my real name!" The young red queen spat as she dodged a row of razor sharp claws.

"Good. Now its time to go, they'll be just starting to wake up."

It was noon, the sun had reached its highest peak in the sky as the two cats slid through the city streets, never straying to far out from the shadows. Ignoring the millions of questions that were going through her head, Bombalurina struggled to keep up. The aching in her sides hadn't ceased, but Macavity had insisted that she needed to look injured for the tribe to really fully except her; so she didn't let another suspicious thought enter her head. As they rounded a corner the queens eye's widened in amazement. It was huge, the towering mounds of old rubbish had just proven to be more then just the heap of trash she had been told about. The Junkyard seemed to be a world all its own, every section its own little community. As Macavity stopped suddenly, she was jerked out of her thoughts.

"This is where I stop and you go," He spoke not making eye contact with the queen, " Just remember to meet me here on this hill in three weeks when the moon is full and the Junkyard silent."

With a flirty smile Bombalurina brushed against the tom and crept down the hill; nearing the entrance.

"Ewwww Tugger stop it!" The young kitten hissed sticking out her tongue at the teenage tom. Munkustrap laughed as she shut her eye's and turned away from his brother; burying her head in his silver fur.

"Oh come on Demeter, you know you love me!" The maned tom said teasingly as he hopped up beside the two cats who were sunning themselves on the hood of an old broken down car.

"Showing them your new dance moves I see," A strikingly beautiful red and grey queen said approaching the three.

"Torturing them is more like it." Munkustrap said quietly getting a giggle of the tiny golden kitten perched at his side.

"Hey you just wait! One day everyone will know who the Rum Tum Tugger is!" His brother shot back at him.

"Demeter, nice to see you again. How have you been keeping?" Grizabella asked smiling. The young kitten that had taken it upon itself to plaster herself to her sons side's had been of with Jennyanydots for a week learning how to hunt, and even though the two toms were a year older then her; both were just going into adulthood, they had missed her tagging along with them.

A shy smile crept upon the youngsters lips.

"I've been good, how have you been?"

"Very well thank you," The older queen said smiling as she sat down beside the spiky haired kitten, "So has Mistoffelees been up to any new tricks?"

"No he hasn't been getting anywhere lately, he's still stuck on the reappearing and disappearing act." Tugger said shaking his head at the thought of the young magical kitten. If he hadn't of been there and known for sure that Mistoffelees was born about a month after Demeter, he would of sworn that that little tom was about the same age as himself; magic must make him mature.

Munkustrap was just about to ask Demeter if she knew where the little tuxedo cat was, when something in the distance caught his attention and his emerald eyes flashed.

"Who's that?" Grizabella asked curiously. "New friend of yours?"

"No, I've never seen her before." Munkustrap said as the new queen lingered in-between an old dryer and an overturned desk.

They had seen her, she was sure of it. Pretending not to notice them, the red queen continued walking across the yard. Pacing herself just in time to see all four of them approaching her she turned around to face them, letting her most lavish smile shine through.

" Hey, I know you- your that queen that was hanging around the market that day when I-"

" Nice to see you remember me kit," Bombalurina said side stepping the black and golden tom. "So this is your place. Not to bad, not to bad at all."

"A friend of yours, Tugger?" Munkustrap asked nervously as the queen sauntered past him, eyeing him up and down admiringly.

"Well uh-"

"Never mind, don't answer that," The silver tom said grinning at his brother who shot a warning glare back at him. "Are you new in the area or a member of a clan?"

"Neither," Bombalurina smiled to herself. "You ask a lot of questions don't ya stripes?"

Demeter chuckled at the older queens antics.

"His name's Munkustrap and that's Tugger or in other words, the Rum Tum Tugger," The young kitten said smiling up at the queen who was twice her height. " That's Grizabella and I'm-"

"Just about to leave," Tugger said scowling at the kitten. What right did she have to tell this queen anything about them? Grabbing the kittens hand he led her away from the group.

"Well she's full of beans," The red queen said arching an eyebrow. "What do you feed her?"

"Sorry about that. That little fur ball is called Demeter, and I'm Grizabella," The queen said smiling.


Grizabella's eye's narrowed.

"Yes we are Jellicle's but that leaves us one question. Who my dear, are you?"

The younger queen turned her back to the cats as a wicked smile crossed her face.

" Bombalurina."