For Tubomba because she kept nagging me about it. LOL Not the best chapter but I was bored and decided I might as well put this up in the mean time.


"Look kit, not trying to offend you or anything but-"

"First of all I'm not a kitten! I'm probably older then you!" The maned tom hissed at the red queen who had been occupying his family's den for the last few days.

"And your point is what exactly?" Bombalurina smirked. Toying with toms minds was surprisingly harder in this tribe. After finally starting an argument with this particular tom, she couldn't seem to get him to shut up; and he was really starting to piss her off.

"Tugger what did I tell you about bugging the queens?" Grizabella said grabbing her son by the ear; telling him for his sake, it was probably best if he left the den. Sitting down in front of the younger queen, the glamour cat eyed her up and down.

"So Bombalurina, I take it that your wounds are healing?" Grizabella asked referring to the cuts and bruises she had all over her body.

"Yup. Thanks for letting me stay for the last few days, it's really appreciated," the red queen said fiddling with her claws. It's just like taking candy from a baby. Noticing a smile on the greyish queens lips she decided to butter her up a bit, "I've never met a tribe so nice before. No tribe I know has ever taken a injured queen in before so fast, and made her feel so welcome." Bombalurina could almost gag from the forged sincerity that had seemed to parch the air. Never again would she stay so long with a single tribe member. It was far too awkward. Way too risky.

"You know Bombalurina, you remind me very much of a young me," Grizabella began, "It's nice to have a young mature queen in the tribe. As you know Cassandra and Demeter are the only old one's in the tribe so far, and they're still kittens. Every other queen is either an adult or an infant. It's nice to have someone who's young enough to understand the quirks in being a queen but old enough to know what's important…"

Bombalurina began to block the queen out; but nodding and smiling briefly every few minutes. She had heard some of the toms talking about, as they had called it ' wicked mysteries' going on around town. Of course, Mavavity's name had come up a few times but it wasn't until today that he had actually been considered a major suspect.

"Well that should clear everything up. Glad to have you staying with us my dear. If you need anything at all don't hesitate to ask,"

"I won't. Good by Bella," Bombalurina said inwardly groaning at the name she had taken it upon herself to call the older queen. Somehow pet names seemed to be a big thing in this tribe. As she heading toward the center of the junkyard she heard an all to familiar voice.

"Look I'm telling you guys that Macavity has been seen lurking around the junkyard! He's planning something!" A young tom she had known to be called Rukusa yelled at his two brothers, who were staring disbelievingly at him. Damn. Bombalurina clenched her fists together. Why couldn't Macavity just stay put and trust her for once?

"Look, I think I know where he watches us from. I have a plan. Tonight we'll conduct an ambush."

As the tom continued talking Bombalurina mentally took notes. If she could just get to Macavity before anyone noticed her leaving she could warn him in time to just-

"HEY!" The red queen hissed spinning around to see the oldest kitten, who she had known to be called Demeter; grinning up at her as she held the crimson tail of the older queens in her pearly white jaws.

"Hello," the kitten greeted shyly. "How are you feeling today Bomby?"

Bombalurina turned away frustrated. Stupid kitten why won't you just leave me alone?

"Hey there, spiky. Can't complain, can't complain," Averting her eye's from the kitten over to the spot where the tom's were standing- used to be standing. Blast it! Bombalurina growled as she whacked rock over the mound of trash.

"Bomby! What are you doing?"

The crimson queen mentally slapped herself. So that's why I hate kittens so much.

"I was uh just testing something," she said forcing a smile as she began to walk away from the kitten.

"Are you staying with us?"

What?" the queen asked exasperated. If this kit didn't leave soon, she honestly didn't know what she'd do. "Yes I guess I am."

"Awesome! Oh we're going to have so much fun together! I've got this really cool place we can go. Don't tell anyone! Especially Munkus and Tugger! They don't know and I really don't want them to either. It can be just for us! I've always knew one day I'd meet someone like you!" Demeter was grinning ear to ear running circles around the red queen happily.

Bombalurina's head was spinning. Doesn't she ever shut up? "Look kitten I-"

"… and we can go mousing and hunting for grouse and we can chase our tails and Jenny can make us mouse cakes-"

"Kitten really I don't-"

"OOO and you can meet all my friends too! Oh they're all over and Jenny and Jelly's right now! If we go we can probably get them before they have their naps!" Demeter said dragging the exasperated queen over to the oven where the nursery was.

"Look! Look what'd I tell you? I told you they'd be here!" The golden kitten yelled as she rushed past the old gumbie cat still clutching the red queens paw.

"This one's called Jemima! And this is Electra, Etcetera, Victoria!" Demeter said smiling proudly as she pointed to each one of the infant cats. "And over hear there's Rumpleteazer, Mungojerrie, Tumblebrutus, Pouncival, Plato, Exo- AHH!" Tugger growled playfully as he tackled the younger queen to the ground.

"Tugger get off!" The little queen whined irritated.

"Bombalurina looked away scanning the area to see if there was anyway to find those toms again.

"Bombalurina?" A gentle voice asked as a silver paw landed on her shoulder.

"Hmm? Oh, hi Munkustrap," she greeted absently. Macavity has to be warned. If he isn't… He… He could die. Macavity has to be warned. He'll be proud of me for finding such news out.

"Bomby?" Demeter asked concerned as she noticed the blank expression on the older queen's face. Tugger shot his brother a confused glance.

"Umm Munkus care to handle the situation?" The leopard spotted tom whispered.

"It has uh come to my attention?" the young silver cat announced glancing back an his brother unsure of what to say. "That you uh need a place to be a queen. A place to carry about your daily essentials and-"

"What he means red," Tugger said as the queen watched Munkustrap confused, "Is that you need a place to stay. A den." Tugger said staring at his brother who smiled embarrassed.

"Oh I know what you could do!" Demeter said jumping up and down; hoping to get noticed.

Ignoring the kitten's frantic cries the three cats continued to talk.

"Well then I suppose I could always just sleep outside and find somewhere dry when it rained," Bombalurina decided. In not sharing a place with anyone, and not having to worry about someone coming home and finding her and some other cat there it would be easier on the mission. She could slum around with every tom in the tribe and not have to worry about someone seeing her. All she'd have to do is stay with a different tom every night; and in doing so she'd have time to go meet Macavity; which was definitely a bonus.

"I know where you could stay!" Demeter piped up only to get swatted away by Tugger.

"Well as long as it gets her out of my den," Tugger exclaimed hoping to get a remark out of the queen, who instead gave a sarcastic smile and rolled her eye's.

"I know where she could stay!"

"Well first things first. We'd kick you out before she went!" Munkustrap hissed at his younger brother, completely oblivious to the little kitten. What right had he to act that way in front of a queen? "Tugger honestly sometimes I think your one of the most stuck up-"

"I do have room!"

"Selfish, inconsiderate-"

"I have whole den-"

"self absorbed-"

"Will you listen for a second?"

"Leave it alone handsome. I don't think anyone with the same amount of brain power that your brother seems to process could actually have enough will to think of anyone else other then himself," Bombalurina hissed laying a hand on the grey toms shoulder.

"Like that made sense!" Tugger spat back at the queen. "You know something red? I think I've been pretty fair to you an-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"WILL SOMEONE JUST LISTEN TO ME ALREADY!" Demeter spat taking her claw's out of the Rum Tum Tugger's back.

"What?" All three of the cats hissed aggravated at the little queen.

"Like I was TRYING to say: I have the room. Jenny say's I'm old enough to move out of the nursery so I got myself my own den, I did. AND sooo since I'm gonna be all alone, I was thinking Bomby could stay with me," The little queen grinned proudly. Bombalurina's eye's widened and she was just about to protest when Tugger through his arms around the little kitten.

"You smart cleaver little cat! Thank you! I think that's a wonderful idea!" Tugger said as a wicked grin spread across his face.

"No actually-" Bombalurina began but was cut of when Tugger grabbed her arm and began to drag both queens out the entrance.

"You know what Demeter? I bet Bombalurina is just itching to get herself set up! So why don't you show her new home!"

"Rum Tum Tugger if you honestly think for one minute I'm staying with a-"

"Come one I'll show you where it is!" Demeter purred excitedly as she once again grabbed the paw of the queen and lead her away; leaving an all to pleased Tugger in their dust.


Bombalurina sighed contented as she watched Rukusa and his two dimwitted brother's near the corner. As if on que she stepped out into the path as the streetlamps shone down. Macavity had been warned and the three toms were heading straight into the trap…

"Bombalurina? What are you doing out this late at night?" Tomallis asked her as they approached.

"What? Is it so bad for a queen to want to take a midnight stroll?" She asked, pretending to be hurt.

"No not at all. But-"

"So where are three such fine toms going on a chilly evening as this?" She purred seductively eyeing them up and down. Now if she could just get them over to the trash can…

"We were just uh taking a walk…" Rukusa said twitching his tail nervously sencing something was wrong, unaware that a black shadow was casting over him…


"Murder! Murder!" Bombalurina screeched as she jabbed herself in the eye; forcing false tears to stream down her cheeks.

"What? Bombalurina what are you talking about!" Old Deuteronomy asked horrified as he and a group of cats rushed to the terrified queen's side.

"They… They're!"

"Honey dear calm down!" Jellylorum said trying to sooth the frantic queen. "Bomba what are you talking about!"

"Rukusa and his brother's… They've been… Been… Murdered!" The queen blurted out before breaking down in the cream colour queen's arms.

"What? How do you know?"

"I- I was just brining the last of my stuff over to Demeter's when I heard something and then I saw.. Saw.."

"Saw what dear?" Jennyanydots asked franticly.

"Saw them lying there in a pool of blood! There was a dog scent there too!" Bombalurina said letting out a well rehearsed cry of pain and utter shock and disbelief.

"It's not true… It can't be true! Your lying!" Jellylorum hissed at the queen.

"Jelly-" Munkustrap said approaching the queen with a pained expression. "It's true."

As the cat's cries of anguish continued, no one noticed Grizabella heading out of the Junkyard gate.