Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny spent most of the day preparing for the trio's trip the next morning. They shrank clothing and placed them inside rucksacks along with blankets and the food packages Mrs. Weasley had made up. Remus and Sirius came around for dinner and collected the food Mrs. Weasley had made for them as well.

Harry, Ron and Hermione would meet up with Sirius and Remus outside Hogwarts in order to meet with Dumbledore one more time before setting out on this hunt.

Ron and Hermione went to bed early and shortly after, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley went up to bed leaving Harry and Ginny sitting with Charlie. Harry stood up and pulled at Ginny's hand, "Come on, let's take a walk."

Charlie gave Harry a look but Harry didn't back down. Charlie just laughed at Harry and said, "Be careful and don't go beyond the wards."

As they made their way across the back garden, Harry felt Ginny shiver beside him. He pulled her closer and cast a warming charm on the both of them. They made their way to the field where they sometimes played Quidditch and Harry stopped them in the middle of the field. He conjured a blanket and spread it out. Sitting down he pulled Ginny down beside him so they could lie on their backs and look at the stars. After several long minutes Harry felt Ginny shudder beside him. He looked over at her and saw tears in her eyes. "Tell me what's wrong, love."

Ginny rolled onto her side so she could snuggle into Harry. She took a deep breath and said, "I'm sorry, really. But I just keep getting this sense of dread about you leaving tomorrow. It's been getting worse all day."

Harry rolled over so he could face Ginny. "I understand you're worried and I promise to be as careful as I can. But you do understand that I have to go, don't you? I mean this is it. We deal with this one and then we can take the fight to Voldemort. We can finish this."

Ginny nodded and leaned up to kiss Harry. "I know but it doesn't stop the dread and it doesn't stop me from worrying."

Harry gathered Ginny close, "I know, love. But it will be over soon, I just know it. And if something does happen, you will know right away and can bring help."

Ginny nodded into Harry's shirt and he held her tightly while she cried. After a while, Harry felt Ginny relax in his arms and realized she had fallen asleep. Harry was tempted to conjure another blanket and fall asleep out under the stars with Ginny but he knew that if anyone checked on either of them in the night and they were gone, people would worry. So Harry picked Ginny up and carried her gently back into the Burrow. He laid her on her bed and fought the urge to climb into the bed with her. Harry kissed her softly on the forehead and quietly crept out of the room.

The next morning dawned gray and overcast. The trio were up very early but still didn't beat Mrs. Weasley down. She was already half way through preparations for breakfast by the time the trio stumbled down the stairs.

Mrs. Weasley had been up for a while and when she heard stirrings from the rooms above had begun breakfast. She stood over her stove staring off into space and worrying about all three of her children leaving today. She's considered Hermione and Harry one of her children for so long now it was hard to remember a time when they weren't around. Mrs. Weasley knew Ginny felt off about Harry leaving today but she hoped that it was just Ginny being anxious about being away from her boyfriend…no fiancé she corrected herself. Maybe they could begin to plan an engagement party while the trio was away and try to take Ginny's mind off Harry being gone.

The three sat down at the table and were quietly going over their plans one last time. Soon they heard soft foot falls on the stairs and Harry turned to see Ginny stumbling down the stairs still half asleep. Harry got up and with a chuckle led Ginny to the table and sat her down beside his chair.

Still looking bleary eyed, Ginny glanced at the trio and said, "Good, I was afraid I'd missed you lot leaving."

Harry slipped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her temple. "I wouldn't have left without telling you."

Ginny smiled sleepily up at Harry and Harry had to fight hard not to grab her up and take her up stairs for a little 'alone time' before he left. Kissing the tip of her nose, he said, "You're too beautiful when you smile like that. Makes me want to run off with you to someplace no one could ever find us."

"Hem, hem," Mrs. Weasley had walked up behind Harry and Ginny having heard what Harry had said. "There will be time for that later, Harry after you're married." She sat the breakfast plates on the table and turned back to get drinks, "Tuck in, you lot have a long day ahead of you."

Harry stared incredulously at Mrs. Weasley's retreating back. He had just been caught propositioning Ginny and Mrs. Weasley hadn't hexed him for it. Things are certainly changing thought Harry.

The trio left as soon as they were done with their breakfast. They were meeting with Dumbledore, Remus and Sirius soon and had to be on their way. Once they had met with Dumbledore, the five of them would be setting out to a remote part of Scotland. Their research suggested that Voldemort had spent a great deal of time in that area. They would be traveling as muggles so as not to attract attention to themselves so it would take them a day or more to get there.

The journey north to Scotland was long and arduous. Remus, Harry, Ron and Hermione had to work hard to keep Sirius from using magic. Sirius' temperament had improved greatly in the past few months however his incarceration in Azkaban had left him emotionally at the age he was when he was jailed. Needless to say, he still had some growing up to do and was ready to play Exploding Snap on the muggle train but was prevented from doing so by Remus.

Remus had been pointing out the pretty muggle women on the train in hopes of keeping Sirius from pulling out his card deck. However, he soon realized the mistake in this when Sirius struggled to leave their seats to go talk to these muggles. Harry simply chuckled at the antics of his godfather and best friend before opening the rucksack that Mrs. Weasley had packed that morning and offering Sirius some of the biscuits tucked away inside.

"Good job, mate. Mooney here can't cook worth a dam and I'd been wondering if good 'ol Molly had packed us any food." Sirius ate the biscuits with abandonment, even going so far as to lick his fingers when he was done. "So, Harry is there any more?" Sirius asked trying to stand and get to the rucksack.

Harry quickly put the bag behind him and said, "Not now, Sirius. We will all want something later and don't forget…we have Ron to feed."

Ron who'd been dozing against the wall opened one eye, "I heard that Potter. And if I wasn't so tired, I'd get you for it." Ron closed his one eye and went to sleep.

After several hours of travel they reached a remote village in Scotland near Aberdeen. It was nearing ten at night and the five of the felt lucky they were able to find an inn that still had two rooms.

Harry paid for the rooms and purchased what was left of the evening meal. The five gathered in Ron and Hermione's room and after a few well placed silencing charms began to discus their plans for the next day.

Over the next few days, the five played muggle tourist and finally found the correct castle ruin that they knew housed the final Horcurx. They were told by a tired looking muggle that this particular ruin was closed for renovations and would not be open for several months. Nodding their thanks, they turned back toward the village.

After arriving in their rooms, Sirius started pacing back and forth. He knew that the end was coming for his godson. One way or the other, the final battle would soon take place. He began ranting at Remus who sat in a chair looking through a text they had brought with them to make sure they had everything they needed to destroy the Horcrux.

"This is it, Moony. Once we destroy this one, he'll know and he'll come after Harry." Sirius continued to pace. "What are we going to do, Moony? We can't let him do this. He's just a little boy. James would kill us if he knew we let his son go into any danger."

Remus glanced up from his text, placed a marker at the page he was reading and sat the book aside. "Sirius," he said reassuringly, "Harry is considerably older than a little boy and much more powerful than either of us can ever imagine. Yes, James would kill us if he knew what we were leading Harry to, but I also think he understands what has to happen in order for our world to live on."

Sirius hung his head and plopped down into a chair opposite Remus. "I know, Moony, I know he has to do this but…"

Remus nodded, "I know Sirius. He'll do this and then get onto his life."

Remus and Sirius looked at the door as the three friends came into the room. Harry fell onto the sofa and sighed heavily, "We did it. We met with Dumbledore. He will have the order and Aurors here tomorrow at dawn." Sitting up he looked around the room at his friends, "So for better or worse, it ends tomorrow. At least we have a modicum of surprise on our side."

Sirius stood behind Harry and put his hand on Harry's shoulder, "You'll be fine Pronglet. We'll be right there with you."

Harry looked up at Sirius and then at Remus, and Ron and Hermione each in turn and nodded. He stood and went into the bedroom, softly closing the door behind him. Ron and Hermione looked at each other then at Sirius and Remus, "I guess we should leave him for the night. We'll be across the hall if you need anything."

The next morning dawned bright and sunny as if to mock what would happen that day in a remote field in Scotland. Dumbledore had apparated into Harry's room at dawn and discussed how to destroy the Horcrux with him and Remus for an hour while the others slept on. Harry knew what he needed to do and was ready for it. Dumbledore assured him that Ginny was well protected and that he himself had seen to the wards at the Burrow this very morning.

Waking the others, they left for the castle and the Horcurx that lay within.

The battle had raged for hours. Harry knew the moment that Ron and Hermione had killed Nagini. He had heard Voldemort rage and scream. Harry looked at him with rage. A rage that had been building for nearly sixteen years, for as long as he could remember and with one final flick of his wand, he sent the curse he and Dumbledore had developed. Voldemort's scream of pain echoed through the glade they had been fighting in. As his body imploded on itself and a large plume of sickly green smoke rose from the ashes, the Death Eaters were stunned into inaction.

Taking advantage, the Aurors and Order members quickly disarmed the remaining Death Eaters, breaking their wands and binding them for transport to Azkaban.

Harry fell to his knees knowing with absolute certainty that Voldemort was gone for good, that the abnormal connection they shared was broken for good. Looking up, Harry saw Dumbledore appear at his side with Ginny and Mrs. Weasley in tow. Harry grabbed Ginny around the knees and wept, "It's over. It's really over. He's dead, Gin. He's gone."

Ginny sank to the ground and held Harry as he finally was able to grieve for his parents and the others who had died during the war.

Mrs. Weasley immediately began searching for the other members of her family. She saw her husband coming through the smoke with her boys in tow. She saw they were carrying something. As they drew closer she saw they were carrying two people. Mrs. Weasley began walking toward her husband, then she began running. As the two drew closer together, she was shocked to see Bill there. She was even more shocked to see Bill carrying her little Ronniekins. When she was close enough she could see the tears running down their faces and knew something was wrong. She could see the twins carrying Hermione between them and saw her hand stir slightly but she saw no movement from Ron.

Mrs. Weasley looked into her husband's face and saw what she so desperately wanted to deny. She sank to the ground crying out, "NOOOOO!" Mr. Weasley rushed to his wife's side and murmured to her trying to comfort her knowing that nothing could take away a mother's pain at seeing her child dead.

"I'm so sorry, Molly. It was that snake. It stuck just as the cast the curse at it and hit Ron. None of us knew it until the battle was all over. Hermione was lying across him unconscious." Mr. Weasley tried to hold onto his wife but she stuck out at anything and knocked him aside.

Hearing her anguished scream, Harry looked around and saw Bill cradling Ron and knew he had lost his best mate. He saw Hermione being held up by the twins and asked, "Is she…"

They shook their heads. George said, "But we need to get her to St. Mungo's. She doesn't look hurt so we're not sure what's wrong with her."

Harry nodded and took Hermione from them. He looked at Ginny and she nodded as he apparated away. She knew that Harry couldn't face losing both his best friends.