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"But I want to go mommy! I don't want to stay here with my grandparents!" cried a little girl of about six years old. She was a very intriguing girl to look at. She had light green eyes with specks of gold in them. Her hair was black with the exception of the tips which were silver and was also found in a long braid that reached her mid back. Her complexion was fair like her mothers.

"I know honey, but this time just isn't going to happen. Your brother desperately needs to get to Junis Seven before anything worse happens with his health. I promise that once we get him into a hospital and get situated then we will send for you to come and join us." Answered the little girl's mother.

"Hmph…fine." Scowled the girl. "Do you really promise mommy?"

"Of course honey, I always keep my promises don't I?"

"I guess…"

"Now give me a kiss goodbye and your brother one too, then go back to grandma and grandpa…ok?"

"Yes mommy…"

The little girl gave her mother and younger brother their kisses goodbye and then joined her grandparents back near entrance to the shuttle port. Once the little girl was with her grandparents she saw her brother and mother disappear around the corner.

8 years later

"She's a liar!" yelled a fourteen year old girl.

"Sweetie, she didn't lie, its just that she may be having a harder time finding a place and getting settled than she thought." answered a calm aged grandmother.

"It shouldn't take eight damn years to get settled!"

"We know hon…"

"NO! You don't know! She promised me…and she said that she always keeps a promise…well not anymore! She broke her promise…she lied to me…and now I'm going to break my promise to her!"

"And what would that be?" asked any elder man that was the teenagers grandfather.

"I'm going to my rightful place as a coordinator."

"And that is where exactly?" asked her grandmother.

"The ZAFT Military Academy, so I can fight along side my twin brother."

"Oh sweetie, you wouldn't do such a thing would you?" her worried grandmother questioned.

"Watch me!" the fourteen year old girl shouted and stormed up to her room and slammed the door shut.

That night, she packed a duffel bag and her silver sniper rifle that was a gift from her father and ran away to go join the military.

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