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She had always said it was unhealthy to be out in the cold snow. When the students and teachers came in with colds and major headaches she really just wanted to say, "I told you so but did you nooo. You went out and got yourself sick!" and she did on occasion when it was the teachers. But through all of that there was an acceptation; love. That was it, only love. She had found her first love in the snow, had been married in the snow. So only love would get past her hatred of the falling flakes. Because though it gave her that happiness it had also taken it away. Her husband had died because he had been trapped in the snow and couldn't get out. But she didn't want to think about that now.

Madam Pomfery rose out of her chair and walked over to the window glaring at the snow, then she saw two people out on the grounds just walking. She couldn't identify them from here but she could see the love they shared. Poppy smiled as she saw the man lean over and give the woman a kiss. She saw them stop walking and face each other. She was shocked when the man dropped down on to one knee and pulled something, she could only guess was a ring, out of his pocket and hold it out to the girl. But hen she smiled seeing the woman take the ring and put it on, after she saw him twirl her around for abit she went back to her duties as nurse.

Winter the next year she was surprised to get an invitation to a wedding between to lovely people she had known for many years. But she was beyond shocked when it was held at the same place the couple last year had been engaged. When the ceremony was done with and the toasts were ending was it that the groom stood and held out his glass "It was one year today that I proposed to Hermione. I actually did it right where we got married. I will love her well after death and in fact never stop doing so. To you Hermione," he raised his glass, "for being able to put up with me, 'people laughed at that, " and for even considering to marry me. I don't deserve you but I'm happy to be with you." He finished taking a sip of Old Texas Wine. The people clapped and the party started to disappear. "Severus! Wait I need to tell you something!" yelled out Poppy, as they were about to leave. "Yes Poppy what is it?" he asked turning to face her. "Severus, you know what happened to my husband," he nodded " Promise me you will never get stuck like that, that you wont leave your wife." She pleaded taking his hand. "He held her hand firmly in his hand " I promises you Poppy I will fight to keep Hermione happy I will do anything to keep her happy and safe." Poppy smiled and hugged him briefly " Good, now get going you have a honeymoon to get to. Have fun and be careful." She said letting go of him. He nodded and got in the carriage.

She hated snow but love in the snow that was all right, love was all right. With that she walked back into Hogwarts and back to her post, where about five students and tree teachers were complaining about colds. "I told you so but did you listen to me, nooo. You went out and got yourself sick!" she raged but then said " If you were at the wedding I can understand but if you weren't you get a lashing!" she went avout muttering avout colds and headaches. Another day had passed with snow but love was there so it was all right.

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