-1Okay lately I've doing a bit of attic exploring and found my old collection of Pokemon cards, and a bunch of old Micro Machines Star Wars sets, vehicles, figures, etc. Well an idea was born. What if the Pokemon world was invaded by the Empire, and the Imperials turned all the humans into half-human half-pokemon creatures? And the only one to escape the Empire's grasp was Misty who is now half Lugia. Now after five long years of training with JedI Master Yoda, can she rescue the others? Or will she suffer the fate of many a JedI? Please read may become a MistyxAsh fic, as of now I don't know.

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Lugia Misty:

Chapter 1: The Half Pokemon JedI

A twenty two year old Misty looked in the water of a small crystal clear lake on a swamp covered planet. Her now long unruly, orange hair reaching out past her silver wings, to her reflection. She sighed, 'Five years since I quit being human and became a freak. At least Obi-wan saved me.' You see our once proud gym leader was now hiding on a remote world far from Earth, for she was now half Lugia, and wanted by the Galactic Empire. 'Why the Imperials did all those experiments on everyone? Why did they torture us, and beat us? I don't know but maybe Master Yoda may have an idea.' ,she wondered. Then a certain little green alien interrupted her thoughts, "Upset you are I see. Seek my council you do?" Misty turned to the midget JedI, "Yoda, ever since the Empire did this to me I've long since wondered why they turned me into this. I need help, but the only ones who could help me are in the hands of the Empire." Yoda narrowed his eyes at the young woman thoughtfully, "What path you take does not matter, await you danger does. Friends are only chance of escaping Empire's grasp. At Kessel will you find them. But beware the Darkside is strong. Need many allies you will." Misty tensed up, she did not like working with Non-JedI, for it was too easy to manipulate them, so curious she asked, "Who do you suggest?" Yoda got up on his and stared the orange haired Lugia hybrid in the eye, "Yavin Four you must go. There the Rebellion you will find." Misty bowed to her friend and teacher before leaving, "Thank you Yoda. Thank you for showing me my true calling." ,and with that she kissed the aging JedI on the cheek before leaving his hut and climbing into her pale orange Cloakshape. Yoda watched as his apprentice left to make some history.

Next chapter: BATTLE IN THE MINES OF KESSEL! ASH THE JEDI HUNTER VS. MISTY JEDI KNIGHT! You want it Read N' Review! And please don't Flame my ass! I know it's a short chapter but it's the intro to what Misty has been up to. The third chapter will be about Misty's transformation into a half Lugia and the forth might just involve a bit of Misty, Ash action.