JAHAR ENILION-HARAL: was born in 1951 (according to the human calendar). In 1969 she married Alloran-Semitur-Corrass who was nine years her senior. They had two children. After his infestation in 1978 she remained loyal to him. When he was liberated, they were reunited on Earth after some thirty-three years apart. With the end of the Yeerk War they returned to the Andalite home world and lived happily together until his death. She died in 2297 having outlived her husband by forty-two years. She began writing her diary in 1965, and it is considered one of the foremost personal diaries of the Yeerk Wars.

HELEN STEWART: wrote widely on both ancient and modern Andalite culture and translated numerous works from both classical and contemporary literatures. She was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 2307. Her father was a well-known diplomat and she lived on the Andalite Home world for much of her childhood. She began the study of Andalite Characters and Culture at Harvard and received her doctorate in Andalite and Leeran studies from Oxford University. Dr Stewart lived in Burwood for many years and lectured at Melbourne University from 2348 to 2376, where she was Chairwoman of its department of Alien Languages and Cultures from 2361 to 2374. Authored several award winning books she died in 2405.