Shoot Me, please just get it done with and shoot me!

Sydney had the fakest smile on her face that she didn't even think the woman checking her and her "hubby" Vaughn into their hotel room would believe they liked each other. Let alone get married. But as they woman asked them to have a nice stay in Paris, Syd just gave a mental shrug and thought to herself, huh, I guess I am pretty darn convincing!

"Oh baby, I really want to see the Eiffel Tower! Please hunny?" Sydney asked pulling Vaughn towards the elevator to their room.

Inside Vaughn was a very, very confused man. Wait why is Syd being this nice to me, at the airstrip she totally exploded! But what if this is just her acting? Dang it! I can't tell. But as Vaughn thought about this to him self he could only come up with one, very oddly similar, answer. Well then, I guess I'm just that wickedly convincing.

As we can all tell Vaughn's ego needed to be shot down a few couple … miles.

Vaughn, feeling quite cocky with himself, decided to see just how much Sydney had really forgiven him. And so that was why all of a sudden Vaughn stopped, confusing a very annoyed Sydney and pulled her into such a passionate kiss that would have even made a person who would kiss random people for money deeply blush. When he finished what he thought was a magnificent kiss he looked into Sydney's eyes. They were stone cold. Uh oh, maybe she wasn't totally ready for that.

"I love you sweetie, but daddy told me that the French aren't real big on PDA's. So I think we really need to 'get a room', if you catch my meaning." Sydney had to choke out the last part, but she had to make it believable.

I can't believe Vaughn was that stupid! He could have just compromised the whole freaking mission! Sydney thought, I but then again compromising the mission is my job!

As Sydney pulled Vaughn towards elevator, unaware of a certain person staring at her with an open, shocked mouth, one that was usually in the form of a smirk, she laughed to her self about how stupid her new plan sounded. But she had to remind herself that she was now freelance and that if anything came up she would take it.

As she and Vaughn entered the elevator and Vaughn looked down to press their level's button. Sydney looked up and as she did her chances of rebellion went from about slim to very likely. There standing in the entrance of the hotel was a blond man. He was wearing an impeccable Armani suit and his name was Julian Sark.

Sydney's whole mind lit up like a Christmas tree. What is he doing here? I don't know. Should I tell Vaughn? No, No! Should I go after him on my own? Sydney had to pause to answer this question… yes. And why does he look so hot in that suit. I don't know. And why did I never notice that before? Because you never wanted to rebel before! At that moment Sydney looked at Vaughn and bent down to whisper in his ear that she left her cell phone on the reception counter and that she was going to go get it.

"So don't wait up for me. You go up to the hotel room and I'll meet you up there." Sydney instructed Vaughn.

Like a brand new, baby puppy Vaughn agreed with her wishes. Sydney hurried out of the elevator and hoped Sark wouldn't think that this was a set up.

A/N- I'm really sorry that this is so short but in the next chapter there will be lots of Sark and only 'un peu' of Vaughn so makes me happy!