What the heck am I thinking? I'm running after Sark, a man pretty darn high on the nation's most wanted list.

"Shit!" Sydney screamed as she tripped on what looked to be her own feet.

Oh crap he's turning around, what do I do? What do I do. Sydney's mind was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions as she dashed towards Sark's current location. The blonde man started to turning toward a voice that sounded oddly familiar to him. Sydney tucked her self behind a pillar just as he had completed turning.

But Julian Sark was not a man that you could hide from, and he knew something was up. Checking that his gun was on safety, he started returning towards the elevators looking for anything familiar. His eyes turned cold as he thought, maybe I shouldn't have had that last glass of wine at the bar, Sark thought to himself, but that sounded a lot like Sydney Bristow! To his greatest surprise as he looked to his left and behind a large plant he saw Sydney and her current hiding place. What the bloody… His thoughts were interrupted by Sydney.

"Hi Sark, how are you? Do you like cheese? I know Vaughn doesn't but I do." Sydney was mumbling incoherently to herself as she lightly banged her head into the large white pillar that hadn't done much good as a hiding place.

"I'm quite well, somewhat surprised to see you here, but well. And as a matter of fact, I do like cheese, I like pepper jack the best. How are you, Sydney?" Sark wondered to himself why of earth he was playing along with Sydney but he was.

Sydney looked up in surprise, "Wait you just responded? Really? Wow, okay then maybe you're not so bad after all."

Opps, Sydney thought covering her mouth with a shocked expression on her face, as if to say don't listen to my mouth.

But to her joy and delight, Sark just laughed a throaty, kind laugh and said, "there are a lot of things you don't know about me Sydney. You might actually like me if you got to know me!" Sark smiled at Sydney in a warm manner, all traces of the cold, steely determination gone from his eyes.

Sydney smiled at him and took her time, now, to look him over. Start from the bottom and work you way up. Save the best for last. Sydney thought some what giddily to herself. On his feet, Sark had black dress shoes, nothing new there. His black pants clung to him in all the right places especially in the rear, oh my god that is so much better than Vaughn's scrawny ass! One hand was in his pocket and on it was a large silver sport watch, nice watch and on to the next stop the chest! Julian Sark had on a light blue button up dress shirt under a black blazer, both were very nice and high quality but the shirt got Sydney's attention. It brings his eyes out and makes them sparkle. Quickly Syd looked up at his eyes and there he was staring at her the same way she had been to him. Their eyes connected and the sparks flew. It was like nothing Sydney had ever felt before and it brought joy to her heart knowing that if anything were to ever happen not only would the chemistry be amazing but they could talk about things….like our love of cheese. Sydney was about to continue her inspection but Julian broke her out of her reverie.

"Sydney, as much as I am enjoying this, if anyone sees us together they may start making assumptions and I know we both have enemies. So would you like to meet up later tonight and discuss cheese and other very interesting topics like such?"

Wait, hold on one darned second! Is Sark asking me out on a date? Oh my gosh! This is awesome, what should I wear? I wonder if I should… oh yeah respond. "Sark that sounds amazing, where do you suggest we meet?"

"My hotel room," Sark ventured, "of course for safety reasons" Sark covered.

"Sure but what hotel are you staying at?" Sydney was so excited it was hard to keep all of her emotions bottled up inside.

"This one silly! So my hotel number is 253 on the," Sark was getting more antsy by the moment, wow Sydney Bristow is going to come into my hotel room. I love this life I lead.

"Third floor, my room is right across from yours!" Sydney replied. "What time should I come over?"

"How about eight-ish?" Sark tried.

"That sounds great! See you then." Sydney started to walk away back towards the elevator full of joy when a thought suddenly hit her like a dark cloud, what on earth am I going to do about Vaughn?

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