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Far From Home

Chapter One

Was it a dream or was it reality. Either way she will never forget. That's what she told herself as she gazed up at the stars. Searching for the planet she knows in her heart is beyond sight, past the dark side of the moon. Hitomi may be back on earth but that just puts her farther from her true home.

That phrase that people tend to say came to her mind. Home is where your heart is. It must be true. This feels so wrong, foreign, and alien. As soon as her toes touched the asphalt of the high school track her chest began to ache as though her heart had become a jigsaw puzzle missing too many pieces to be recognizable. That forlorn feeling only expanded as she arrived at the house she grew up in. No, she corrected herself, the house she knew as a child.

The door felt solid under her fingers. She closed her eyes stroking the grain of the wood. Her senses reeling with memories of the Fanelian castle, the coarseness of the sturdy walls, crisp pollution free air, lush green of the countryside, bright stars and clear skies. Mahogany eyes, more crimson then brown, liquid and deep enough to drown in, and never find the surface.

Then it was gone her hand grasped the cool air clinging to the sweet memory so quickly interrupted. "Hitomi?"

Her eyes fluttered open at the young distant voice. I know this voice, this boy so long ago. "Ma…mo..ru? Mamoru! Little brother?"

He threw his arms around her waist clinging to her as if his life depended on it. "Mama! Papa! Hitomi is home!" He squeezed all the remaining air from her lungs.

Is there a stampede? Hitomi thought as her parents came into view. Before she knew it she was enveloped in so many arms of sobbing people.

That was almost a year ago. Now that her family knew she was safe she couldn't help but feel that she didn't need to be here any longer. When she first found herself on gaia all she wanted was to go home. To leave this strange place she didn't belong, but that faded over time. Her feeling of being misplaced now grew by the day. "Van… I miss you." She said gingerly cupping the feather he gave her in her hands. The edges lost their sheen dulling from the consent contact. She nearly had an aneurysm the day she came home from school to find that her mother had thrown it away, complaining that "Bird feathers carry thousands of pests and diseases!".

"I know Hitomi. One day with out you is hard enough." His voice was faint and floated on the breeze, yet you could still hear him sigh to himself.

"I'm worried about you Van. With all the reconstruction going on are you getting enough rest? Are you eating well?"

He chuckled softly "You're beginning to sound like Merle."

"I am not!" She whined very much like the neko.

"Everyday she asks when you plan to come back." His voice held a hint of hope.

"Van…" She hesitated "You know I want nothing more… but I don't think I can."

"You've told me your powers have grown." He pouted sounding very much like a disappointed child.

"Yea… If I think hard about something I know the answer, almost like I've always known. These conversations have become easier, they no longer tire me. I can also make things change if I concentrate really hard, like flowers to grow or holes to mend, but that leaves me with a head ache. I've tried to come home." She blushed "To come back to you, but I never get anywhere." She had said a little too much, which made her feel better that she hadn't mastered talking to Van and seeing him at the same time. If he could see her right now he would surely think she had replaced her face with a huge tomato.

"Merle isn't the only one impatient for your return." He cleared his throat hard enough he might have been dislodging a rather large frog. "I could… um… come and get you… again." He stuttered whispering the end.

"Oh Van. Your to busy. I couldn't ask you to that…" She trailed off. Deep down she knew it was selfish but a part of her hoped he would anyway. Unfortunately that meant waking up Escaflowne and that was the last thing they wished to do. "I'll just keep trying. If I end up on top of a mountain or something…"

"I'll fly to the peak to get you myself." He proudly stated determined as ever to see her again, the sooner the better. "Hitomi… I love you."

"I love you to Van. Forever."

"Only till forever?"

She giggled at him "I surely hope we don't have to wait that long to be together. Good night Van."

"Sweet dreams."

Then he was gone. The lingering presence faded quickly as the line was cut, leaving Hitomi with a small sad smile on her face. The wind picked up forcing a shiver down her spine as she remained sitting on the roof looking past the silver moon. She wasn't quite ready to go in and leave the hope that she had every night she sat on the rough shingles. That she would once again be swept away in a warm beam of light, and into even warmer arms.

To Be Continued…


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