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White Houses

Author: Candy

Author e-mail: PG-13

Characters: Jeff Hardy - Lita (Amy Dumas), Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho, Candice Michelle. Christian - Lillian Garcia.

Distribution: WWELibrary, wf-ta

Disclaimer: Anything recognized is owed by either WWE or TNA. The song "White Houses" to which this song is based upon is owned by Vanessa Carlton.

Summary: A story of finding the one, giving it all way, and even after the sun sets, clinging on desperately to a deep summer love. A fic loosely based upon the song White Houses. Jeff - Lita, Matt, Jericho, Candice, Christian, Lillian.

Note: This story is NOT a song-fic, so dont send me comments telling me that it is. It is loosely based upon a song that I do not own, but the story itself is mine.

(Chapter 1)

Crashed on the floor when I moved in

This little bunk alone with some strange new friends

Stay up too late, and I'm too thin

We promise each other it's til the end.

I tapped my white-tipped toes against the side mirror, my already tanned legs proped up against the rolled down window of Candice's corvette. My red hair, which i had set loose from its ponytail hours earlier, was blowing wildly within the wind behind me. And although the empty road we were driving on and the soothing senery all around was anyone's summer dream, my heart had been beating wildly inside my chest ever since we came within North Carolina's state boundry.

"You alright?"

I turned to Candice as she drove nonchantly down the road, her gigantic Gucci sunglasses preventing her eyes from meeting my own. She had put them on once the sun rose over the hills, and their wide white frams along with her full, glossed lips somewhat reminded me of a pretty blow-up doll. "Me? Yeah I'm fine, why?"

She turned back towards the road, stretching back in her seat. "It's okay to be nervous," Candice, taking the initiative to bring up all the crap I was so nervous about in the first place. "With Matt and all.. but trust me, once you see his brother you'll forget all about what happened to you two before, concidering that was like.. 2 years ago."

Rolling my eyes, I turned back towards the nature around us, trying to tame my wild hair into a ponytail once again. "I told you, I'm not nervous about seeing Matt again.. we're friends now. I'm just.. anxious."

"Yeah, to get into his brother's pants." She let out a high-pitched giggle, leaning forward in her seat and resting her chin on the steady steering wheel. "I am too, actually. Or that Chris guy.."

"What makes you think Jeff and I are going to hit it off?" I almost snapped, already annoyed by her constant gossip about the younger Hardy, whom - despite my short and bitterly ending fling with his brother - I had yet to meet. When I agreed to go on this trip once again with her for my last summer home before college, I knew she'd try to hook me up with at least one of the guys that'd be there. After all, we were 2 of the 3 girls within miles of the cottege. But now as she continued her talking, I realized not reaching out and slapping her was harder than I'd prepared for.

A mere 17 and still a virgial pawn in the game of it all, I'd always been scared at the thought of sex, or even doing anything with guys that related to it. And Candice's fun-filled and details facts into the lives of sex and parties didn't do much to ease my fears. Now, with coming into the adult age where I had no where to hide, I was freaking out more than I ever had before.

There was just something about the North Carolina era around us and the summer winds that moved my heart from my chest to my sleeve, bringing me back into the vulnerable world of love, one which I had given up on 2 years earlier, after my heart was so harshly broken.

"Oh, just trust me for once." She grinned smoothly at me, concluding our small conversation. "You'll hit it off just fine."

Over an hour later, we drove up the long, gravel driveway of the summer home I had spent many night within before. My heart had been pounding wildly as I began to recognize the surroundings I hadn't seen in what felt like forever, but as soon as that little white house with the blue windowsills appeared from behind the trees around it, my heart seemed to stop completely.

Ever since Matt had broken my heart and turned my perfect summer into a month of pure, regretful hate, I had blocked out all prior memories of the small house that I possibly could. And from what I was finally remembering now, it worked. Candice and I used to come out here and visit Matt along with all his friends, spending the summers staying up late, playing childish games that we were probably far too young for, and sleeping on the dock beneath the stars.

And now, basically adults and here for maybe the last summer together of our lives, I was far past my trembling nerves and on to a heavy excitement, rooting from my heart.

Parking amongst the other cars on the grass behind the house, Candice popped open the trunk, surprising even myself as she walked steadily through the grass and dirt in a pair of heeled flip flops. But that was just Candice.

Before we could even all gather our many bags, I could hear trampling through the house as the screen door flung open, a wild Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho yelling at the tops of their lungs as they bursted through it. Jericho, who was probably my best friend around, pulled me in for a hug as I started laughing. With his arms bound around me, his scruffy beard tickling my cheek, I realized that he was pretty much all the same.

As he pulled away from me, my eyes couldn't help but to fall away from his.. and somehow fly to Matt's.

And it was the familiar warmth within the depths of his dark chocolate eyes that melted all coldness that he had let laid to rest upon my heart. The years had passed, it was all alright now. So with a gigantic smile on my face, I jumped into his arms for the biggest hug I'd given anyone in the longest time.

And as I hugged him, his arms bound around me as tightly as possible, I let my eyes flutter open.. only to have them fall upon a man as he walked slowly to us.

A beautiful, captivating man with the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen. A man I concluded was none other than Jeff Hardy.

And for once, I realized Candice just might be right about something after all.