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Chapter 1

Kagome Higurashi had noticed him from afar for a year now. There was something about him that appealed to her. It was probably the fact that he didn't follow the rules that society forced upon all the people who lived within its boundaries. Kagome was one who knew how strangling Riverside Green's standards could be since she was considered the princess of the community, while her parents were the queen and king.

Since the day Kagome was born she was raised to be the epitome of Riverside Green's laws and standards. She was the image of perfection. She was a straight A student; the president of the debate team, track team, and student council; and an active participant in community service. She was the daughter that every couple dreamed of having, yet Kagome's strangling lifestyle was taking its toll on her soul.

She was beginning to feel like she wasn't her own person. She was getting sick of being told what to do and how to act. She wanted to be free. The only thing preventing Kagome from obtaining her freedom, however, was the one thing controlling her, her society. Even though Kagome couldn't stand the suffocating hold that the elite had on her she couldn't imagine going against their standards. How would she be able to cope if her whole community turned its back on her?

As for Inuyasha Takahashi, it was as if the citizens of Riverside Green were too scared to get close to him, scared that he might smear their perfect reputations. Everything about him frightened the "civilized" of his neighborhood, from his jet-black hair to his flawless black mustang that reeked of mystery. It wasn't the money that caused Inuyasha Takahashi to be an outcast because money was something he had plenty of; it was the fact that Inuyasha refused to live by anyone's standards but his own. This ideal labeled him a rebel and a disease towards someone's social status.

Inuyasha never seemed to mind the neglect that he received from his neighbors and fellow peers. He was fine living his life in almost complete social isolation, as long as he was living the life of his choosing. He was being his own person. The only people he had become close to were Miroku and his girlfriend Sango. The pair paid no attention to the Scarlet A placed upon Inuyasha's back. They looked beyond his 'black' façade and got to know the true Inuyasha, and what they discovered helped them form a strong bond of friendship with him.

"Kagome, what are you staring at? Better yet, who are you staring at?" It was the first day of their junior year and Kagome was sitting outside on school grounds with her best friend Sango. The day was going pretty much no where. It was just the same dull routine in each class: introductions, class syllabuses, class rules, expectations, goals, etc. Thus, Kagome caught herself drifting off into the realm of her own thoughts numerous times throughout the day and right now wasn't any exception. However, the focus of her present mind's wandering happened to be sitting just a few feet away from her.

"Sango, I don't know what you are talking about." Kagome abruptly ended her meandering day dreams and recommenced stuffing fries into her mouth. "Now what were you saying about Miroku?"

"Kagome, I stopped talking about Miroku about fifteen minutes ago!"

"Oh, I am sorry Sango. I must have got distracted by something and tuned out for a second. So, what were we talking about then?" Kagome proceeded to stuff her mouth with all the food in front of her face, as she tried to keep her attention off of Inuyasha Takahashi.

"Inuyasha Takahashi" Kagome began to choke the minute his name was brought up. She desperately gulped down her cup of water and turned her complete attention towards Sango.

Kagome was met with a sly, secret smile smeared all over Sango's face. It was the type of smile that made Kagome feel as if Sango knew exactly what she was feeling, and most of the time she did. Therefore, all Kagome could muster was a puny grimace. "What about Inuyasha Takahashi?"

"Oh, just how Miroku was considering inviting him to come along with us to dinner this Friday." The spark of excitement wasn't hard to miss in Kagome's eyes, yet it was soon replaced with the look of despair.

"Sango, I almost forgot to tell you, I can't make it this Friday. My dad wants me to help him with some of his business accounts and you know I just couldn't say no. I'm sorry; please give Miroku my regrets and Inuyasha."

Sango knew Kagome was lying. It was evident the moment Kagome began to subconsciously twirl a piece of her hair frantically around her pinky finger during her lame excuse. Well, not completely lame since Kagome normally helped her father with his business accounts, but never had it once interfered with their outings. Sango knew the real reason behind Kagome's excuse, but she wasn't going to let Kagome back away that easily.

"Kagome, I think Miroku would appreciate it more if you told him yourself that you can't make it tonight. You know how childish he can get sometimes when you don't tell him yourself, and while you're at it, you might as well tell Inuyasha too; just to be courteous."

Kagome knew she was trapped. "You're right. I'll go tell him now."

Kagome made her way towards Miroku's table where unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Inuyasha was sitting too. Kagome knew from past observations and conversations that Miroku was one of Inuyasha's closest and only friends. She was envious of Miroku in many ways because he was Riverside Green elite and yet he had more freedom than she would ever have. He was friends with the rebel, yet no one said a thing or Miroku never paid attention to what others did say. So, when people noticed he wasn't fazed they stopped caring, just as long as they didn't have to make contact with Inuyasha themselves. It also didn't hurt that Miroku's parents were more lenient and accepting than Kagome's parents. They also weren't constantly under public scrutiny.

"Inuyasha come on you have to go with Sango and me this Friday. Trust me you'll have a good time and Kagome will be coming along too, so you won't be a third wheel." Miroku had spent the past fifteen minutes persuading his best friend into going out to dinner. Inuyasha wasn't much of a socialite and it was partly the reason why he didn't have many friends.

"Kagome? Who's Kagome?"

"Come on Inuyasha. Don't tell me that you do not know Kagome Higurashi, Sango's best friend."

"Oh, you mean Riverside Green's high and mighty princess. I am surprised she will be able to go with you guys, seeing as she is constantly busy working on her perfect image." Inuyasha didn't find anything amusing with spending his Friday night with the one person that the society he hated loved so much.

"Inuyasha, come on. Kagome isn't like that. Sure, she can seem a bit uptight at times, but Kagome is like a sister to me and once you get to know her she is a great person to be around." Miroku found it infuriating at times the way Inuyasha constantly ragged on Kagome, when he didn't even know the real her. Inuyasha just hated the image that Kagome portrayed.

Inuyasha simply rolled his eyes at Miroku's comment and continued to work on his half-eaten burger. "Fine, if it means so much to you, I'll go."

Miroku was about to reassure his friend that the night wasn't going to be as bad as he thought, when a soft voice broke through his thoughts. "Hi Miroku" Kagome hesitated a few seconds before acknowlding Inuyasha's presence. "Inuyasha" Kagome choked out.

"Hey Kagome, what can I do for you?"

Kagome unconsciously began to twirl a piece of her long black hair as she retold her previous lie. "Miroku, I won't be able to go with you guys this Friday. I have to help my dad with some business accounts." Kagome could not stop fidgeting the entire time. She hated telling lies.

"Surprise, surprise" Inuyasha snorted as he stuffed some chips into his mouth. Miroku fixed Inuyasha with a stern glare that clearly told him to shut his trap. "You've got to be kidding Kagome. You have to come this Friday. Inuyasha is coming with us too, and if you don't go he'll feel like a third wheel."

"I am sorry Miroku. I just can't go. My father really needs my help, and you know that I just can't say no to him." Kagome became extremely uneasy under Miroku's questioning glare. She always felt like Miroku knew when she was lying, just like with Sango. Maybe she spent too much time hanging around them.

"Kagome, your father has never made you work for him on a night that you have plans with Sango and me. Have you tried talking to him? Better yet, why don't I talk to him? I'll just let him know how much we want you to come with us this Friday."

"No! I umm…I bet my dad will let me go if I tell him how much you guys want me to come along." Kagome knew she was stuck. There was no way she could get out of Friday night's dinner. Even if she thought of some other excuse, Sango or Miroku would know she was fibbing. Then they would just figure out another way to make her go.

"That's my Kagome."

"Well, I have to get back to Sango. I will uhh… see you two later. Bye Miroku" Kagome gave Miroku a small peck on the cheek, and hesitated when she looked in Inuyasha's direction. "Inuyasha" Kagome whispered breathlessly before scurrying back to her lunch table where Sango was patiently awaiting her return.

"Goodbye princess" Inuyasha responded to a flushed face Kagome, but only received a swift kick from Miroku. "It seems like someone has a crush on you Miroku." Inuyasha remarked as he rubbed his sore leg.

"Shut up Inuyasha. You know that Kagome is like my little sister, and that I only have eyes for Sango. However, she did seem to get a little flushed when she was looking at you."

"Please Miroku. Girls like Kagome do not waste their time on people like me. They are too afraid that I might stain their pretty little reputations." Inuyasha proceeded to finish the rest of his lunch. All the while, he couldn't help but steal quick glances at the girl that was so far out of his reach, that it was like reaching for a star.

"You never know Inuyasha. You never know."

Sango could see the noticeable blush adorning Kagome's pale cheeks the moment Kagome returned to the table. That was a major inclination that something, or someone, had gotten to her. "So what did Miroku say or better yet Inuyasha?"

"Miroku cornered me into going."

"Good, we are all going to have a great time!"

The rest of the day was pretty much like the beginning, and unfortunately that allowed Kagome's mind to wonder around aimlessly from thought to thought. However, all her day dreams seemed to land on one person, Inuyasha. Every time she thought about him and that upcoming Friday a feeling of dread filled the pit of her stomach. She couldn't hang out with Inuyasha. What if someone saw her? Than her parents would have a field day and the rumor mills would start to turn. She didn't mean to act shallow or petty, but that was what the strangling confines of societies' laws did to her. At times it turned her into someone that she couldn't even stand to look at in the mirror.

Before Kagome knew it the dismissal bell rang, and a throng of her fellow peers were hightailing it out of school. Kagome slowly made her leisurely walk home, glad to have a few minutes to herself. However, she did not get too far before a loud honking noise from behind stop her in mid-step. She quickly whipped her head around at took in the black mustang following her from behind. Kagome came to a standstill and stared at the tinted window of the driver's seat as it slowly rolled down to reveal the owner of the car.

"Hello princess"