Moments in time

This set of stories is based on the 30 kisses community list. I can't guarantee an updating schedule so I will not post this in the live journal community. I'm simply doing this for the fun of it. I have chosen Sophia and Albel as my couple. If you have a problem with this couple then don't read, simple as that. I'm all for cannon couples but in any star ocean game (cant speak for the first which is in Japanese) the parings are as you decide. So please do not flame based on the paring. With that I hope all who read this enjoy it.

In some stories they will already be a couple and in some they will just be starting to get to know each other. It all depends on the theme. They also will not be in numerical order. I'm out of practice and have not written fanfiction for a while so I'm choosing the easy themes first.

Also I don't like the title of this set of stories and I had a really hard time coming up with 'moments in time' so if anyone has a better title suggestion please leave it in a review or email me. I'll be sure to credit you if I choose to change the title.