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The End Has No End

Chapter 1

The phone barely rang once before a much panicked Ryo picked it up, urgently saying, "Hello!"

"We found him; he's… not too good Ryo, you're the only one who can calm him down," Drake answered quickly, talking above the animalistic howls and screams of his best friend that managed to pour through his cell phone. "525 Lorry Ally, Warehouse number 23, Hurry."

"I'm on my way." Ryo hung up the phone and grabbed his coat before heading out the door, hoping that his lover was okay.

Drake Thompson cringed as he watched the paramedics sedate his best friend. Dee's wildly thrashing limbs were reduced to violent shivering, and his tortured screams dulled to terrified whimpers. Blood that was not his own coated the Detective's clothes and face, his black hair matted together with the quickly drying substance. Tears streamed from dilated green eyes that saw nothing, except for the nightmare he witnessed over and over again in his mind.

He shivered when he thought of seeing how the slaughter in the warehouse had occurred, he knew that aftermath was no where near as bad as watching and knowing you couldn't do a damn thing to help. Drake looked sadly at Dee's quaking form, wishing to God that any other Detective had seen what occurred. Of all people it would scar him the most. He whispered a prayer before walking over to Ryo, readying himself to answer the barrage of questions worried, chocolate brown eyes were already asking him.

"Hey Ryo." Drake stared at the ground, hesitant to start explaining to the blonde what had happened to his lover.

"Drake, please…what happened?" A light hand was placed on his shoulder, comforting yet pressing at the same time. So far, Ryo knew nothing.

"He…we…JJ and I found him in the warehouse. Never would have known he was in there if we hadn't seen his car on the side and his gun in the hallway." Drake swallowed and looked at the dark entrance of the warehouse, nobody had been allowed in; not even Ryo.

"He was sitting in the middle of the floor, talking to the children…oh Jesus Ryo they were dead, At least thirty of them. It was a prostitution ring. He was holding the younger ones, five, six year olds. There was blood everywhere; it looked like their captors had open fired on them. Some of them must have survived in agony after…their hands were holding on to Dee. The bodies were so mangled, limbs missing, heads blown away. He was stroking a little girl's hair, clucking soothingly. He didn't realize he was touching more brain than hair. JJ walked over to him and smacked him a few times, trying to get him to focus. The whole time his eyes were unfocused and glazed over, like he wasn't even there. JJ got him out of it though. He looked around and was silent for awhile, and then it hit him. He's been screaming ever since."

"Oh Dee…" Ryo felt his heart drop as Drake finished his tale, waves of fear and grief washing over his body. The blonde walked over to where the paramedics had sat Dee down, worried frowns creasing their faces. The younger Detective rocked back and forth, holding himself and looking at the ground in utter silence.

Ryo caressed Dee's cheek, smiling gently as lifeless green eyes met his own. Tears still streamed down the Detective's face, the look on his face was so anguished and afraid that Ryo felt sick to his stomach. A spark of familiarity shined through the haze of Dee's eyes and with a quiet whimper he clutched onto Ryo's arms, nuzzling his face in his lover's chest. The blonde suppressed his own tears as he held his partner, softly stroking his soiled hair.

"Dee it is going to be okay. It's going to be alright love." Ryo punctuated his words by clasping Dee's shaking hands between his, placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. Dee nodded weakly and looked down at their joined hands. The Detective started breathing heavily and moaned low in his throat when he saw the blood that coated his hands. Ryo's presence had temporarily given him sanctuary, but the nightmare was brought back full force when he realized that it was the children's blood that covered him.

The paramedics roughly pushed Ryo out of the way as Dee started to scream again, a desperate and uncontrolled rage depicted in once gentle green eyes, rage fringed with the deepest fear. The dark haired man threw himself against the controlling grasps of the paramedics, legs and shoulders moving wildly. With a plagued howl he forced past them only to trip and land in a large puddle with a splash.

Ryo could only watch as Dee lay on his side in the puddle crying out his pain, vocally trying to purge the visions that replayed in his mind. The puddle turned red as the water cleansed the blood from the man's body, the blood of the children he had witnessed being murdered. Dee whimpered and slowly sat up, hair dripping wet and covering sad eyes. He looked at Ryo once more before his eyes rolled back in his head and he was delivered from his hell by the dulling bliss of unconsciousness.

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