Helpful Hints:

"…" – talking

'…' – telepathy talking

italics – different language speaking

bold – actions within the normal talking

underline – thinking

(…..) – I'm talking

"…" – demon talking

-….- - time jump

"…" – flashbacks/dream sequences

"…" – song

"Ugh," groaned Makato.

"Did we win," asked Terra as she woke up.

"Yes you did," said Hana as she walked in.

The sailor senshis, the Gundam pilots, the Inuyasha gang, both Yugioh gangs, the spirit detective gang, the wizards, the Moon Gang, the ninjas, the goddesses, Keichi, Winry, the alchemists, the Teen Titans, the digidestined and their digimons, the wolves, and the assassins groaned out from pain and slowly opened their eyes. They saw that all of them were in the Elemental Country, more specifically the hospital within the Moon Village. Everyone was stationed within a very big room made out of alchemy magic because the rest of the hospital were for private residents and children who have gotten disease and for parents who want to embarrass them when they wake up. "How did we end up here," asked Haruka.

"We teleported all of you back after we gained our energies," said Suki as she walked in.

"I'm just glad that this is over," said Hige.

"Hoorah for that," said a sarcastic Draco.

"You will be released from the hospital after ALL of you heal nicely," said a glaring Tenpi.

"Why do I have to listen to you," said a smirking Sasuke.

"Because of this," said Mizu as she held up a picture of Sasuke snuggling against Sakura in a suggestive way.

Everyone was wondering why Sasuke's eyes were wide. They were curious as to what he was also seeing within the photo. Naruto burst out laughing at Sasuke when he quieted down by Mizu. Sakura was angry at Naruto for laughing at her precious Sasuke that she threw a vase at Naruto. Before the vase could hit Naruto, Selenity used her powers and stopped the flying object, used a bit, and sent it towards Sakura. Everyone's eyes, besides the Moon gang, widen at the close proximity of the vase. "Don't you dare harm MY son, Haruno, because I will personally do something much worse than that," said an angry Selenity as she stormed out of the room.

"When all of you are released, we hereby decree that Sakura Haruno will be banished from the Elemental Country, never return to the country and live a miserable life," said Hana.

"How are you going to do that," asked a smirking Sakura, 'I'm the apprentice of Tsunade."

"But I'm not as powerful as the people before us, Sakura. And I hereby strip you of your ninja status, never to leave Konoha, living within an apartment," said Tsunade.

"I have Sasuke," said a smirking Sakura.

"Did you forget that we own the Uchiha property, well, at least Itachi here does," said a smirking Hotaru.

"And that Itachi can also kick out his brother," said a smirking Nagi.

- Three Years Later -

"I do," said Serena as she looked at her fiancés.

"All of you may kiss the bride for ten seconds," said the priest as he watched the married couples.

It was three years since the defeat of Tenma and Debiru, three years since Itachi was instated as a Konoha leaf nin, and three years since Itachi threw his brother and his girlfriend out of the Uchiha district. Sasuke and Sakura were angry at Itachi, Konoha village, and the Elemental Country. They ran away, labeling themselves as S-class for Sasuke and D-class for Sakura. People don't really know where they went, but the villagers started to blame Naruto once more when he was in Konoha. With the villagers ignorance to everything, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Iruka, Konohamaru, Udon, Moegi, Ibiki, Anko, the rookie nine, Gai's team, the rest of the teachers, and the people who love Naruto left Konoha and lived within one of the villages within the Elemental Country. Naruto became a Kage for the Moon Village with the help of his boyfriend Syrus and his girlfriends Ai, Yuki, Sculd, Ino, Kakyuu, and TenTen. Even though Ai, Yuki, and Sculd have their own villages, they still helped make the Elemental Country brighter. Gaara and his siblings came to live within the Elemental Country because the Sand villagers were the same as Konoha's. Now, it's the celebration of the marriage between Serena and her fiancés Robin, Harry, Yugi, Zane, Neji, Nagi, Omi, Shikamaru, Gaara, Tai, Matt, and Yaten. "Let's get the party started," shouted a hyper Ginny.

"Free food," shouted Ron, Duo, and Hige.

"Boys," said their girlfriends as they dragged them back to their table.

"I would like to make a toast to the lovely couples. May their love shine through the galaxies for all to see," said Kakyuu.

"Here here," shouted everyone as they drank the glass of cherry wine.

Suddenly, a big boom was heard as the building they were in shook with velocity. The guests were wary and slowly moved away from the door. The smoke came in as two shadowy figures came inside. One was smirking while the other one sneered at the happy couple. People, besides the Royals, the Demon Royals, the Moons, and the rest who fought three years, thought that their heroes didn't seal Tenma and Debiru completely. When the smoke died down, everyone was shock at what they saw. "Sasuke! Sakura," shouted the rookie nins.

"A wedding without us," said Sakura, "I'm hurt."

"We didn't want you here to begin with," snarled Kiba.

"And you better go before something happens to you," said Kyuubi as she smirked.

"Fireball Jutsu," shouted Sasuke.

"Shine Aqua Illusion," shouted Ami, transformed into Sailor Mercury.

The two attacks canceled each other out and made a huge smoke within the building, making it hard to see. The Hyuuga clan activated their Byakugan eyes and tried to find the two intruders. Itachi was furious because he didn't want the wedding to be ruined. He came to see Serena as a little sister, but with the intruders, she wouldn't get to be sent off. Itachi looked around and activated his Sharigan eyes, looking for Sasuke. When Neji pointed out Sasuke at the far corner, near Serena, he jumped up and stood in front of Sasuke. "Tsukiyomi," said Itachi as he held Sasuke by the shirt, slamming him into the wall.

"Sixty Four Palms," said Hinata as she strikes Sakura.

During the three years, Sasuke and Sakura were training hard, trying to kill all those who deliberately made fun of them, embarrassed them to the higher degree. They thought they were stronger than anyone else in the world, but they were wrong. Sakura and Sasuke were taken out quite easily: one by a friend, the other by a brother. When Sakura and Sasuke were unconscious, Selenity was furious and told the guards to place them in a cell. Sasuke would think that he could brake out of these cells, but they were wrong. The cell was made to destroy chakra that was used by prisoners, especially the bad ones. "I'm glad that was over," said a smiling Suki.

"That was fast," said a blinking Ai.

"Did you want it to be a bloody war," asked Draco.

"Shut up Draco," said Winry as she hit him over the head.

"Sorry dear," said Draco.

"That's better," said Winry while everyone laughed.

So, over the years, the Moon gang married to their one true love. They still sang and became a big hit with NG Productions. They were even in a joint concert with Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper. But they settled down to just joint concerts with the Three Lights. Apparently, they loved to stay with the family. Serena produced six girls and six boys, one for each husband while Kakyuu was in her 5 month pregnancy, along with Hotaru. Everyone was happy and started something new. But one thing stood out, there will always be evil for them to fight, not too strenuous like Tenma and Debiru, but very real all the same. Because as the saying goes: Light cannot live without Dark and vice versa.