Chapter 6

Albus lay silently in Minerva's guest bed; his mind was riddled with guilt. Every time he closed his eyes all could see what that bastard man smiling and the awful way Minerva had looked at him when he had attacked her. Rising from his bed knowing full well that sleep would not return to him tonight he slunk around the apartment silently, lost deeply in his own tormented mind.
'How could I have done such a thing? The old me would never allow himself to be controlled by memories and fears, the old me would never do something so despicable to Minerva.' Albus thought to himself.

'But you're not the old Albus are you!' He heard a cackling voice answer him inside his mind. 'Your tainted Dumbledore. Admit it you enjoyed the things Christian Writh did to you!' The voice taunted.
'No, no I didn't!' Albus argued.
'And you enjoyed treating dearest Minerva the way you did, you adored the fear in her eyes didn't you?'
"NO!" Albus spoke out loud. 'Stop it, I didn't! Please stop."
"You only wish you could have gone further you only wish you where strong enough to touch her just like Christian did to you.'
"NO!" Albus screamed collapsing onto the sofa, burying his head in his hands. "Get out of my head, just leave me alone." His desperate sobs where only answered by a loud cackling that slowly vanished into the back of his mind. "You're wrong, I'm not like that." Albus whispered to himself.
Hours later Albus moved from his position and made his way to Minerva's bedroom. She looked beautiful and so peaceful in her sleep. He smiled at the sight of her, her flawless skin almost the same colour as the pristine nightgown she wore, her dark hair like water running across the silver pillow her sweet face was nestled against.

He made his way to the opposite side of the bed, carefully slipping under the duvet careful not to awaken her. He stayed as close to the edge of the bed as he could taking comfort in the warmth radiating from her body but he was too frightened to get any closer. How could he possibly touch after all that had gone to pass? How could he allow himself to taint her presence with
his own? He could never touch her; he could never allow his contaminated skin to infect her. He could never allow the presence of that bastard Christian to pass from his body onto hers. He couldn't torture her anymore with his own growing insanity yet how could he leave? Minerva seemed to be the only person capable of keeping him at least slightly grounded.
He froze when he felt Minerva roll closer to him, her arms capturing him tightly his head resting against her warm bosom as he sobbed uncontrollably.
"I'm here," She whispered stroking his hair as he cried. "I'll always be here." She soothed rocking him gently until he at last fell into a fit full sleep.