"I've lost the omni." Pam suddenly remembers. Under any other circumstances this would make her jump up and start to gesticulate heavily, but she is too exhausted for anything remotely frantic. Jeffrey lifts his head up slightly to look at her from the corner of his eye then puts his head down again.


"When I landed. I fell on top of that Secret Service man. I dropped it then. It still must be in the street somewhere, or someone took it, as souvenir or as evidence."

"At least we're all together," Jeffrey replies.

His quietness soothes Pam. "Thanks for being pragmatic. You are a great comfort." Pam gives him a kiss on his head.

"I think this belongs to you," Jackie holds out her hand. Pam opens her eyes. Had she fallen asleep? She hadn't noticed Jackie walking back in.

"Thanks." Jeffrey sits up and takes the omni from her hand.

"I forgot to give it to you earlier. I saw it listed as evidence. I hope I won't get in trouble too much over misplacing evidence in a murder investigation. The President's murder."

"Well, it won't be the only evidence that goes missing," Pam replies. Jeffrey opens the omni and shows her the green light. "Guess that answers my question."

"Any news on Phineas yet?"

"Nope," Jeffrey replies. "But no news is good news, 'ey?"

"I guess so." Jackie gives him a comforting smile and sits down next to him.

A doctor walks into the waiting area. "Bogg family?"

"That's us." Jackie jumps up. Pam frowns her brow. "I mean, that's them. That's his son, Jeffrey, and his wife, Pam."

The doctor looks at them with a little curiosity as he shakes their hands.

"Second marriage," Jeffrey helps out. "She's my stepmom."

"How is he?" Jackie asks anxiously before anyone else.

"The bullet broke his collarbone and deflected of his shoulder bone before it exited his body. He's lost some blood, but not too much. He has a slight concussion from falling to the ground. There are also some other bruises I can't quite explain. Besides being shot today, this man has also recently been beaten up."

"That sounds about right." Pam nods. "He has a habit of mixing with the wrong crowd."

"I see. Well, you'll have to keep an eye on him. He needs to rest for the bone to heal."

"Can we see him?" Jackie asks.

"He's resting now, so I would say only immediate family."

"Thank you, doctor," Pam says.

The doctor gives them a courteous nod and walks away. Jeffrey looks at Pam.

"Can Jackie ... I think Bogg would like it if ..."

"That's all right. You go to Phineas. I need to talk to Jackie for a moment."

Jeffrey leaves and Pam stands up to face Jackie. She is nearly half a foot taller and that is just the kind of leverage she likes at the moment.

"Jackie, you can't tell Victoria Phineas is her father."

"I don't think that's up to you to decide. That's up to Phineas."

"It's not up to him either. If you told her, how would you explain the age difference?"

"I would tell her about time ..."

"Can't tell her that," Pam interrupts. "You'd jeopardize our organization."

"She has a right. She has right to know who her father is."

"True. But somethings are bigger than all of us. Some secrets need to be kept, no matter what. No matter who gets hurt. You're Secret Service; you understand the importance of keeping secrets. Lose lips, sink ships."

Jackie opens her mouth to speak, but closes it again.

"You know this is true. Otherwise you would have told Victoria about her father long ago."

"I guess you're right," Jackie replies in a hoarse voice.

I know I'm right, Pam thinks, but she doesn't say it. "Thanks for understanding. And I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too."

"You want to come and see Phineas?"

"No, no. I think I better leave you alone."

"Thanks, Jackie." Pam extends her hand. Jackie takes it a little surprised. "It was nice meeting you, and thanks for all your help."


Pam joins Jeffrey at the side of Bogg's bed. Bogg is awake and listening to Jeffrey chatting away at him. Bandages cover the wounds in his right shoulder. Pam takes his left hand, hesitates for a moment, then leans forward to press a kiss on his lips.

Bogg smiles at her. "My head hurts a little, otherwise I would kiss you more."

"Are you a couple now?" Jeffrey asks.

Bogg and Pam look at one another and then at Jeffrey.

"Yeah, we're a couple now," Bogg replies. "Are you okay with that?"

"Well, I don't know. Two is company and three is a crowd. I think you should reconsider this."


"Shh, Phineas. He's only teasing you."

"Yeah." Jeffrey throws them his biggest smile. "I'm really happy for you. Just, don't get too much sticky in front of me."


Pam chuckles. "Can't promise that, but we'll try."


A few days later Bogg is trying to let himself out of bed.

"What are you doing?" Pam asks as she walks in.

"The doctor said he would discharge me today, so I'm getting up, put on my clothes and leave. I'm not a person for staying long in one place. Particularly not if that place is a hospital."

"Let me help you. I've brought some clothes for you."

"What's wrong with my pirate's clothes?" Bogg sits up on the bed with his feet touching the floor. "Hey, I just figured something: you've been trying to get me out of my pirate's clothes from the day we met." A devious smile plays around his lips. "I always thought it was because you hated the pirate's clothes, but now I know the real reason."

"Nope, it was because I hated the pirate's clothes." Pam carefully pulls the sleeve of the shirt she brought over his right arm. "I never tried to talk you out of anything else you wore."

"That's because I looked hottest in the pirate's clothes."

"You looked hottest when you came out of that lake not wearing a shirt at all." Bogg looks at her and Pam turns red. "I just said that out loud, didn't I?"

Bogg pulls her close with his good arm. "Yes, you did, but I know a way to make you shut up." He kisses her and she lets herself get lost in his warm embrace.

Pam pulls away from him. "Come, I have to finish getting you dressed so we can leave here."

"Are you as good at undressing me as you are at dressing?" Bogg asks as Pam buttons up his shirt.

"You will have to wait until tonight to find that out." It's now Pam's turn to wear a sexy smirk.

"I like that skirt you are wearing. It's not very practical for voyaging, though."

"We're not going to do much voyaging for a while. Not with your arm like that. I liked wearing a skirt for a change."

When Pam has finished dressing Bogg and is packing up his pirate's clothes the doctor walks in.

"Mr. Bogg, I see you are all ready to leave us."

"Yes, the food in here is getting to me."

"I'm sure your wife can do much better. Your wounds seem to be healing very well, so I see no reason to keep you here. Good bye, Mr. Bogg, Mrs. Bogg." He shakes Bogg's left hand and leaves the hospital room.

"Wife? Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself?"

"Jackie told him I was your wife. Good thing too, as he only allowed immediate family to see you."

"Hmm." Bogg pulls Pam close again. "You know what married people do?"

"Bicker," Pam replies before she kisses him.


Jeffrey wants to go to Washington to see the funeral parade. Bogg is a little worried about his arm, but at the same time he has missed the thrill of the voyage lying in hospital. He agrees.

After the parade has past them, and the crowd is starting to leave two familiar faces approach the Voyagers. One face more familiar than the other.

"Jackie!" Jeffrey exclaims. "I wouldn't have thought we'd meet you here."

"It's my job to be here," Jackie replies. "This is my daughter, Victoria." She introduces the young woman standing next to her. "These are my friends, Phineas, Jeffrey and Pam."

"How do you do?" Victoria nods politely and shakes their hands.

"Could have been better." Bogg points at his arm.

"What happened?"

"I've had a bit of a rough weekend," Bogg replies as close to the truth as he thinks is possible.

Jeffrey pulls Pam to the side. She has explained to him that Bogg can't tell Victoria that they're related. And he wonders if it could cause trouble them meeting now.

"No, I don't think so. They're just two strangers having a chance encounter."

"Well, it means a lot more than that to Bogg. What are the odds that we would meet Jackie and her daughter here?"


Jeffrey turns to Pam with a little twinkle in his eye. "What did you do?"

Pam shrugs. "Did you know there are over two hundred McBains listed in the Washington phone book?"

Jeffrey starts to smile from ear to ear. He throws his arms around Pam. "Thanks. On behalf of Bogg, thank you very much."



A/N: I've enjoyed writing this story very much. I'm actually a bit sad I have come to the end of it. Once again a thank you to CassBogg who with her stories inspired me to write these stories. And thank you for reading.