Author's Note: I own none of the TW characters used in this story. Morgan is my personal character, I created, and I will use her with all the liberties given to me as her creator.
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Synopsis: Bosco gets a collar involving a drug ring connected to high ranking officials. His partner Caster, joins him in the search, which ultimately leads to an undercover investigation. What happens as people in their lives are crushed, and they lose people close to them.

Bosco shook his head at Morgan as she was fitted for her wire. She looked back at him and smiled, but he only scowled at her. She furrowed her eyebrows and pursed her lips, not hearing his partner talk to her. She pulled on her 'PRINCESS' baby t-shirt and felt men touching her behind and thighs as they tried to find a place to stash stuff she would need. A gun, and a radio, just in case. Morgan had that solution. Putting her foot on a chair she bent over, much to the excitement of half the police force, and pulled her flare legged jeans up.

"She has a spot for everything in those curves." Caster said to the guys with a smirk. He fitted the ankle holster over her knee high boots and strapped the 9mm to her leg. He looked back at Bosco, who watched Caster begin to fondle his sister, knowing that bothered him. Caster laughed and then looked over Morgan, one last time, to make sure nothing was showing, and they couldn't feel anything on her. His hands slid down her sides and over her chest, gently patting her down. Morgan tried not to smile as Caster went for a cheap feel. Moving his hands over her toned stomach and over her curves, down her legs, then back up, he smiled.

"Seems to work." He said and winked at Bosco who was ready to charge. Swersky looked at them and huffed. Caster smiled big and Morgan looked at the group. She looked at her oldest brother with pleading eyes. He moved to her and looked down at her. She swallowed and he hugged her gently. She looked over his shoulder and saw Lieutenant Walsh, her boss. She saw the concerned look on his face, and the frown of disapproval. Swersky moved to Walsh and looked at him.

"It will be fine. That is a wireless tap, so they won't find it, unless they undress her. Odds are, with her dressed like that, they won't touch her, since the clothes are too tight. You guys are on standby in case anything goes bad, she knows how to use a gun and lie through her teeth. It will be great." Swersky said it to Walsh who looked at him with raised eyebrows. Swersky wasn't very convincing as he said it and Walsh crossed his arms over his chest.

"Are you saying that to convince me, or yourself?" Walsh said to him and then looked at his guys, who were standing there watching what was going on. DK shook his head at Walsh and then went to the Squad, which was parked inside the huge abandoned warehouse. The Squad followed and Morgan shook her head. They didn't understand what this meant to people. She did. Once she was ready, she looked around. About 25 cops, including ESU were standing around. Both teams of Medics, the Squad, and the Ladder were there as well. She looked at her brother and smiled to him. He looked back and shook his head.

"Ma is gunna kill both of us when she finds out about this." He said to her and she smiled, nodding.

"That is why I tell her it was your idea." She smiled big at him and he grabbed her chin with his hand and playfully moved her smile to the side. She looked over at Caster and winked. He put his hand on her shoulder.

"You ready to do this Ms. Masselli?" Caster asked Morgan and she nodded. Ms. Masselli was the name they used for her since she was asked to do this undercover job. She wasn't sure why they asked her, but she knew it had to do with the fact she looked about 5 years younger than she actually was. Morgan was 26, but barely looked legal. Her little outfits, when she was undercover, didn't help. She nodded to him and kissed him softly. A small round of "oo's" and "ahh's" went around the warehouse that stored both trucks, 15 RMPs, an ESU truck, and 3 unmarked cars, one of which would be Morgan's. She moved towards her car, a black 2003 Pontiac Trans Am, and passed Walsh on the way. She looked up at him.

"I'll be ok. It's been three weeks, and nothing has happened. It is worth it. If doing this gets these bastards off the streets, I will do it." She said to him and smiled. Walsh had been one of her best friends since she joined the Fire Department back in 1998. It had been 6 years now, and he was now her boss, replacing Jimmy after he left. He looked down at her and shrugged. He didn't like his guys getting involved with PD affairs, but it was kinda hard when it came to Morgan. She was the baby sister of one cop, and was dating another. He looked at her and sighed.

"It's not you I'm worried about. Well, it is, but you know what I mean." He said and hugged her gently. She hugged him back and punched him, gently, in the stomach.

"I'll be back on the Squad before you know it. I know you miss my charming wit, and side splitting jokes." She said with a smile. Walsh only laughed and looked at her.

"Or do you mean the pissy attitude when you see that DK ate all the coffeecake, or is it the talking in your sleep? Listening to you moan 'Caster, Caster'." He laughed and the guys of the Squad joined in. Morgan turned bright red and hung her head for a moment. Caster was near her and heard them and looked at her with wide eyes and big smile. Morgan shook her head and narrowed her eyes at Billy.

"Don't push it… Lieu. Keep pushing me, and I might join the PD." She said and Billy acted like that was a shot to the heart. Morgan laughed and got in the car. She would never join PD. FD was in her heart. She pulled out the back way and they heard her turn the car radio up and pull in front of the warehouse four blocks over. Sully was listening with Ty as Bosco came over with Caster. It was loud enough for the entire warehouse to hear.

Morgan moved out of the car and greeted the two men standing outside the warehouse. She passed one of them her keys and winked at him. He winked back and she giggled softly.

"Take care of it for me. You know how much it would hurt to see my baby…" She leaned over the hood, acting like she was rubbing a smudge off of the paint. Her round curves showing off to the two bodyguards. They both swallowed hard and nodded. One got into the drivers seat as she stood up, her black boots clicking against the asphalt. She was let into the warehouse and smiled to the man that was sitting at the table in the far corner. She moved to him and leaned over the table, kissing his cheek softly. She got to talking to him as he poured her a drink.

"So, what do you got for me?" The man sitting across from her asked. Morgan took the drink and sipped it, nodding with a slight shrug.

"I got the shipment you want, and I took care of Garson." Morgan said to him and looked over, pulling a package out of her boot. She passed over the small white package and the man went through it. He nodded to her and pulled out a few bills from the package and passed them over. Morgan took them and smiled, nodding.

"How did you, take care of him?" The man asked Morgan. Morgan smiled and winked at him. She leaned back, stretching, using her body to distract him. Her baby t-shirt slid up her toned stomach as she leaned back. The man barely glimpsed, but did let out a soft whine as she stood up, stretching. She moved to his lap and sat on it. He wrapped his arms around her and looked up at her.

"He won't be back, if that is what you're worried about. I made sure of that." Morgan said to him and felt his hands moving up her chest, under her shirt. She looked at him and felt his hand grasp her left breast. She moaned softly, acting like she was enjoying it as he grouped her. She moaned into his ear softly. The only part of the job she hated.

"She better not be enjoying that." Caster said and hissed. Bosco narrowed his eyes, hearing the man's hand run against the wire, and then his sister's moans of pleasure. Caster got more pissed off as the ESU guys got ready to raid the place. As soon as Morgan mentioned Garson, they were to go in 5 minutes after. They had 3 minutes left. Caster and Bosco got ready to do their part. They were to grab Morgan, cuff her, and drag her out, kicking and screaming.

"You know, I have been hearing some things about you, Izzie." The man said into her ear as he continued to feel her up. He grabbed her breast roughly, making her cry out in surprise. He picked her up and lifted her, his hand moving from her breast to her waist. He whipped her around and sat her down, roughly. Morgan let out a grunt as he pinned her to the chair. She looked at him with a look that told him to back off. He laughed.

"Is your name even Isabelle, or is that a lie as well? I had them look up Garson, and it seems he was arrested, who are you really?" He hissed at her and Morgan looked up, a hint of fear that she felt was not showing as she leaned up against his force.

"GO GO GO! MOVE IN NOW!" Swersky called and sent everyone towards the building to raid it. They had run out of time, and he feared Morgan could be in danger. ESU was already on the way as Caster and Bosco ran to one unmarked car, and Ty and Sully moved to the other one. They jumped in, in full riot gear, and headed to the front of the warehouse. ESU went around back and soon the building was surrounded. There was yelling as ESU ran through the back, preventing people from exiting. They sealed and blocked exits, as they made their way through. The burst through the back distracted the man for a moment as Morgan kicked him in the stomach. Her heel connecting his abdomen, he fell back. She leaned down and rolled out of the chair and under the table, reaching down for her ankle holster. She managed to get the 9mm out before the front door was being beaten in. The man looked over and heard the police beating in from both ends and pulled her out, by her hair. She screamed in surprise as he kicked her in the side, causing the gun she had to fall out of her hands. She moaned and rolled over, crawling to get to it as she felt his foot in her back.

Outside, Caster and Bosco jumped out of their car and stormed towards the front door. Guards turned in shock as cops surrounded them, but they gave a fight. Ty and Sully chased a small group that ran as Caster and Bosco were at a standoff. Bosco and Caster's guns were aimed at the two men that had greeted Morgan when she pulled up. The two guards' guns were aimed at Caster and Bosco. Caster heard Morgan scream and the scream made the guards look back for a second. Bosco saw it and moved, taking the one guard out with a shot the knee. Caster pistol whipped the other one and they both were cuffed. Caster tried to open the door and felt it bolted from the inside.

"DAMN IT!" He yelled and Bosco tried to kick it. They both looked at each other and without even talking, they backed up and rammed the door with their shoulders. They made little progress as they both groaned as the door resisted them. Another ESU team came from the down the street. Within a minute they were knocking the door down.

Morgan looked over, seeing his gun to her head. She gave up and he pulled her up, cramming the barrel into her mouth. She looked at him with fear as he pinned her to the table, making her lay on it. She heard the door about ready to break down and he looked up, with a loud bang the door popped open and Caster, along with Bosco, ran in to see a mess.

Morgan's captor was yet again distracted by police yelling all around him. She moved, slamming her elbow against his face. He fell back and she kicked him in the groin, making him whine in agony. She slid across the floor, grabbing her gun and they both aimed at the same time. Both guns went off as Caster and Bosco, followed by ESU moved in. The loud sound of round after round going off froze Caster and Bosco in their place. ESU ran over and yelled for medics.

"Morgan? MORGAN?" Caster and Bosco both yelled, running over. The man she was fighting with was on the ground, shot up. They looked over and Morgan was on the floor, covered in blood. Caster fell next to her and tore her shirt open seeing blood and bullet holes all over her chest and abdomen.

"WE NEED THE MEDICS NOW!" Bosco screamed and fell beside his sister. Her eyes were closed and the puddle of blood was growing. Caster and Bosco used their own shirts, tearing off their vests, to apply pressure of the heavily bleeding bullet holes. Within a minute, Carlos fell next to them, moving them to check her. Holly rested next to Bosco as they went to work. Caster watched them work and everything went in slow motion. Bosco looked over at him and swallowed hard. Carlos grabbed Bosco's hands and put them over two wounds, forcing him told the dressing in place, with pressure. Caster heard Carlos and did the same with two other wounds. Carlos used his belt to tourniquet the bullet hole in her leg. Soon they had her on a backboard, and were rushing her out of the warehouse.

The Squad had pulled up, hearing the need for medics and watched as Morgan's bleeding body was put into the bus. Carlos looked over and Billy nodded, sending DK to drive. DK ran over and jumped in the driver's seat as Holly got in back with Carlos. They left Bosco standing there with Caster. Caster pulled Bosco to the unmarked car they used and put him in. Bosco shook his head, looking at his sister's blood all over his arms, hands and clothes. Caster turned on the lights and siren and pulled in front of the bus quickly, leading the way to Mercy Hospital. They pulled up to the Ambulance bay and jumped out as Carlos was pulled out, on top of Morgan. Bosco felt himself get nauseous as he watched Carlos doing CPR on his baby sister. Caster ran after the stretcher, with Bosco right behind him.

"26-year-old female! Four bullet wounds to the chest and abdomen, one to the right thigh! 40 blood volume lost at scene, 20 more lost in bus! Pressure and Pulse lost en route! Going on two minutes with no pulse!" Carlos was straddling Morgan, using his arms, pushing down on her chest. Blood was all over Carlos and trailed down the floor as they moved her to Trauma One. Doctors worked on her as nurses continued to do chest compressions. A doctor moved to her throat and tried to tube her.

"Throat is closed shut! I can't see her cords!" The doctor called out and another doctor went to help him. There were four doctors standing around her, trying to work on her. After a moment, they managed to get her intubated and attached to a bag. A nurse bagged her as another nurse called out her vitals. The doctor looked over and shook his head.

"She's in V-Tach! Get her an amp of epi!" He yelled and nurses moved into action. A nurse told him she had been down for nine minutes now and a trauma surgeon ran in and started calling for help in things. Caster and Bosco watched from the clear windows as they worked on Morgan. The surgeon squirted some Betadine on Morgan's chest and cut into it. He yelled words most people didn't understand as he stuck his finger in the small hole.

"Chest tube!" He yelled and a tube was passed over. He put it in and blood poured out from the tube, and onto the floor. He ordered another 6 units of blood and to have the OR ready. He heard another alarm go off and swore to himself. Another doctor looked over as well and shook his head, looking at the ultrasound of her stomach.

"Belly is full of blood! Looks like her spleen was hit! Her Kidney was hit! We gotta get her to the OR NOW!" He called out and the surgeon tried to stay calm as it was going on 12 minutes since Morgan had gone into cardiac arrest. More alarms went off and he looked up at the monitor.

"Damn it! V-Fib! Charge to 200! CLEAR!" He called out and took the defibrillator and put the pads on her chest. Shocking her, Morgan's body jerked, then fell limp. Bosco watched from the window and looked at his baby sister's life fading before his eyes. He shook his head and covered his face, not realizing that he smeared her blood on his face. Caster stood next to him and watched as they tried to save her.

"300! CLEAR!" The surgeon shocked her again, Morgan's body once again jerking, then falling limp. "360! Clear!" He called again and shocked. It was the fourth shock, and now she had flat-lined. He told the nurse to continue CPR and grabbed the scalpel. She continued CPR until he told her to back off. Sliding the scalpel down her ribcage, he held her chest open.

"Rib-spreader!" He called for and a large silver object was passed to him. He put it between her ribs and started to crank. The sound of her ribs spreading wasn't as loud as expected as he forced her chest wall open. He moved the nurse around and had her perform internal compressions and he worked to relieve the blood loss. Walsh walked in with the Squad, behind Swersky, and saw Morgan. He scowled at Swersky and watched with the rest of the team to see what was happening. Bosco looked over at Swersky who looked back.

"Sully and Davis went to get your mother. She should be here soon." He said it and Bosco nodded. Caster wiped his eyes and saw commotion as Morgan's stretcher was moved out of the Trauma Room, surrounded by Nurses and Doctors. The ER doctor moved to them and Bosco looked at him. He sighed and looked at the group of cops, firefighters, and medics. He moved Bosco into a private room, but Caster followed. Bosco came out with Caster after a few minutes and the Doctor looked at the group. Bosco moved by them all as Caster stood with the doctor, knowing his partner needed to be alone. The doctor looked at them all.

"Ms. Boscorelli's kidney, small intestine, spleen, femoral artery, left lung and heart were affected by the gun shots she received. We put in a chest tube, and had to crack her chest to get her help. She is on her way to the OR right now. She was down for almost 20 minutes, and I don't want to give you hope that this will have a good outcome. I'm sorry." He said and moved to the Nurse's Desk. Caster was crushed and went after Bosco, knowing he was in one of two places. The group of cops, medics, and firefighters shook their heads and some moved out to clear the ER and get back to work. Walsh looked at Swersky and shook his head with a hateful look. He left with his Squad to return the truck, and finish their shift.

In the men's room, Caster walked in to see Bosco trying to clean blood off of his hands. He watched Bosco scrub his hands, even though the blood was mostly off. Moving to Bosco, he put his hand on his shoulder. Bosco looked up at Caster and shook his head, tears streaming down his face. Caster nodded and, as if there was some psychic connection between the two partners, Caster knew what Bosco thought. Caster sniffled as tears traced down his own face. He wiped it away and soon, he and Bosco were walking back into the ER. Bosco heard the one voice he couldn't take right now.

"Maurice, baby? What happened? Are you alright? Why was I brought here?" Rose Boscorelli moved up to her oldest son and looked at him- seeing his upset face and tears. She saw the blood all over him and then looked at Caster, seeing it on him too. Bosco looked at his mom as he broke down. His chin quivered and his lips strained as his nose got redder and tears streamed down his cheeks, uncontrollably.

"Ma, it's about Morgan." He said it and he saw the look of dread on his mother's face. Bosco tried to figure out a way of telling his mom everything without her punching him or screaming at him. Caster moved to Rose and hugged her gently as she started to cry, seeing the looks on everyone's faces.