It had been two months since Morgan remembered everything that happened to her and life was returning to normal. Morgan and Caster were planning their wedding, though beyond knowing they wanted to get married it hadn't gotten very far. Morgan had spent six weeks after her memory returned seeing a psychologist and talking about what happened. CJ and Bosco were no longer following her 24/7 and everything in everyone's lives seemed to return to normal. The PD had stopped the monitoring since there was no more activity and no signs of any further planned retaliation against Bosco, Caster, or Morgan.

"So she picked a date?" Davis asked Caster as he turned down 8th Avenue, planning on making a coffee run. Caster felt the car come to a stop and nodded as he got out, following Davis into the coffee shop.

"Hell yeah, she wants to get married in April. She took a bunch of 365 day calendar papers and threw them into a fire boot and shuffled around and pulled out April 1." Caster said as he poured some sugar into his coffee.

"April Fools Day!?" David let out a laugh and shook his head, following Caster and continuing to laugh as he waved to the counter clerk and walked back to the RMP. Caster nodded and slid into the passenger seat, sipping his coffee.

"Yeah, I almost choked, but she said that it would be perfect because it is a Thursday, which is apparently a cheap day, so we can have a better reception and save money." Caster shrugged as David pulled into traffic and started patrol.

"How is she doing with everything?" David asked and looked out the windows as he drove. Caster did the same on the passenger side and nodded.

"Pretty well. She remembers everything, she has been working with a private psychologist and is talking it out and he said she doing well. She doesn't have nightmares anymore and it seems like everything is back to how it was before that horrible night." Caster said, taking a long sip of his coffee.

"That's good. Monroe was worried for a while here. We all were." David said and took a right, down 96th and parked, getting out of the car. "55-Charlie calling in. We are doing foot patrol of Central Park."

"55-Charlie, Copy." Was heard from Davis' radio as he and Caster started doing patrol.

Meanwhile, at the Squad 55 firehouse, Morgan was walking to her car with DK. Morgan got into her car and DK slid into the passenger seat. Morgan backed out and drove towards the Food Emporium to get some groceries for dinner. Morgan drove down the street and DK stared at her.

"Wow… you never stop talking and now you're silent?" DK asked and Morgan parked and got out of her car. She shrugged and walked into the Emporium, grabbing a carriage and walking down the produce aisle.

"Sorry, I'm just distracted. CJ and I picked a wedding day and now I need to think about what we will do and all that other shit, plus with the memorial tomorrow and other things, I've just been elsewhere." Morgan threw some peppers into a bag and put them in the carriage.

"Want to talk about it?" DK asked as he got a bag of onions and looked at her as they moved further through the store, talking about the wedding, the 9/11 Memorial service they were scheduled to attend, and life in general.

"I just don't know how we will pay for it. I want a nice wedding, but I don't want to end up in debt to the point we will never get out of it. Wedding cost upwards of $25,000. Who pays for that!?" Morgan said as she grabbed a bunch of steaks and a marinade.

"You said how much?" DK asked as his eyes went wide, bagging the steaks. Morgan nodded to him.

"You heard. How do we pay for that on our salary? We have 75+ people that we have on the list. The place we want to get married is a $14,000 deposit, with no money back if we cancel. I don't have $14,000. If I did, I would buy a condo!" Morgan let out a deep breath and DK nodded.

"Well, what about something more low key?" DK asked as they went down the frozen food aisle.

"No. Caster's family is some sort of political official in Louisiana. Low key is not an option." Morgan said and DK held up a National Enquirer.


"Governor Caster recorded telling aides to 'shred the lettuce' in reference to a Clinton type deal"

"What? That picture is his mother. She is the GOVERNOR OF LOUISIANA!?" Morgan grabbed the paper and flipped through it.

"CJ never told you?" DK asked as he got into line as Morgan read the article.

"Nuh uh…" Morgan looked up at DK and threw the magazine onto the conveyer belt.

Caster slammed the RMP door and opened the back door, pulling a scruffy looking man in cuffs and shoved him forward. Davis walked with him and opened the door for him. Swersky looked at Caster and motioned for the door. Caster nodded and handed the cuffed man to Davis, who walked him to holding.

"What's up?" Caster asked and rested his arms on the desk. Swersky looked at him pointed to the firehouse.

"Morgan came here looking for you. Said something about the Governor." Swersky said and Caster nodded, standing to his full height and adjusting his belt.

"Can you let Davis know I ran next door?" Caster asked as he walked away. Swersky shook his head and rolled his eyes. Caster walked across the street as Morgan stood outside, throwing a football to DK and then catching it back. Caster walked over to her as she caught the ball and she looked at him. The look on her face told him he was in for it. Morgan threw the ball back to DK and watched as DK caught it and walked into the firehouse.

"Swersky said you wanted me?" Caster asked and reached for Morgan, who took a step back and pulled a newspaper from her back pocket and held it up. Caster furrowed his brow and then his eyes went wide.

"Care to explain why you felt the need to not tell me that your mother is the Governor of Louisiana?" Morgan asked and Caster swallowed hard looking at the picture of his mother in full color in front of him. He looked at Morgan, who tilted her head slightly, her foot starting to tap.

"Umm.. I didn't want you to judge me?" Caster asked and Morgan rolled her eyes.

"Try again." Morgan said and crossed her arms over her chest. Caster fidgeted slightly and let out a long sigh.

"Seriously. I didn't want you to treat me any different because of who my family is. If you knew I was a Governors son, would you have looked at me any differently?" Caster asked and put his hands on his hips as Morgan looked up at him, cross armed.

"No." Morgan said flatly and looked him in the eye. Caster raised an eyebrow and shook his head, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Yes, you would. Everyone does." Caster said and Morgan just shook her head.

"If that is true, then you obviously had the wrong friends and don't know me at all." Morgan said to Caster and moved her arms, holding her engagement ring. Caster's eyes moved to her fingers and he swallowed.

"I wanted you to know me as me. Not as the Governor's son, not as a rich southern boy. I wanted you to know me based on me as CJ, recently appointed NYPD officer." Caster said and Morgan just looked down at her shoes as Davis walked up.

"What up?" Davis asked and Morgan looked back up at Caster. Caster shook his head slightly, pleading with her not to say anything. Morgan crumpled up the newspaper and tossed it at Caster.

"We will discuss this later." Morgan said and walked into the firehouse. Caster looked at her and then Davis. Davis raised an eyebrow and grabbed the paper. Caster fought to get it back and looked towards Morgan for a moment as her legs disappeared up the stairs.

"Governor involved in Watergate scandal." Davis said and looked at Caster. Caster shook his head and grabbed the paper back. Caster jogged after Morgan as the fire alarm went off.



Caster and Davis jogged to their RMP as the sounds of multiple heavy footsteps came down the firehouse stairs and the fire truck started up. Caster looked back as the truck pulled out and Morgan slammed the truck door, falling into her seat, working on her bunker gear.

"So… want to tell me what that was all about?" Davis asked and Caster shook his head.

"Just drive." Caster said and Davis took a left, following behind the truck. They pulled up to the large pier warehouse and saw the ladders getting into position and the trucks stopped and firefighters jumped out.

"DK, Logan, Boscorelli, do a primary search of the first, second, and third floors. McNamara, Hart, and Z, go to the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors and do a search. Report back." Walsh said and motioned as Logan forced his halligan bar into the boarded door and forced the entry way open. DK, Boscorelli, and then Logan went into the building, followed by the other team.

At the piers intersection 55 Charlie and 55 David were parked at an angle, watching the fire department work on what looked like an empty building with nothing going on. Caster looked at the firefighters, putting his sunglasses on as Davis looked at him.

"Want to talk about it yet?" Davis asked and Caster shook his head, leaning back against the RMP and crossing his arms.

"What's wrong with him?" Monroe asked and Davis shook his head.

"No clue, but he reminds me of Bosco more and more every month. I think the Boscorelli's are contagious." Davis said and Monroe laughed as Sully walked over.

"I want 55 Charlie back tomorrow. 55 David is so uncomfortable. Boscorelli doesn't weigh enough to break the cushion in." Sully said and shifted his shirt. Davis let out a laugh and shook his head. They all could hear the radios from the fire fighters as they cleared floors.

"We are clear on the fourth floor." McNamara's voice was heard and a crackling noise.

"We are clear on the-" DK's voice was cut off by an explosion on the third floor. A half broken window broke more as flames shot out.

"FLASHBACK! WE GOT FLASHBACK!" Morgan's voice was heard and the firefighters mingling around sprung to action. Firefighters broke into teams and started going into the building with hose lines.

"Where are you?" Walsh called into his radio.

"Third floor, front. There was no fire and then it just exploded. We are coming down to get a line." Morgan radioed back and Walsh gave the okay.

"Whoa..." Davis said as the fire started pouring out of the window and ladders went up against other windows to vent smoke. Caster watched as the Battalion Chief pulled up and was let in and immediately got out and started getting the low down.

"We have over a dozen firefighters in the building and a dozen more hooking up lines. There are another six trucks on their way." The Battalion chief stated and worked with Walsh and the other lieutenants.

"We need help. We cannot find the exit." A male voice came over the radio and everyone looked up at the building as DK, Logan, and Morgan walked out. Walsh looked at them and motioned them over.

"Situation?" Walsh asked and Morgan leaned on her knees, shaking her head.

"You can't see a foot in front of you. You walk in and it is just blackness. You may think you are walking in a straight line, but you turn around and you are nowhere near the exit." Morgan told them and let out a deep breath.

"We have a dozen firefighters in there. I want everyone accounted for and I want everyone out of the building." The Battalion chief stated and the radio crackled.

"Please.. we are lost. We cannot find a door. Lopez is out of oxygen and we are buddy breathing, but I don't have much air left." A voice came over the radio and Morgan and DK nodded, heading back in, talking to who was on the other side of the radio.

"Where were you." Morgan stated more than asked. She got an answer and they headed that way.

10 Minutes Later

Walsh stood outside the building with a few other lieutenants and two Battalion Chiefs listening to the chatter and getting call ins from other teams. Some of the teams had come out, four teams were still missing. Lopez and his partner, Morgan and DK, and two other teams of two from other engines. The radio chatter from the Lopez team had stopped completely and the faintest sounds of the PASS alarm of a firefighter was heard from the building. Two firefighters walked over to the lieutenants and the Battalion Chiefs.

"The place is collapsing it on itself. The third floor has collapsed partially into the second floor. The only thing holding it up is a prayer." The firefighter said and the Chief let out a deep sigh. He looked at the other Chief and he nodded.

"Call them all out. The building is not safe. No one goes back in." The Chief said and the lieutenants all looked at him like he was crazy.

"I have a team in there!" One Lieutenant said, Walsh said the same thing as a whining sound was heard from the building and another explosion happened. Everyone ducked as debris shot out of the building.

"Do it!" The Chief said and everyone around him looked at each other. The lieutenants nodded and radioed that no one was allowed to go back in and soon the engines, ladders, and squads horns were blaring to notify that it was now an exterior job and no internal work would be done.

Davis and Caster looked over as the building exploded again and they both whistled. Davis and Caster then heard the sirens and Caster shook his head. Davis let out a deep sigh.

"I hope no one is in there. That fire looks bad." Davis said and Caster nodded as news trucks gathered. There had already been a few reporters and some of them were close to the police as they reported on the fire.

"Officer! Officer!" One reporter came over, camera behind her as she moved to Caster and thrust a microphone in his face. "Can you confirm that this fire is out of control?" The reporter asked and Caster motioned her away.

"You will need to talk to the Chief." Caster said and motioned the reporter back. The reporter moved back and helicopters were heard above them as news copters circled. The Chief walked over, having been notified that reporters wanted answers. He moved by Caster and Davis and moved to the reporters.

"I will be back in 10 minutes with an official announcement. Until then, please let the police and firefighters do their jobs." He put his hands up and motioned to keep the reporters back and calm. His radio crackled and yelling was heard.

Morgan walked with DK and they were holding hands because neither could see where they were. They may have been on the second floor, maybe the third floor. They did not know, but they heard the sirens telling them to get out of the building and no one else was going to be let back in.

"Let's get out of here!" Morgan screamed over the roar of the fire nearby, the sound of creaking, and the mask covering her face. She held onto DKs hand as a crack was heard and floor gave out. Both of them fell through the floor and their grip on each other was lost. The sounds of crackling and shattering continued as debris fell around the two as they hit the floor and came to an abrupt stop.

"Wha.." Morgan cleared her throat and groaned as she tried to sit up and couldn't. She looked around, seeing some minor fire coloring around her and a large part of the building covering her, pinning her. She looked around, calling for DK, but not getting an answer.

"No.. DK!" Morgan cried out and tried to get up again and sobbed softly as she realized she was not only trapped, she could not find DK, and they had signaled the alarm that the building was unsafe and they would not be coming in for her. She shifted more, wriggling as pain shot through her from the fall and being pinned. She tried to reach her radio and grabbed it, barely able to press the button due to her angle.

"Help! We are trapped! We fell through the floor and I am pinned. I cannot find my partner and I don't know where we are." Morgan's voice came out of the radio and the Chief turned, walking away quickly. Reporters started to storm towards him and the police put their hands up.

"Whoa! NO!" Davis and Caster worked to keep them back as Caster looked back to the building. He heard the voice. He knew the voice. He was being torn apart inside because of what he heard, but he had a job to do and if he was going to help the fire department help Morgan, he had to keep the reporters at bay.

"No, Ma!" Bosco said, getting frustrated. He was helping Rose buy new furniture and everything had to be tested, internet reviewed, and analyzed. Bosco was losing his patience and was getting angrier by the minute as he walked by the high definition TVs. Some played a tennis match, others had the stores advertisements, and a few more had the news. Bosco didn't pay much attention until the station reporter started to talk.

"Breaking news. An abandoned warehouse has the FDNY fighting to keep a fire that may have claimed the lives of almost a dozen firefighters under control. The fire chief on scene plans to make an official statement, but was has been confirmed is a dozen firefighters are missing and presumed dead. We go live to Heather Beams. Heather?" The screen changed to the street view of the fire and the reporter standing in front of the police as the building burned behind her. Flashing lights and voices were heard as the reporter gave her report.

"Yes, Gail. The chief had just come from the scene to notify us that he will make an official statement about the fire when his radio was heard and a woman inside the building screamed for help. It has not been confirmed if this was a firefighter, or someone that may have been trapped in the building, but we do know that there are a dozen unaccounted for firefighters that may be trapped in this building." The reporter stated.

Bosco stared at the screen, knowing the area and shook his head. There were over 40 female firefighters in the FDNY and Bosco had no reason to think it was Morgan. Bosco saw Davis and Caster behind the reporter as the camera zoomed in and Bosco saw Walsh walking towards Caster. Bosco saw Walsh's dirty face and the camera zoomed closer.

"MA!" Bosco looked for his mother, hoping she didn't see the new report, but it was too late. Rose stood behind Bosco and stared at the screen as "DOZEN MISSING FIREFIGHTERS IN WAREHOUSE INFERNO" was written on the screen.

Morgan laid back and started to cry, shaking her head, realizing that her helmet was not on her head. She raised her head and looked around, reaching for it a few inches away. She held onto it and cried into the mask, hearing the alarm saying she was running out of oxygen. She reached for the radio again and pressed the button.

"Walsh?" She said softly, sobbing. Walsh heard his name on the radio and looked at the group, radioing back.

"Morgan?" Walsh asked and the radio crackled and a cough was heard.

"I can't find DK and I can't get up. I know Caster is there and-" She broke off as a slamming noise was heard through the radio and has PASS alarm blared. Walsh heard the PASS alarm outside as well through the radio.

"-the building is collapsing and I am out of oxygen. I know this sounds wrong, but I knew Caster is there. Can you put him on the radio?" Morgan asked and Walsh looked at the Chief, who looked confused and Walsh explained who Caster was. The Chief took a deep breath and nodded. Walsh walked towards Caster as he radioed to Morgan that he would. He walked over and grabbed Caster, walking him away from the reporters and towards the fire.

"Morgan is on the radio. She is one of the trapped firefighters and is asking for you." Walsh said and Caster heard his phone ring. He looked down, seeing Bosco's name. He answered the phone and heard Bosco.

"Yes.. She is, Bosco. Walsh has her on the radio. I know. Ok. Davis will let you through. I'll put you on speaker phone." Caster said as he arrived where the squad's truck was. Walsh looked at him and sighed, knowing Bosco was on his way from the conversation. Caster put the phone on speaker mode and Walsh radioed to Morgan. A cough and wheeze was heard in the radio as Morgan responded.

"Baby… I have your brother and mother on the phone." Caster said into the radio. The response was a harsh wheeze and a lot of fire crackling.

"Caster…" Morgan said softly, her breathing ragged and harsh.

"We are here." Caster answered back and Bosco was heard yelling through the phone about holding on and he was coming to get her. Caster shook his head as the radio crackled again.

"I'm sorry I got mad at you about your mother and I'm sorry we won't be married." Morgan said and coughed, wheezing harder.

"We are going to be married, so help me God." Caster said and looked at Walsh, pleading. Walsh shook his head as groaning was heard and a window frame blew out.

"I just need you to know that I love you." Morgan breathed into the radio as her breathing got more harsh and rapid. She sobbed softly and Caster's eyes teared up as smoke billowed out near where they stood.

"Morgan, I love you too. Morgan!? MORGAN!" Caster cried into the radio and a grunt was heard in the radio. Walsh looked at the squad and took in a deep breath as a clunking sound was heard and a helmet rolled out of a door a few feet away, falling against the ground near their feet. Everyone looked over and scrambled for the door as Caster saw Bosco and Rose running towards him. He watched the firefighters as they ran towards the building and disappeared into the smoke. Caster fell to his knees, picking up the helmet, the writing inside sooty, but BOSCORELLI was written in white writing. Bosco ran next to him and fell next to him. Rose was followed by Sully, who was helping with traffic and heard what happened.

"GET THE MEDICS!" Was heard as firefighters came out of the building carrying bodies. Walsh was carrying Morgan and the Chief was carrying DK. Medics ran over and the firefighters were put on stretchers. Morgan was covered in soot and had a deep wheeze. DK was not breathing and Carlos was trying to get him to breath.

"Morgan!" Rose said and fell against Sully who held her as Caster and Bosco moved towards her. Walsh shook his head at Sully as Caster and Bosco stood next to the paramedics as Morgan moaned, and coughed a horrible gasp and wheeze. Her gear was pulled off as her shirt was cut open and an oxygen mask was put over her face.

"Let's go!" A random paramedic called out and Morgan was shoved into the back of the bus and Bosco and Caster jumped in. Sully took Rose, with Davis, to 55-Charlie and followed as the ambulance pulled away. Inside the ambulance Morgan's heartrate was rapid, but stable as her wheezing was audible with the sound of the siren overhead.

"C..J…" She mumbled and looked up at him, eyes blood shot and face black from smoke and soot. She gasped and her chest heaved as she coughed.

"Shh.. Try to breath." CJ said and Bosco grabbed her hand, squeezing it. Morgan coughed again, the sound deep and harsh as she spit up black gunk and the medic wiped it away. Bosco looked down at her and her soot covered face. Morgan blinked a few times and continued to wheeze as her bloodshot eyes teared up.

"I love you…" She said softly to him before losing consciousness. The medic checked her airway, turning the oxygen up.

"Speed it up, shes in respiratory arrest!" The medic called out and tilted her head up, trying to open her airway, putting an ambu bag over her mouth and nose and squeezing a few times.

"Be there in a moment!" The ambulance turned and the medic nodded to the driver. He positioned Morgan's head again and tried to bag her, but her chest wouldn't rise.

"I can't bag her! Intubating." He said as her heartrate spiked from lack of oxygen. He grabbed a sterile kit and opened it, shifting the laryngoscope so the light came on and opened Morgan's mouth, easing the scope down.

"Do something!" Bosco cried out as Caster watched. The medic shook his head as the monitor started to beep more rapidly. The medic looked over and used his available hand to try to ease the tube down her throat, but couldn't.

"Backing in!" The driver said and the medic stopped trying to intubate Morgan and prepped her to be pushed out of the ambulance. The doors flew open and a team of medical personnel grabbed the gurney and pulled her out. The medic started rattling off information.

"I tried to intubate her, but her throat is swollen shut. Respiratory arrest times one minute, heartrate went tachycardic 40 seconds ago." The medic said and Bosco and Caster followed. A lot of noises were heard from another trauma room and Bosco looked over at some other firefighters. The ER was swarmed with various firefighters, some in full gear, some half gear, others in regular clothes.

"We got it from here." The doctor said and Caster watched as Bosco met his mother and some of the 55 at the nurse's station. Rose looked destroyed.

"Not again, Maurice. Not again." She cried on him and Bosco looked into the room as a nurse came out.

"Well?" Bosco asked and the nurse looked him, nodding.

"They gave her a steroid to loosen the muscles in her throat. She didn't have to be intubated and is on a nasal cannula. She will need to stay overnight for observation and make sure she can breathe properly, but other than a few bumps and bruises, she seems fine. There are a few scans needed to clear her completely, but she was pretty lucky." The nurse said, smiling to Bosco and Bosco almost collapsed under his mother as she let out a cry of surprise.

"And what about DK?" Walsh asked, walking in with some other firefighters. The nurse looked up and him and shook her head.

"I wasn't in that room." The nurse walked back behind the nurse's counter. She then walked towards a different trauma room.