This story takes place in Iraq. You know, there's war, unofficial or not, who knows, in Iraq. People kill themselves, kill their own kind, their own religion. I think it's horrible. Today our English teacher spoke about it. Somehow, it inspired me for a new Noir-story. Believe me, I hate war, but I think I have some good ideas which need to be written down and shown to you.

By the way, "La guerre" is French and means the kind of war (guerilla war) that is secret, unofficial or whatever.

Involves violence. Much violence.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think about it, so pretty please review, okay?

Thank you, and enjoy.

La guerre

Chapter 1 – About targets and bomb attacks

Mireille sat down onto the bed. They had just arrived in Iraq, for a new target.

It's been three months since the night at the manor… and no sign of Les Soldats. Maybe they finally understood. Well, at least I hope so.

She glanced over at Kirika who was taking her package to the wardrobe. A smile came onto her lips. They had spent three wonderful months together, Mireille remembered every second. Kirika seemed to feel Mireilles eyes onto her and rose her head. Her lips turned to a pretty smile when she saw Mireille. Mireille realized that both of them had smiled much the last time. Much more than before. They had also spoken for very long times. An in the end, they had opened up to each other. Their conversations had became much more intimate, and they had touched each other. It had started with a shy embrace. But this shy embrace had lasted ten minutes after all…

Then, one night, Mireille had been awakened by soft sobs. She had opened her eyes just to see Kirika crying to herself in the middle of the night.

"Hey, what's wrong?", she had asked.

"Nothing... It's just… just that I… I…", Kirika had never finished her sentence. She had leaned forward and kissed Mireille.

And with that kiss it had all begun.

Mireilles smile grew even bigger. Kirika sat down next to her and took her hand. She leaned her head between Mireilles chin and shoulder and sighed softly.

"Are you okay?", she asked.

"Of course.", Mireille replied. Kirika sighed again.

"Alright…", she whispered.

"But I am worried. You know, there are many bomb attacks here. We have to be very very careful.", Mireille added, "especially with our target. He's a hated man here, and there are many others trying to eliminate him. We're not the only ones who are after him. And you know, assassins have to kill anyone who saw them. So we have to look out."

Kirika nodded in agreement.

"I know."

Mireille smiled affectionately. She put her arms around her smaller partner.

"Well then, we better get it finished before anyone finds out about us."

"Hm.", Kirika made a soft sound in the affirmative and released her partner. Mireille went over to the cupboard and took her Walther.

"But first, I have to get us some hand grenades and some other weapons... Just to make sure, you know, uh…" Kirika let out a small laugh and nodded again. Then, to Kirikas mild surprise she made one step back, leaned down and kissed her gently before she left.

Mireille went through the streets and lanes, eyes and ears opened, her Walther feeling heavy inside her pocket. She rather looked like a tourist. She entered a small gun shop. The man behind the cash desk glanced at her distrustful, but then asked:

"What can I do for you?" he spoke Arabic, Mireille understood but had her problems with that language.

"I want to buy some weapons, you know, but I would be glad if no one knew I was here, okay?"

His stare became even more distrustful.

"Okay.", he said.

"So when I leave, you never saw me and I haven't been here. Alright then, do you have some machine guns or grenades?"

"Yes, of course. What do you prefer? MP5, or AK74? Hand grenades or nuclear bombs?"

"Nuclear bombs! Are you kidding?"

"Only joking, no nuclear bombs in my shop, but maybe soon I will be blown up without anyone caring, and this will be my end! Maybe one of these idiots out there will blow up my shop! Do you know what it feels like to live with fear of an bomb attack every day? I could die today, tonight or tomorrow, or in two days or whatever! You always have to be careful and watch every step you make! But anyway, what do you want now?"

"I guess two AK74's and five hand grenades would do. Oh, and ammunition of course."

"Well, one moment." He went into the backside of the shop and disappeared in a room behind. A few moments later he came back with two AK74's and a box of hand grenades.

"One more question, Miss. What do want here? Why do you need this?", he pointed at the weapons.

"No one of your business, Sir. You shouldn't care. I thank you. How much is it?"

"Does this matter… take it and piss off."

"Alright, if you don't want me to pay…", she just took her things and left. When she was outside, she looked around if anyone was here, but she didn't see anything except a jeep standing a few metres farther next to a huge wall with a fence on top. She put a cloth over the deadly box and made her way back to the hotel.

Before anyone could realize she pulled out her Walther and shot two times. Two bodies fell to the ground. The two men didn't even have the chance to scream.

Mireille's eyes wandered over the area once more.

I guess those were all. Better get away from here…

She entered the room silently. Kirika took out her Beretta immediately and pointed it at Mireille. Mireille rose her hands, smiling. Kirika let out her breath and laughed. She lowered her arm.

"Didn't mean to shoot you.", she said.

"Oh, didn't you? You would never have hit me.", Mireille said joking and ruffled Kirikas already tousled hair.

Kirika laughed again.

"Did you…"

"Yes. I got it." Mireille took the big box and put the cloth away. Kirika ran her fingers over the cold metal of the AK74.

"Whoa… How much did you pay?"

"Nothing… he just sent me away, he was afraid to get killed by a bomb or whatever. So he just gave me what I wanted and sent me away. Not that I minded…" Kirika smiled.

"Hey Kirika, what do you think, we can wait untli tomorrow before finishing the job, can't we?"

"Of course we can."

Mireille grinned and pulled Kirika close to herself.

"I love you.", she whispered softly into Kirikas ear. Kirika kissed Mireilles neck before answering.

"I love you, too." Mireille layed the both of them down onto the bed and ran her fingers through Kirikas hair. Kirika wrapped her arms around Mireilles slim waist and rested her head next to Mireilles. Mireille smiled and leaned in to kiss Kirika passionately. The lied there in perfect silence, listening to each others breath until darkness surrounded them and they fell asleep.

The next morning Mireille and Kirika slept very long. They needed to be fit to finish their target.

Mireille took one of the AK74s and some ammunition, two hand grenades and her Walther. Kirika took the other AK and aimed for Mireille. Mireille didn't stir, just watched her calmly and smiled. Kirika grinned and lowered the gun. She made one step forwards, Mireille too and wrapped her arms around her Corsican partner. Mireille hugged her back, pulling her close and sighed. Kirika put the gun away to rise one hand and cup Mireilles soft cheek.

"Whatever lies beyond this morning…", Kirika whispered. Mireille smiled tenderly and leaded them to the bed to sit down onto it, Kirika on her lap.

"You know, this won't be easy. I don't even want to think about the possibility we could be attacked by terrorists…", Mireille whispered.

"Don't think about it, Mireille.", Kirika said softly, "Don't you worry…" Mireilles arms around her tightened.

"But I could never bear losing you or leaving you alone in this cruel world…", Krika didn't answer, just pulled Mireille gently to herself to kiss her passionately.

"The future doesn't scare me at all.", she then whispered. The sat like that for a long time until Mrieille finally said:

"We have to go now." Kirika nodded.

They entered the room without making any noise. The place here was like a big underground cave, they had to be careful not to get lost in these countless corridors. Somehow they made their way to the heart of this place when they reached the room where the target should be. Mireille leaned against the wall.

"Ready?" Kirika nodded.

"One... Two…-", a strange sound reached Kirikas ears.

What's that?

Before Mireille could say "Three" or Kirika could do anything to warn her the bomb went off. The last thing Kirika remembered was a loud bang and Mireilles body flying through the air like a feather. Then everything went black.

"What shall we do with her, boss?"

"Look that she recovers. She's not hurt that badly. Give her a new gun and teach her in being a soldier. That's it, I think. I guess she'll wake up soon."

Slowly Mireilles senses came back to her. She opened her eyes. The last thing she remembered was a loud bang and a terribly white light before there had been darkness.

"Where… am I?", she asked quietly. Two men came into her vision.

"Oh. So you're awake. Hello. My name is Thomas. This is Jean. How are you?"

"I'm okay, I think.", she looked around before continuing, "Who are you? And where's Kirika?"

"WHO? Kiri-what?", Thomas asked confused. "Ahhhh, one mom, I know, you mean the small Asian, right? I'm sorry, but we were only allowed to get one of you here. She's ome the other side, but I promise she's fine."

"Can I… talk to her please?"

"No, I regret. But I could give her a letter if you wanna."

"But why… can't I…", Mireille shook her head.

"Because it's too dangerous."

"Dangerous… what's danger in your eyes! Even being in this country is dangerous!" Thomas looked at her with gentle eyes.

"You will understand later." And with these words he disappeared. But Jean stayed. He sat down next to her.

"You're from France, right?", he asked without looking at her. She nodded.

"Me too." She turned to face him.

"And your partner… does she live with you?" Mireille nodded again.

"Please tell me… Why can't I meet her? Why do you keep me here? Why am I here? Tell me, WHY?"

"Because… Eh, in order to protect you and your partner."

"But WHO wants to protect us!"

"You'll understand later."

"Hm. I could swear I heard this before."