I decided to write another chapter for this one. Was the flight when Mireille talked about killing Kirika to Austria or to Taiwan? I don't remember exactly...

This chapter reminds you that this story is a romance :)

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La guerre – Chapter 5

The plane flew over the landscape. The thousand lights reflected in Kirikas dark eyes as she looked out of the window. She was lost in her thoughts again.

I'm so glad this is over now and I'm here with you, Mireille.


How long have we been seperated? I guess it were just a few days, but it felt like eternity for me.

Kirika turned away from the window and faced Mireille. The blonde was sleeping in her seat. This position somehow remembered her of the flight to Austria.

(( Kirika reached out and pulled the covers back over Mireilles body so the blonde wouldn't get cold.

"Thank you.", came a soft voice.

"You're awake.", Kirika said with a small smile on her face.



"We have an agreement. When we found out about the past... I'll kill you."

"..." Kirika watched her fingers in her hands. She didn't fear being killed by Mireille.))

Kirika knew she still didn't fear being killed by Mireille, but she also knew that this day probably wouldn't ever come true. She smiled at the blonde, but her partner was lost in her dreams.

They arrived at Paris when it was still dark. There weren't many people at the airport. Mireille was quite happy about this, because she felt dirty and longed for a shower.

She was even more happy when they arrived at their apartment. They threw their suitcases into the bedroom and went to have a shower.

Mireille relaxed when the warm water ran over her skin. The tension of the last days was washed away. When she stepped out of the shower and put on her nightshirt she let herself fall onto the bed. Then she listened to Kirika who was now having a shower as well. Soon the asian girl joined her partner and pulled the covers over them.

Mireille smiled and put one arm around Kirikas shoulders. Kirika rested her head against Mireilles chest. Then there was silence. Well, if you can speak of silence when you live in Paris. Paris is never silent.

"Mireille?", Kirika finally broke it.

"Hm?", Mireille asked sleepily.

"Have you ever killed a child?"

Mireille was quite surprised by this question.

"What?", she asked, wanting to make sure if she had understood the question right.

Kirika repeated her question.

"No. Never. Why do you ask?"

"There were two children in the bunker, I don't know what they were doing there, I guess they had been kidnapped.", Kirika explained.

"You killed them?", Mireille now asked, still trying to find a reason for why Kirika might have asked her such a thing.

"No… I brought them out, but then they had to go alone. I don't know what happened to them. Do you think they're dead?", Kirika said with low voice.

"I don't know.", Mireille answered honestly. "But I'm sure you did the right thing. You couldn't have done anything else for them, so don't blame yourself for anything."

Kirika wrapped her arms around Mireilles waist and thought about the blondes word. She came to see that Mireille was right.

"Hm. … Thank you, Mireille.", she said softly.

Mireille smiled and kissed Kirikas forehead.

"So don't worry anymore and try to get some sleep.", she whispered.


Mireille sighed, but it wasn't an annoyed sigh.

"What is it?"

"I love you."

The effect those three words had on her amazed her. Mireille felt happier than ever before.

"I love you, too. Hush now, get some sleep. Good night, honey.", she said gently to the smaller woman lying in her arms.

"Good night, Mireille."

"The big question which I couldn't seem to answer

despite 30-years of studying the female soul is:

'What the hell does a woman want?' "

(Siegmund Freud)