Summary: After the battle with Chaos and with nobody left by her side, Usagi had decided to return to the life she once had in the past, not during Silver Millennium, but when she was reincarnated to be a crutch for a young boy, or rather a certain hanyou. Wishing to see the dear boy she loved as her very own younger brother, Usagi decides to travel back in time and gets whirled in the whole adventure with her surrogate brother and his friends…only nobody, but the hanyou, knows her relationship with him.

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"I did it," Usagi whispered. Her uniform was completely tattered from the last battle she had and just recently finished. Her pale light purple skirt was ripped in certain places. There were scratches made from the sword her enemy carried in her white body suit as well with blood slowly seeping through; her ragged cape was ripped off of the attire. Patches of dirt had soiled everything from her metallic silver hair, her pale skin, to her unraveled uniform. Two large white feathered wings on her back were probably the only things that remained in tact, but from the way just seem to fall down, looking all dreary, made them seem like they were broken.

Her blue eyes glanced around her surroundings to see that life was slowly piecing themselves back together, forming a bigger picture of the puzzle. She stood in front of a barren wasteland with her bluish-silver eyes staring at her surroundings. There were traces of destroyed buildings lying around; the top of buildings lay a few feet from their foundations. Trees were rooted out of the ground and was scattered around with their withered leaves being blown in the air. In the battle between Chaos and her, they had managed to send every inhabitant, plants, humans and animals alike, into a deep slumber.

Using the last bit of her strength she had left to accelerate the revival of the earth. Now that battle is over, she had managed to bring everyone back…well, almost everyone. In order for her defeat Chaos and seal him away, every one of her sailor scouts had fused their star seeds together and joined it with hers, despite her protests and argument that they won't ever be reborn again because their souls are no longer separate because their souls are now combined into her.

"I won, but at what price?" Usagi asked herself, "The destruction of my best friends." She fell down to her knees as her golden blond hair had fallen out of its original style and was sprawled out on the floor. She covered her face with her hands. "That's not fair," she stated, "They did nothing to deserve this…nothing…so why them instead of me?"

"Because their time was up, musume-chan(1)," replied a wise voice in front of the kneeling girl.

Usagi glanced up to see the deceased lunarian queen gently combing her hand through her hair. "Okaa-san(2)," Usagi whispered.

Selenity's light lilac colored hair was put up in the style fit for the royalty of the lunarians. Her pale blue eyes caught sight of the trail of tears and gently wiped it up. "Serenity, they did what they did because that was what the fates decreed what must be done," the queen told her, "By sacrificing their souls to you, they were now able to break you free from destiny's bond."

"I would willingly do what destiny wants from me a hundred times if it means that the girls are with me," Usagi argued.

"Yes, but the real question is that would you be happy with your life if you do?" Queen Selenity asked.

"Of course I would!"

"No, you wouldn't."

Usagi stared at her mother and her blue eyes quickly reverted to the floor when she caught her mother's knowing stare. She bit her lip, as she knew full well that she would never be truly happy, knowing that every step and action she does is already chosen for her. Usagi closed her eyes tightly and wrapped her arms around her waist, shaking her head, she repeated, "I don't know," over and over again.

Selenity hugged Usagi tightly as she once had done when her beloved daughter never suffered any of the hardships she now went through. The queen pulled away slightly and caressed her daughter's cheek. "Serenity, there's something important I have to tell you, but I need to know if you would like to start your life over?" she asked.

Usagi's blue eyes widened at the thought of her memory being wiped clean of her dear and closest friends, but her mother's laugh calmed her fears. "I meant if you would want to go somewhere and live your life all over again. You won't have to be reborn again," Selenity said,

"I don't know," Usagi replied hesitantly, "I don't like the idea of going to a foreign land by myself." Every time she had gone to another area she wasn't familiar with, the girls had always been by her side, helping her and protecting her.

"Serenity." Usagi looked at her mother with uncertain eyes. "This land isn't foreign to you. After all, you've been there before." Selenity held her daughter's face in her hands and kissed the symbol of her royalty located on her forehead just below a multicolored star with a point of its own color symbolizing each of her senshis.

Usagi's blue eyes widened as flashes of a beautiful woman about the age of thirty with long silky black hair wearing an overflowing kimono with a young child wearing a red haori clinging to her side. The boy appeared to be human except he has long silvery hair with dog-ears on the top of his head. Another flashback revealed the same woman, only older, being buried with the child clinging onto her this time as he cried for his deceased mother. Memories of their time together brought a smile to Usagi's face, but a memory of her dying to protect him brought tears to her eyes.

Selenity released Usagi and watched as her daughter vaguely trembled. "Serenity, what will you do now?" the lunarian queen asked silently.

"Yasha-kun," Usagi whispered with a small smile on her face, "My dear hanyou(3)…my ototo-kun(4)." She closed her eyes to rid the tears that threaten to come out and reopened them as quickly as she shut them. "I want to see him."

"And he wishes to see you," Selenity whispered. "More than a hundred years had passed since that fateful day."

Usagi looked up to her mother. "Okaa-san, I just want to be there by his side. What if he's all alone? He might still need me?" she shouted frantically. Her blue eyes showing concern and fear.

Selenity placed her hand over the golden crescent moon on her offspring's forehead. The same golden colored light surrounded Usagi. When the light vanished, Usagi looked down to see her outfit had changed and all her wounds from the battle vanished. No longer was she wearing her ragged sailor uniform. This time she was wearing a simple pastel pink kimono that trailed down to her ankles with a white silk sash tied around her waist. Her golden hair was released with part of it tied into a bun at the back of her head, similar to Setsuna's hairstyle. Around her neck was a thin but strong chain with a golden heart shaped locket with the Ginsuisho(5) hidden inside. On her feet was a pair of wooden sandals that surprisingly are a lot more comfortable than they look.

Not only her clothes had changed, but also her age. Usagi was no longer a sixteen-year-old girl, but a young woman at a tender age of twenty-two, the very age she was when she had died. She had grown slightly taller, probably by a few inches. Her blonde hair grew a bit longer, trailing to her ankles rather than her knees. Even her body features had changed. In fact she could pass as Neo-Queen Serenity right at this moment, even without the fancy dress and tiara.

"Okaa-san, you sure put a lot of thought on the clothes," Usagi teased slightly. She looked up to see that not only her clothes, but also the scenery had changed. The light had also transported them back to the feudal era, but unfortunately Selenity had left them in the middle of a forest, rather than near any sign of civilization.

Selenity held a small brown pouch in her hands. She placed the strap over one shoulder and had it draped her chest and back diagonally until the sack rested against Usagi's waist on the side, reminding her of a purse she wore to go shopping with her friends. "Everything you need will be in here," she told her daughter. Before leaving her, Selenity gave Usagi one last embrace. "Good luck, mesume-chan. May Selene watch over you."

"Arigato, okaa-san," Usagi said, as she hugged her back.

"Remember, don't use any of your powers unless you really have to," Selenity reminded her. Usagi nodded her head. "Goodbye, my moonlight."

Usagi watched as her mother disappeared, leaving her alone in the vast woods. She took a deep breath and sighed. "All right, odango-atama(6), you're by yourself for this one," she whispered to herself, "The others aren't here to lead you by the hand anymore." Feeling as though the small pep talk might work, Usagi nodded her head and started walking on the trail to any direction. She doesn't know exactly where she is going, but it didn't matter to her. Her goal is to find her little brother, and being as stubborn and determined as he, she will find him. No matter where her journey takes her, she's sure that where it will end is where he is.

(1) Musume-chan' means daughter

(2) Okaa-san means mother

(3) Hanyou means half-demon. Han meaning half and you coming from youkai, which means demon

(4) Ototo-kun means little brother

(5) Ginsuisho means silver crystal. Gin is the color silver and suisho means crystal. It's the crystal that holds Usagi's power and life, pretty much.

(6) Odango-atama means dumpling-head. It's the nickname given to Usagi based on her hairstyle.

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