Origins of Life

Disclaimer: I own neither Stargate nor Highlander. This story is my own idea about how some things could happen. More detail will follow in a later edit. lol

Summary: The origin of Immortals is clouded in mystery, here's one possibility that I've thought up. The Ancients created the Immortals using their vast knowledge to help fight the Wraith and Goa'uld. Most of the technology of the Goa'uld is of ancient origin so don't be too surprised about what the Immortals use to fight them.

Author's Note: Some people may decide flame this before it has a chance to really get started. I welcome them to do so. It will feed my Muse. lol. Now on with the story!

Prelude: The War of the Ancients

11,000 BC: Pegasus Galaxy, Wraith Shipyard Planet

Methos stared out across the remains of the vast shipyard. Thanks to his soldiers, it would be many years before the Wraith would be able to rebuild this place. He was very proud of them today, but he was also sad. Many of his people were caught in the final explosions that destroyed the Shipyard. Nothing remained of them to regenerate.

He ducked as a remaining Wraith Soldier fired at him with his Stunner. He returned fire with his Staff Weapon and closed the gape between them under cover. Side stepping the Wraith's next stunner blast gracefully he swung his staff in a deadly arc toward the Soldier's head. With a sickening crunch the Wraith's head was crushed by the blow. To be sure it was truly dead he drew his battle sword and severed the head from its body.

This Wraith would never FEED again! he thought.

"Well done my Son!" said a venerable and scholarly looking man as he slowly approached the scene of the short battle. His long white goatee held firmly in his left hand to safeguard it from the wind. "You have truly surpassed all our expectations. With the fall of this place, the Alterans are forever in your debt."

"Thank you, Father. We live to serve and protect." Methos replied with deep respect. "I only wish that the cost had not been so high. We lost too many of us in this last battle."

"It is unfortunate my Son, but inevitable that we will lose soldiers in our fight against the Wraith." Falran said soberly. "I have a new task for you to complete. Another shipyard has been discovered not far from Atlantis. You and the remaining Immortals are to be tasked with its destruction as well. It is not as heavily defended as this one was, so your task should be a much easier one."

Falran was sad that he must send his children on another mission so quickly. Nearly a quarter of them had perished on the mission to destroy this abomination and more would likely die a permanent death on the next, despite their regenerative abilities. He would look into overcoming their inability to breed as soon as he returned to Atlantis. They would need to since he had no more of the compounds necessary to create more Immortal Soldiers from the Earth Stock he had brought to this galaxy. The new breed of human that had evolved on his people's homeworld had an innate regenerative ability in them that he had capitalized on several years ago to make the first Immortals. This ability was brought out by ingesting a mix of special compounds he had harvested from another galaxy; one that no longer existed now since the core of that galaxy had exploded, destroying it utterly. It had taken him years just to get there on the Phandora, an Extra-Galactic Prototype Vessel he had created centuries ago. He had many ideas on how to counteract the side effect of impotence the drug had inflicted on his adopted children.

"So soon? We need time to recover from this latest mission Father." said Methos tiredly.

"It can't be helped my Son. Once this last shipyard is destroyed, the Wraith will be limited to a finite number of Hive Ships. We have been successful in eliminating all of their key ship builders here. They will no longer have the knowledge to build more if we can do the same there." Falran replied sadly.

"I understand Father. We will not fail you." promised Methos confidently.

Methos gathered his soldiers quickly and dialed up the Stargate address for the second shipyard's planet. Over seven hundred Immortals poured through the Gate and attacked…