Torn Between Two Fates:

Chapter one:

'It's so boring here!' Relena thought to herself with a sigh. 'I want to get out and explore! Sail the seas.' She could just imagine the salt air blowing in her face.

"You're Highness. The King requests you in the Throne Room right away," her maid servant said.

"Thank you Hilde," Relena said as she got up with a smile. She walked into the Throne Room and saw her father talking to a man she had never seen before.

The man left and the King noticed his daughter standing off to the side. "Oh Relena! I have wonderful news!" he said as he motioned her over. "I have found you a husband."

Relena was smiling, seeing how happy her father was until he said the word husband. "WHAT! How dare you do that! You know how I feel about marriage! I want to marry for love. I don't want you picking a husband for me! I want to do that myself!"

King Peacecraft's smile instantly turned into a frown. "How dare 'YOU' speak to 'ME' like 'THAT'! I am your father and I will do things as I see fit! Besides, you turn down every noble man that takes an interest in you! How do you ever expect me to get you a husband like that!"

"They're all too old for me anyway, at least most of them are. Besides I haven't met the right gut yet."

"I don't care. You will marry this man. His name is Michael Bartley, and he comes from a well known respected noble family. That was his father who just left. They will be visiting us next week before the wedding."

Relena was on the verge of tears. "I can't believe you're doing this to me," her voice cracked and she couldn't hold the tears back any longer, they were streaming down her face. Her father got up and hugged her, but she pulled back immediately. "Don't touch me!" she yelled as she turned around and ran to her chamber. 'This can't be happening to me! I have to get out of here, but how? They would either catch me in the act of soon after.'

"You're Majesty! You're Majesty!" someone yelled as they ran down the hall.

Relena emerged and stopped the man. "What is it the makes you act so?"

"Pirates have been spotted near by! They say that it is Captain Heero Yuy!" There were gasps everywhere and the man said, "I must go inform the King!"

"Very well, thank you for the information," Relena said.

"I hope that they don't attack us," Hilde said.

"If they're in the area, they probably will. My father has many riches. I've got it!"

"Got what?"

"You see, my father has given my hand in marriage to someone that I know nothing about, and he's coming next week. I want… No I need to get out of here. When they attack, we'll hide and sneak on board the ship. "

Hilde gasped. "Who knows what they will do to us when we are discovered! Surely you're heard the stories mi' Lady."

"Yes, yes. I've heard the stories, but you know how things can be exaggerated."

"I don't think that these are one of them. I…Okay. You say you want to sneak on board the ship, but how will you do that when you don't even know when they will attack."

"Hmm…You're right. I guess whenever we hear the news of their attack. Will you come with me?"

"mi' Lady, I-"

"Please. I'd need a friend there."

Hilde sighed, "Yes your highness. I'll go with you. What kind of a maid would I be if I let you go alone and didn't try to protect you?"

Relena squealed happily and hugged Hilde, "Oh, you're the bestest friend ever!"

Hilde smiled at what Relena had called her; best friend. "Come. It's time we get ready for bed." Relena obeyed and went to sleep.