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Herry and Neil(L), Theresa+Jay, Atlanta+Archie, Odie and a mystery Woman (who is she:ninja:)
Class/Clash of the Titans.
why did i write this? Why this pairing? well, in the pandora's box episode, Harry get's hurt, and neil kinda yells, and rushes over to see if he was okay, and they seemed rather Comfortable and Cuddley. so i wrote this. Don't ask. Warning! Angsty at parts, begining is much more angsty if read after the other chapters are up.


"So as we all Know, In American Culture, The prom is considered a Social 'Must'. So we have decided to hold a Prom dance on June 29th" Hera Stated during a Meeting of "upmost" Importance.
But anything said after 'Prom' couldn't be heard, Mainly because the Girls were screaming in glee, and bouncing around
"FINALLY! NORMAL HIGHSCHOOL STUFF!" and the like. a Couple guys were shouting a "hurah!" but they too were drowned out by the two girls.

Hera continued once the Hullaballoo subsided. "We have Invited pan, or, DJ Panic as he is known now, to be our DJ. And have Asked the Dryads to Decorate the Gym."

"So we can ask Anyone to the prom?" asked Theresa as she eyed Jay.

"I Guess, as Long as it doesn't cause TOO much trouble" Replied the Queen, as She looked into each Teens eyes, Almost as if to say
'I know who you're gonna go with'. She paused longest With Neil and Herry.

"Alright, Meetings Over" Stated the ever Bland Athena. All the Teens dispersed chatting excitedly about the prom. All but Herry, who said he wouldn't go, he had to take care of she said he Could go;
"And Besides, Even if I could go. the Person I want to go with, wouldn't want to go with me." He satted Blatantly, quickly looking at Neil from the corner of his Brown Eyes.

So Many days past Normally, with the Odd Chronos related interuption. until one day...
"so what about it?" asked Neil, Smiling his bright smile, and petting back his blonde Hair nervously. Blue eyes Flashing nervously. Until his nevousness was proven to be well warranted.
"NO! you FREAK! even if I WERE into your DISGUSTING habits, I wouldn't go to the Prom with you!" Herry exploded, Very obviously angered by the fact that Neil would even ask him to do someting like that. Even if it was 'Just Friends'.

Neil ran away, Crying and Fearful of the slightest chance that the Desendant of Hercules would become violent.
Sensing Trouble, Theresa got up, and her Motherly instincts kicked in just as a screaming and crying Neil ran past her room door. "NEIL!
What's wrong?" she shouted, as she chased in persuit.

"NEIL! what's wrong?" she asked as she caught up to him franticly trying to get into his Mentor, Aphrodite,'s Apartment.

"HE SAID NO!" was the only thing she gathered from the sobs, before He dissappeared into the Apartment.

"He?" was all Theresa could think.

P.S.: This was written in the sad hope of some people to watch a great series on teletoon.
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