Here's something I was inspired to write.

Never together.

She walked down the road on cloud nine, she was with her best friend and recent lover Rei, she loved Rei with her heart, all of it. And for more then two months now they had been together, but she wasn't stupid. She knew Rei, and she knew what she was like when something was going on, and they were walking in the same direction Rei always walked to get things of her mind… and she was taking Usa with her too.

Rei sighed for the hundredth time that day wishing she didn't have to do this. Usa caught on.

"Rei, what's going on?" she didn't want what her mind was telling her to happen, yet like always she was destined be alone. Usa's eyes turned suddenly sad, Rei noticed and realised she couldn't keep it a secret any longer.

"what if I said I dint want this to happen because out friendship would be different?" struck by the force of the words behind the sentence Usa felt even worse for knowing this was going to happen, but she was going to cry. She was above all that.

You, you're me
I'm the lock, you're the key
You're the air, the air, I breathe
But tonight I'm choking

You ... are ... my ... life ...
You ... are ... my ... life ...

You, you're the sea
I'm the waves crashing
I'm the ground
The ground under your feet
I'm a liar, a thief
And I, am an apology

You ... are ... my ... life ...
You ... are ... my ... life ...

You ... are ... my ... life ...
You ... are ... my ... life ...

Don't go
Don't go
Don't go
Don't go
Don't go

Those words just struck her, and then those tears she started holding back were gone, flooding down her cheeks, "your breaking up with me aren't you?"

Rei nodded suddenly feeling guilty, "are you ok?"

Usagi nodded, "I knew it was coming… I felt it coming…"

"why didn't you say something." Rei asked softly.

"because I didn't want it to happen, I wished to the heavens it wouldn't happen."

Serena looked out the window shed just got of her phone with her now ex girlfriend Rei. What will happen now shed already.

Rei had been everything to her, as Rei was the sun she was Rei's sky, Rei was Serena's breath keeping her alive as long as Rei wasn't with her what was the point of breathing.

She nodded and went to look for her friends, she ran into Lita first, "I'm so sorry Lita but this is good bye, I'm going away for ever."

She pulled the tall brunette into a hug before running on giving her friend no room to ask why. Mina was next the same thing was said except Serena only waved, Amy was last because the outer senshi were away, she would leave a note for them, giving Amy a pained look and smile she repeated the line again and ran back towards her house. On her was she ran literally into Raye. Serena cried, kissed Raye through salty tears and continued to run, she didn't realise all four friends were looking at her like she was crazy.

They soon followed her to her house where when they reached her front door they heard a loud bang echoing from Serena's bedroom, Rei screamed as she burst through the door and up to Serena's room, the once pink room was spotted with red dots. A note on the bedroom side read:

'Dear my friends,

She's my air that I breathe, I'm chocking with out her, so here it ends. Here I lie because I couldn't keep her to me.' At that point the outer scouts chose to appear, Amara in particular was freaking out, they had never seen her cry, but here she did she openly wept for her princess.

Before turning on to the mars princess, "you led her to this, why?"

"Because I didn't want to hurt her." Rei looked ready to die to.

This was how it ended.

This is what I feel like suicidal, she hates me so much.

Good bye