Disclaimer: I don't own Treasure Planet or any of the charchters. I wanted to write a story about Silver's thoughts at the end when he and Jim said their tearful goodbye and especialy how he felt when he gave up Morph to Jim and the thinking behind the reasoning he gave to Morph to get him to go with Jim so Morph would go and not think that Silver wanted to get rid of himeven though Morph wanted to go in the first place with Jim from the way he was acting. You could tell that Silver was trying to convinve himself that it was the right thing to do giving Morph to Jim after how attached Jim and Morph had become.

Jim and Silver hugged goodbye.

"Got something in this cyborg eye of mine," said Silver turning around to hide the fact that he was crying. "I can't let anyone see I'm crying" thought Silver, "Even though it's just Jim I can't let anyone think I've gone soft."

Jim was holding back tears of his own but Morph who'd grown quite attached to him over their adventure on the now destroyed Treasure Planet, was so sad he started crying and even melted into a puddle in Jim's hands.

"Hey, don't worry I'll see you around Morph," said Jim even though he knew he was unlikely to ever see him again.

"See ya around," said Morph turning back to normal but still very sad.

He floated over to Silver and landed on his hand sighing sadly.

Silver looked on not sure what to do. "Morph is so sad and he'll miss Jim but what can I do," thought Silver? "I'm going to miss Jim also but I can't stay I need to get out of here before it's too late. Wait, I know I'll let Morph stay here with Jim. I'll miss him terribly but he can keep an eye on Jim for me and be happy."

"Morphy, I got a job for you," said Silver to Morph. "I need you to look after this here pup." Silver indicated Jim and started tearing up again. "Do you think you can do that for me?"

"Aye, Aye, Captain," said a now happier Morph. He rubbed himself against Silver's cheek then went over to a surprised Jim and did the same think before landing on Jim's hand.

Silver started to leave in the lifeboat, which was now lowering itself to the hole in the bottom of the ship. "Wait I was responsible for the destruction of his mother's inn and he wanted some of to use some of the treasure to help rebuild it. I put some in my pocket before the whole place started to blow up. I should give it to him to make up for that."

"Here this is for your dear mother to rebuild that inn of hers," said Silver tossing Jim the gold.

"Take care of yourself, you old scalawag," said Jim.

"Jimbo when have I ever done otherwise," said Silver laughing as he flew away on the lifeboat leaving the Legacy and Jim behind.

"I wonder where I go from here," Silver thought. "My whole life I've been searching for this treasure but I gave it all up for Jim. So what do I do now? I guess I could have a new start. The only ones who know what really happened to me are Jim and Morph and they won't tell. I guess I could start a new life, maybe even find a new companion like Morph though no one could ever replace him. I could go back to being a pirate or I could retire and live a normal life as best I can. Like I told Jim chasing the treasure was a life-long obsession but once I get over it I could just move on and lead a different normal life, which is what I think I'll do. I'm getting too old for this and the only things that I care about are gone so I might as well just settle down."

As he thought this Silver headed off in the lifeboat leaving behind the R.L.S Legacy, Morph, Jim, the treasure and his past and heading into his future whatever that may be.

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