Hot Attraction


"Well this ought to be interesting…" A beautiful raven-haired girl was standing outside the new dance studio looking at one of the many flyers. Her blue eyes scanned it twice. It was only twenty dollars a week and lessons were every Monday through Thursday. "Reasonable hours too…"

"Kagome!" She turned at the sound of her name being called. It was her best friend Sango.

"Hey Sango! What brings you on this side of town?"

Sango, eyes sparking, brown hair blowing with Kagome's, looked at the paper Kagome was currently looking at. "The same thing that seems to have caught your eye. My new college class says I need an after school activity." She rolled her eyes. "So I figured dance was perfect. Since it was something I would actually enjoy doing."

"It seems interesting enough." Kagome turned her attention from Sango to the flyer once again. "Yeah. Sounds like a plan. We'll see how it goes." With that said the duo walked inside the glass door and walked up to the front desk.

The woman looked up. She looked maybe a little younger than them, with brown hair and green eyes. "Hello. How may I help you?"

"Yes, um, we'd like to sign up for the afternoon class." Sango said looking around.

The woman smiled. "Your in luck…we only have two spots left actually. Oh my." Three other women walked in, undoubtedly for the same reason. "Everyone seems to want to join. Which is odd, because classical dance isn't something many people are into these days."

Kagome turned away from the woman with a hidden scowl. The class was probably just a waste of time anyway. Sango's eyes lit up.

"Great! When do they start?"

"Tomorrow. The first Monday of the week."

"Awesome." Kagome said turning back to the woman. "Do we have to wear uniforms or something?"

"No, just wear what you would normally wear at the gym. You will meet your instructor tomorrow as well. That's the fifteen dollar deposit for the week and you start paying full next week."

Kagome and Sango handed over the money and left the studio. "Let's see how tomorrow turns out then." Kagome and Sango went their separate ways.

"No, actually, I think it'll be fun. Something to waste my afternoons with since you guys are always of doing whatever, this is time where I can just be alone for a while and get into the dance." Kagome said as she walked the sidewalk talking on her cell phone. She was on her way to her first lesson. She was actually looking forward to it. She'd only danced when she was younger…and had forgotten most of it, though missed it quite a bit.

"But Kagome…this is cutting away from all our hang out time."

"Well I'm sorry Inuyasha, but this is something for me to get my mind focused on something other than all the damn drama in my life. Look, I have to go, lessons start in five minutes."

"Alright, talk to ya later." Kagome shut her phone and continued walking into the building. She had met Inuyasha her first year of college. They instantly became friends. "Whoa…"

She went into the main dance area and it was huge. It was like a ballroom or something. Kagome noticed a small group of people and walked over to them. Looking around, she noticed blue drapery with silver walls. It was beautiful. No chairs were laid out anywhere, and there were no tables.

Everyone was chattering and walking around the room when the main entrance doors opened. Everyone turned to see their new instructor. When he stepped through the door, Kagome sucked in her breath. It was a man and kami he was gorgeous.

He had long silver hair. She would note to ask him later if it was natural or not. His eyes scanned the room and landed on her figure. Amber…his eyes were brilliant amber. She knew immediately they weren't color contacts. His posture was perfect, straight, not slouching and he was well built. Not too much, but not too little either.

He cleared his throat and started talking. Everyone stared at him in awe. His voice was deep and enticingly sexy. "Class, I'm your instructor Sesshomaru Tashio. I will be teaching you for the next five months, which is when we have our first dance competition. We have a lot of practice to do, so we're starting today."

Kagome looked around the room hesitantly when he looked at her. She tried to look anywhere but at him. "What is your name?" She snapped her attention to him.

"Kagome. Kagome Higurashi."

"Come here." She walked slowly over to him from her position. What did he want her to do? She inwardly groaned at all the jealous stare. Why her...

She stepped and stood next to him. He looked at her for a brief moment before turning his attention to the rest of the class. "Everyone, I would like to demonstrate the Tango. A dance that will take you a while to learn, so we won't be learning it for a couple months." Then why show it at all? "I'm going to show you the potential this dancing has. Then you tell me if you want to stay or not." There had to be at least an even number of both girls and boys in the classroom.

However…there seemed to be one extra girl.

Sesshomaru turned to her. "Just do your best." He told her the basic steps and then turned once again to the class. "If you trust your partner to lead…the dance will most likely be flawless."

Sesshomaru held out his right hand. She held out her left and took his gently. She was nervous big time. Why did she have to be the demonstration?

He twirled her fast and she landed against his chest. "As demonstrated with her already willingness to dance with me." She opened her eyes and realized that she was facing the class. She moved…and she barely even noticed.

She looked down at his hand still holding hers and his left hand now on her waist. "Now…no more talking. Just…dance."

He stared down at her fragile body. He knew that she was light the moment he grabbed her hand. This girl was different from any of his other students. She ignited something in him…something that made him want to dance.

He liked the feeling of her body against his chest.

He pushed her waist gently and spread out his arm as she glided farther away from him. He kept eye contact with her. "Trust me." She knew how intimate the Tango was. So once again…why did he have to pick her? She silently groaned but nodded anyway.

He pulled her against him fast and wrapped his arm around her waist with his right arm and with his left, slid it from her face down to her neck, only to let go once again to push her away completely, reluctantly letting her go.

She remembered this dance now. Is that why he picked her? Did he see her transcripts? She used to be in the dance academy until her mother died. It was her mother's passion…and once she died…so did her love for dancing.

Sesshomaru nodded to her almost as if asking if she remembered. How did this guy know…?

She gave him a curt nod and gave a slightly dramatic pose. He walked up to her slowly wrapping his arm gently around her waist with his left arm and then forcefully pulling her to him. She loved this dance. He stared down at her with a fixed concentrated look on his face. She could feel the jealous stares of some of the girls.

Sesshomaru moved her back and he grabbed her left hand with his right and pulled her away from his body slightly twisting her two the right, then to the left, and then to the right again. When he pulled her to him again fast she lifted her left leg and wrapped it up against his upper right thigh. His eyes widened slightly with a hint of surprise in his amber orbs. Then they turned to their original mask and he smirked.

He used his right hand to grab the top of her thigh and work his way up and then down. Kagome's eyes closed in anticipation. When he let go of her leg she moved away from him and did her once taught solo dance for the tango.

It was a seduction of your partner. And it worked. Kagome turned away and held up her left hand with her eyes closed. Sesshomaru moved over to grab it when she moved it away looking back at him. He silently growled and placed both of his hands on her upper back and pulled her to him their lips only centimeters apart. She closed her eyes when he started to lower her and moving his right hand up her back, up and over her shoulder, and down the center of her breasts.

Her left leg came up and stopped at his hip and the dance ended.

They both let go of each other and stepped away, breathing uneven. Everyone clapped fiercely. Sango whistled and Kagome laughed. "I take it you've done this before." Sesshomaru said turning to Kagome.

She looked at him. "Yes I have, and I don't wish to talk about it thank you." With that said and a smirk from Sesshomaru, Kagome walked back over and took her place next to Sango.

"Kagome everyone." Everyone clapped more. "There are two ways to do the Tango. One is the slow version, while the other can be done faster, more pronounced. There are so many genres of that dance. Romantic, dramatic, seductive, etc. That was an example of what you will be doing in the near future. But for now, we will learn the basics as well as other dances."

He looked at Kagome. She blushed and looked away. She barely even knew the man and she was dancing with him like they were lovers!

"Class dismissed for the day, tomorrow we'll start learning the waltz." Everyone grabbed their bags and Sesshomaru walked over to Kagome. She looked at him, as did Sango.


"I would like a word with you."

"Um…alright." She told Sango she would meet her outside and then she followed Sesshomaru out of ear range from the others.

He felt a connection with this girl. Something that would win a competition any day. "I'm giving you a proposition." Which is why he wanted her. That…and he a part of him wanted this girl for more than just dancing.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Yay me…"

He glared at her. She looked at him not backing down with an equally forceful glare. He sighed. "I want you here every Friday for a private lesson. If you choose to come, then you will be my partner in the competition. You're an excellent dancer, and that will help our academy greatly."

Kagome thought for a moment. "Wait a minute…you want me to be your partner?" He nodded as if it were the most casual thing in the world. "But you barely even know me…and what if I have a record for messing up?"

"I'll take that risk. I'll give you time to think about it. When you come in tomorrow, I expect an answer." He turned and started to walk away.

Kagome scowled. "Arrogant…"

"Oh…and I'd prefer if you didn't call me that." Kagome's eyes widened. She felt like she was going to scream at his over inflated ego.

She turned on heel and walked out of the studio. Sango met her outside and when Kagome walked right past her Sango stumbled and tried to keep up. The look on Kagome's face showed that she was not in the mood for anything right now.

"What happened?"

"Private lessons with mister-stick-up-his-ass."

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To be continued…