Hot Attraction

A Club Dance, and a Brother's Spat

"Kagome!" She turned from her locker at the sound of her name. It was Inuyasha. It was Thursday, three days after her and Sango's first lesson, and she still had yet to tell Inuyasha which academy it was. Tonight, Sesshomaru booked their lessons at the Destiny Club, which is where he so greatly added that she had to dance on stage…with him in their famous tango dance. She grumbled at the thought.

"Hey Inuyasha!" She smiled as he approached. He stood next to her leaning his right hand against the locker next to hers. "What are you doing over here? Isn't your class on the other side of the hall?"

"Yeah, but I needed to talk to you so I came down here."

Kagome blushed. "Ok. What do you need to talk to me about?"

"What are you doing tonight?"

"Going to Destiny Club. Why?" Inuyasha only smiled.

"Good. We'll meet up there then?" Kagome was about to protest but Inuyasha gave a wide grin and took of down the hall. She didn't think that Inuyasha would like the site of her dancing with another man, in the most intimate dance nonetheless, on stage in front of everyone.

She sighed and closed her locker and walked to go and find Sango.

"So, are you nervous?" Sango turned to her best friend.

"Why would I be nervous? You're the one going on stage." Kagome sweat dropped. Oh yeah.

Sesshomaru had yet to show and they were supposed to be going on in fifteen minutes. Inuyasha went to find Miroku, his best friend, while they sat at a booth trying to get over Kagome's stage fright.

Inuyasha came back a few minutes later. "Well…no sign of Miroku."

Kagome looked at Sango. She was silently fuming. "Ehehe…c'mon Sango. Let's go out and dance."

She grabbed Sango's hand and Inuyasha's as well dragging them onto the dance floor for what of the last ten minutes she had left. Where was Sesshomaru?

She looked around. The lights showed everywhere. Pink, blue, neon. The stage was at the back of the club, while the bar was off near the front so that when a major band played, they didn't have the chance of breaking any glass.

Kagome and Sango danced with Inuyasha arithmetically. It was nice to escape and just dance.

"Kagome Higurashi please report to the stage." Her eyes snapped open with a jolt. Why didn't they call Sesshomaru's name? She couldn't do the tango alone!

"Why did they call you Kagome?" Inuyasha was utterly confused. She didn't tell him that there was a reason she had to go to the club tonight…

"I have to go." Was all she said before she left them to go towards the stage. She was a nervous wreck without Sesshomaru there! She stepped up the back stairs behind the curtains. They gave her the outfit she was to wear and she changed quickly.

She stood alone behind the curtain as it started to rise. She gulped. She was in deep shit…shit. Shit. Shit!

Just as the curtain rose all the way, a very deep sexy voice penetrated her fear. She looked over slowly to see none other than Sesshomaru with a smug smirk on his face directed at her. She turned chin away from him in an "hmph" with her eyes closed. His smirk grew wider. That bastard.

She was beautiful. Her long silky black dress hugged her curves perfectly. There were two large slits up the sides of each leg ending top thigh. Black heels, a diamond necklace and beautiful silver earrings. They all fit her complexion perfectly.

The music started and Kagome dramatically stuck out her left hand as well as her left thigh. Her eyes were now opened and mock sadness covered her eyes. Sesshomaru said she had to wing it…why not make it dramatic? It was her specialty. Sesshomaru slowly walked towards her grabbing her hand and quickly pulling her body to his.

He had decided to test her skills on stage instead of in the classroom. He made her practice every night on her own until tonight.

His left arm around her waist his right arm held out high as he lowered her body. She stared up at him. "You're late."

He shrugged. His form fitting white top complimented his hair greatly. His black pants fit him like a glove but gave him plenty of room to move. They didn't leave much to the imagination. She blushed at the thought.

He brought her back up and Kagome pushed him away from her in mock anger. She placed her hands on her hips and her feet spread apart. Sesshomaru growled like he did during their fist dance, this time completely mesmerized by her pose. He walked up behind her and wrapped his right arm around her waist pulling her breathlessly against his chest. He loved the feeling of her against his body.

The crowd was cheering loudly. They could feel the intensity of the dance which made it all the more thrilling. It looked so seriously real. Inuyasha saw it too…and he was fuming. Sango was smiling and cheering in front of him and never noticed.

Kagome was trying so hard to get her breathing under control. Sesshomaru's left hand came up and went over her shoulder down towards the cleavage that her dress so readily showed. She gasped and grabbed his hand, the warmth making her feel something she never felt before. Sesshomaru gently slipped his hand from hers and started to move it down the side of her body. Kagome put her right hand up and over his shoulder behind his neck, gripping his hair.

He finally made his way to her waist, slowly…teasingly, and he positioned both his hands turning her quickly around and started to move backwards. Her feet moved with him in perfect sync. He grabbed her hand with his right and with his left her waist. She placed her right arm on his left, while her left was occupied by her right.

He moved her foot back and the dance sped up. He grabbed her hands and spread his legs apart. She got the message and jumped up only to disappear under him seconds later. She slid completely behind him before he gripped her hands tighter, twisted and pulled her back up to face him.

He pulled her against him fast missing the warmth left during their last stunt. She gasped at his forwardness. His right hand was the only one holding her waist as his other traveled down her back and past her butt as he leaned down to cup her thighs as she gasped he completely pushed her over and around his right arm as she landed perfectly on the ground as the music sped up again.

"Don't do that again." She hissed in his ear. He smirked.

"Or what?"

"Or…this." The music slowed again and Kagome gave Sesshomaru a seductive smile. As he stood still, she walked slowly around him never once taking her eyes off of him. She placed her right hand on his back and started to move it over his body as she rounded him. She completely forgot about the crowd, thinking of only her and Sesshomaru.

He closed his eyes trying to suppress a groan. She smirked. How could she have this affect on a teacher? Even if he wasn't that much older, he had to have such control for being a dance instructor.

As she stood in front of him her hand traveled down and stopped right above his lower region. He opened his eyes and looked at her. He grabbed her around the waist slowly and pulled her full against him tight. Her hand still where she left it. "Don't start…Kagome…what you won't finish."

She smirked at him and the fast part of the song started up again. The song was near ending.

He grabbed her hand and twirled her away from him and then back to his body, placing his other hand behind her back and lowering her, but what he did next…Kagome never thought would be part of their routine.

He kissed her. Hard and passionate on her lips. But as soon as it came, it ended and Kagome was left breathless as the last note of the song hit, and Sesshomaru and Kagome went to their upright positions and bowed. The crowd cheered so loud they had to hurry and close the curtains so that they couldn't see Sesshomaru and Kagome anymore.

The cheers eventually died down and Kagome and Sesshomaru were sweating and trying to recover. They stepped from behind stage and Kagome went in search of Sango while Sesshomaru only silently followed.

What Kagome got next however, was once again not something she expected.

Inuyasha came stalking up and stood right in front of Kagome trying to get past her to whoever was behind her. She wouldn't allow it. What did he want with Sesshomaru?

"Why didn't you tell me it was his school that you were going to!" Inuyasha stopped trying to get past her and was now glaring at her.

She glared back with equal force. "Because Inuyasha, I didn't think it mattered! You have no business knowing what I do or do not do!"

Sesshomaru stepped up behind Kagome. "Yes brother, it seems as though I will be having a little talk with my partner during our private lesson tomorrow." He smirked at the look on Inuyasha's face.

Kagome whirled on Sesshomaru. "Can it mister. If your going to be that arrogant, maybe I won't come." Sesshomaru said nothing else feigning ignorance.

Kagome turned back to Inuyasha. "Private lessons Kagome?" She was fuming now.

"Grow up Inuyasha! It's my life. How was I supposed to know he was your brother?" Inuyasha said nothing else and turned on his heel walking out of the club with one quick glare to Sesshomaru who readily returned it.

Oh yes…he and his partner would defiantly be having a talk tomorrow.

She had spent all day at school trying to get Inuyasha to talk to her. What was his problem anyway? All he did was ignore her and say absolutely nothing about last nights events. Stupid…

"Good afternoon Kagome."

Her thoughts were interrupted by Sesshomaru's voice. She smiled at him and bowed. He stood from his sitting position and walked over to the radio. "I'm not into the whole classical music completely, so I thought that this would be more…our time. We can remix the tapes and mix everything together, because I can see your not too into the whole classical only music."

"Wow! That works perfectly." She smiled at him. It was time to show her favorite moves to him. Well…more like on him.

The music started to play and Kagome put her things down and walked up to him. He was about to grab her when she backed away with a sly smirk walking up to him herself and wrapping one arm around his neck while the other hung loosely to her side.

She started to move against him slowly. He got the idea and wrapped his arms around her waist, not too tightly. Her mind started to wander. This was different. She was thinking about Sesshomaru…

Sesshomaru let go of her abruptly. He walked over to the radio and cut the music off. "Why are you thinking about him?"

"What?" Kagome was confused. She was thinking about Sesshomaru…what was wrong with that?

"Your dancing is off when you think about my pathetic half brother." Come to think of it…part of her was trying to think about him, but she held it back.

"But I wasn't…"

"This lesson is going to go longer than expected." He smirked. He knew she wasn't thinking about that worthless excuse of a man, but just to make sure she didn't.

He changed the music. It was time for the game of cat...and mouse. Kagome was slightly taken aback when Sesshomaru grabbed her forcefully and started moving to the beat of the music. Her body started to move on its own.

Just as she started to get into the song and the dance and the feeling of being pressed against him, he pulled away and went to change the song. What was he doing? He started dancing with her again and did the same thing when she got into that song.

Eventually…she caught on. Sexual punishment. She had to admit that the tango was her favorite dance…especially when she danced it with Sesshomaru. She felt a great attraction to him.

She smirked to herself and after he changed the song again, she decided to take it to her own hands this time. She grabbed his shoulders as their hips swayed to the music and she slid her hands over his chest and down towards that one area she so perfectly got on stage last night. He caught her motive and grabbed her hand.

"Not this time." He said huskily and almost out of breath. She did that to him just touching his chest…imagine what else she could do to him.

He grabbed her shoulders fast and started moving his palm at a arrhythmic pace. Her eyes closed and she moaned softly. His hands moved from her shoulders as his face moved closer to hers. Their lips were inches apart, and he kept it that way. His left arm went around her back and held her firmly in place, while his right hand went down her body to her thighs.

Her eyes were now half way open and she gazed at him softly. His hand started to stroke her thigh and move it closer and closer…

"Wait." She was struggling to breath. "I…I have to go now. My mom is making dinner tonight when I visit, so I'll see you on Monday." She pulled away from him and ran to get her things. Blushing all the while.

When she walked our of the academy without turning back, Sesshomaru smirked. He liked the effect he had on her.

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