Hot Attraction

A Dance of Forgiveness

"Everything will be alright Kagome. If he went and did that then you deserve so much better." Sango was trying desperately to comfort crying friend. She sat next to her on the couch and held her right arm with her left hand and the other soothed along her back. A look of sadness was displayed on Sango's concerned face.

"But…he…I thought he might have cared about me!"

"Kagome…" The doorbell rang. Both Sango and Kagome jumped. "Who's bothering me now?" Sango rose and walked over to the door.

Kagome saw a strand of hair from outside the window next to the door and moaned edging herself more down into the couch.

Sango opened the door and gasped at the sight of Sesshomaru. He glared at her slightly and placed his hand on the opened door. "Where's Kagome?"

Sango huffed and stood her ground. "You have no business with her. Go away." Sango went to slam the door in his face, but he held it firmly.

"You must have misread my intentions. I'm not leaving until I speak to Kagome."

"You must have misread my intention to slam this goddamn door in your face. You've hurt her enough, and if I see that bitch Kikyo, she's going to pay by my hands. So leave before I call security."

"I don't care what happens to that witch. Just tell me this, will Kagome be at the competition tonight?"

"Yes, but I don't know why. You may have deterred her heart, but you won't do it to her dancing." Sesshomaru let go of the door getting at least one thing he wanted to know out of the girl and walked away as Sango took this time to slam the door and lock it, making sure to look who was at the door from now on before opening it.

"You don't have to go through with this if you don't want to Kagome." Sango said reassuringly to her friend.

Kagome smiled, her face non-tearful for the first time that day. She would be damned if she let Sesshomaru see her tears. She and Sesshomaru had been practicing this dance for a couple of weeks now. If was for the second faze of the competition. Tonight was literally the competition. If they won, they were to travel to California for the finals.

She was nervous. More than she would have been if her and Sesshomaru were on good terms.

She gulped at the site of him. His handsome features glow in the over lights. His long, beautiful silver hair flowed about him. She turned away and sighed deeply. His wonderful black pants and tight white shirt made him look all the more alluring. She would never get over someone like him. She was truly in love with him.

She wore a beautiful purple dress. It had tints of blue in it, which brought out her eyes. She wore silver jewelry and black heels. She kept her hair down and curly. She looked beautiful and caught the attention of almost every man.

"First up, Naraku and Kikyo." Kagome cringed at the sound of Kikyo's name. She walked over with Sango and chose to stay with her til the end of the first couples dance.

"Next, Kagome and Sesshomaru." Naraku gave Kagome a seductive glance on his way down off the stage and Kagome shivered. Sesshomaru who was walking up the stairs behind Kagome growled and wrapped an arm around Kagome's waist. She gasped and looked up at Sesshomaru who eagerly returned her look.

They stood in the center of the stage as the music started up slowly. Sesshomaru held out his hand for Kagome and she took it keeping her eyes away from him. This was going to be weird…

Sesshomaru wouldn't have any of it. He grabbed her hand fast and twirled her towards him so she landed heavily against his chest. His head came down to her neck and he smelt her wonderful scent. He twirled her away from him again and Kagome looked at him as Sesshomaru stared at her the entire time. He placed his left hand around her waist and she did the same to him and for five seconds they walked in a circle not loosing eye contact once.

Then Sesshomaru grabbed her waist with both of his hands and pulled her body against his, her lower half completely crushed against him.

He wrapped his left arm completely around her while she placed her right on that shoulder. Then with her left and her right, they grabbed hands and started moving. He let go of her waist and she spun letting go of him and running away from him before turning and running back to Sesshomaru and jumping into his arms.

He caught her and lifted her in the air before sliding to her hands and she slid under him all the way and he brought her back up fast as the beat started to speed up.

He brought her back up in front of him and from her hands he worked his down her body til he reached the bottom of her butt. "You misjudged what was going on Kagome." He lowed his arms the rest of the way down to her knees and flipped her. Kagome landed perfectly on the ground and glared at Sesshomaru as she did her seductive solo.

The dance looked so real, and being based on real events, made the judged impressed by how they played their parts. "I don't care." She said as she ended with her left hand out and her right hand on her hip while her face stayed turned away from him in a huff.

He growled and grabbed her hand pulling her against him. They started moving to the next part of the dance. "She kissed me. I went to tell her to stay the hell away from me." Kagome's eyes lost some of their fierceness. "What was it you said before? No one ever sees someone push someone away from a kiss they do not want?"

She looked at him with slight surprise. "How can I believe you?"

He moved quickly and she bent down and he moved her in a half circle as her eyes closed and her arms fell limp. She stood straight and pushed him away and jumped up falling to the ground. He jumped up on top of her and came down to where his body was leveled with hers. His hair shielded them from the rest of the crowd. "Because I love you…" He mumbled before crushing his lips with hers.

Her eyes widened. Did he just…

He lifted her back up and Kagome felt tears brim the edges of her eyes. She smiled at him and shook her head getting it back into the dance. He twirled her around the floor one final time before pressing her body against his and bringing his face inches from hers before the song ended.

"I love you too." Kagome muttered as she smiled and the stage went dark. She jumped up happily and Sesshomaru caught her in his arms and held her their as they shared a moment before the judged called them to the front of the stage.

The first judge was a woman. She smiled at them. "You two were fantastic! I loved how you moved together. At the beginning it was like…Kagome, it was like you were playing the emotions of your character perfectly."

The second judge was a man and he agreed completely. "The character is sad and diminished at first, then something lifts her at a realization towards the end of the song, which you portrayed perfectly. Sesshomaru, you did wonderful! I loved every minute of it. It was like a song and dance with a story line."

The third judge was also a man. He smiled at them. "It was a wonderful dance, made to be slow, then fast. A couple steps were off. But it was the best I've seen."

Sesshomaru and Kagome smiled and bowed. They took their place on the stage as all the couples stood around awaiting the results of the contest.

A woman stood in front of all of them and smiled. "It was a tough decision but we finally picked out winner. Winning an all expense paid trip to California for the finals is none other than our very own Sesshomaru and Kagome!"

Everyone clapped and cheered. Kagome gasped and turned to Sesshomaru who, even though it was hard to tell, was just as happy as Kagome. She jumped on him and wrapped her arms around his waist and her arms around his neck and laughed.

"We won!"

"Because of you." He smiled and let her down. "You're an excellent partner."

Kagome smiled slyly. "And you a teacher."

Sesshomaru smirked and pulled her to him kissing her hard on the lips. Sango, who was cheering until now, looked at the couple confused. What happened there?

Kagome moaned into him before parting remembering where they were. She smirked at him. "Save it for later."

It was cold outside. Kagome looked out the window of her apartment as Sesshomaru fixed some hot cocoa in the kitchen. It was beautiful outside. She loved it when it was winter or fall. She never felt hot and sticky.

"So, how long do we have until we go to California?" Kagome asked never turning away from the window as she heard Sesshomaru enter the room.

"We leave in a week."

"Wow…that fast." She said softly. She was looking forward to going to California during this time of the year.

Sesshomaru walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist nuzzling his face into her neck. She sighed softly and turned around to him with a smile. "Did you mean what you said last night?"

He smiled. "I always mean what I say." She giggled as he kissed her neck and worked his way down. She never forgot their first night together, this one, she would mark as "perfect".

Author Note: Well…that's it! The end! I hope you all enjoyed it. I apologize for it being so short, but I have decided not to do a sequel to it. I really do hope you enjoyed this story and sayonara til next time!

The End