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Warning: Bad words and gore.

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Rain poured down harder and harder every minute. It was nighttime. The yellow fox looked around frantically. Her eyes dashed back and forth. She knew someone was after her. She turned around and saw a shadow. She screamed and tried to run to another place. It was too late. She looked down, a pool of blood surrounding her feet. She turned around to see a bear veteran shadow. That was her last look, her eyes rolling back deep into her skull, falling to the pool of blood on the floor. The bear veteran appeared from the shadows, revealing himself. It was Flippy. Flippy laughed and looked at the dead fox. Flippy went back into the shadows, not to be seen that night.

A few days later...


A pink rabbit with a flower on her head turned around to see a blue bear behind her. "Shouldn't you be killing someone right about now?" The pink rabbit mocked. The bear shrugged and ignored her. The bear had light blue stripes on her. Her knife behind her. She wasn't going to kill the rabbit. The bear noticed something behind the rabbit.

"What do you have behind you?" The bear asked. The rabbit looked at her, eyes wide. She couldn't resist She sighed and revealed something. It was a knife.

"Yoa... Why do you have a knife?" The bear asked.

"None of your business Erika!" Yoa responded rudely. Erika backed up a bit scared. Erika turned around and bumped into someone. Erika yelped and fell to the ground. Erika had her eyes closed. She opened her eyes and looked up. Erika saw Flippy.

"Oh shit... uh... hey Flippy...(1)" Erika said. Flippy looked down at Erika. Flippy growled until he noticed that it was Erika. Erika was closing her eyes since she was scared. Erika got up and ran. Flippy looked at the floor and sighed.

Yoa noticed Flippy staring at the floor. She was to scared to know what was wrong with him. She walked off closing her eyes which was really a bad idea. Yoa hit a tree, falling to the ground. A purple skunk was near her, seeing what has just happened to her; She rushed over picking her up. "Yoa, Yoa you ok?" She asked. Yoa opened her eyes seeing the purple skunk.

"Huh? Wha? Oh, Klarissa, yea I'm alright." Yoa said. Yoa's nose started to bleed. Klarissa noticed and laughed slightly.

"Doesn't look like your ok!" She joked. Yoa laughed a little. Not noticing that Flippy was watching, they walked off, leaving Flippy all alone.

"Now I'm alone." Flippy said to himself. Flippy continued to walk and bumped into Cuddles by accident. Cuddles fell to the floor looking up at Flippy. Cuddles was scared. He saw all the deaths that Flippy has occurred. Flippy walked past Cuddles violently pushing him to a tree. That didn't kill him.

"What the hell am I doing? Why didn't I kill him?" Flippy asked himself. Flippy continued asking that question and continued to walk.

The Next Day

Klarissa and Yoa were playing tag near a hill. It was a very sunny day so it was nice. Flippy was sitting under a tree and sighed. Flippy was looking at everyone play. He saw Lifty and Shifty trying to scam there way to get something. He saw a trail of blood near Giggles and she didn't do anything. And he saw a few others being killed. Flippy looked at the floor until he was disturbed. "What'cha doing?" Asked a familiar voice. Flippy looked up in surprise to see both Lifty and Shifty.

"Nothing. Does it look like I'm doing anything?" Flippy asked. Lifty and Shifty both laughed. Flippy got annoyed and grabbed his knife. Flippy stabbed Lifty and did the same with Shifty. A pool of blood surrounded him. Seeing this whole thing, Yoa backed up. Klarissa and Yoa were done playing tag. Yoa yelped in surprise when she felt a paw touched her shoulder. She couldn't dare to turn around but she did. To her surprise, it didn't look like anyone she knew.

"Who are you and what do you wa-" Yoa said but had the paw from the figure. Yoa tried to scream but nothing came out. She gave up. She was taken away by the figure.


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(1). In my story that I wont put on Erika met Flippy and they fell in love with each other(They look cute together lol) So I just thought that Erika should be in my story and know Flippy but is scared of him then very, very close friends.