Ok, here is the second chapter

Chapter: The Chamber

As the stranger took Yoa away she tried to take out her knife. She couldn't. Her eyes stared at the ground. She sighed. 'If only I knew why this stranger is taking me,' She wondered. After a few minutes, Yoa was taken to a normal house. Yoa was confused. Yoa was taken underneath the house, and was thrown inside of it. She looked around. She sighed and began to touch the floor; there was nothing better to do. Yoa got up and only took a few steps. She walked over to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. She sighed very loud.



Klarissa panicky ran to were she saw her friends, Erika, Petunia, and Giggles were. "What?" Giggles asked.

"I CAN'T FIND HER!" Klarissa yelled out.

"Who?" Petunia asked.

"YOA! I CAN'T FIND HER!" Klarissa yelled.

"We have to find her," Erika said.

"What if she's...d-dead..." Klarissa said.

"DON'T SAY THAT!" Petunia yelled.

"Ok, but, we have to find her somehow... Were do you think she is?" Klarissa asked. All of them thought for a while. No one spoke for a long time, they didn't know were Yoa usually goes.

"HEY! Yoa always goes with you, right Klarissa?" Petunia asked. Klarissa nodded.

"Well, maybe she is some were, were you usually hang out!" Petunia said. Klarissa smiled slightly all though she doubt that she is. Petunia wondered were they usually hang out.

"Were do you usually hang out?" Petunia asked. Klarissa looked at Petunia.

"Follow me," Klarissa said. Klarissa made the others follow the path. Klarissa made it to a very large tree.

"We usually stay here, she usually climbs this tree but I can't climb. Who knows how?" Klarissa asked.

Everyone was silent for a while. "Uh... I can..." Erika said and blushed.

"Oh, then can you climb it?" Klarissa asked. Erika nodded. Erika looked up the tree. Erika began to climb it. When it was past 15 minutes, she came back down.

"I am never climbing up that high, again! It was to damn high! I only can climb small stuff!" Erika complained.

"Did you find her?" Klarissa asked.

"NEVER MAKE ME CLIMB THAT AGAIN! And no, didn't find her." Erika said.

Klarissa began to cry. "May be she is dead..." Klarissa said. Klarissa cried even more.

"I know were you friend is," A voice from the shadows said.

"What?" Klarissa asked.

"You want to know were?" the stranger asked.

"Um... ok..." Klarissa said.

"I really can't tell you but I'll tell you one thing, you won't be seeing her until the day you die." The stranger said.

Klarissa became frightened. "W-why?" Klarissa asked.

"Think, she is still alive," The stranger said. Klarissa still had her frightened face.

"But she wont be alive for long," The stranger said. The stranger appeared from the shadows. The stranger appeared to be a fox that was a male. He was red.

"Who are you?" Giggles asked.

"Cono, but don't go near me." He said.

"Why?" Klarissa asked.

"Because, do you want to live?" Cono asked.

"Yes," Petunia, Giggles, Klarissa, and Erika said.

"Then don't go near me," Cono said. Petunia, Giggles, Klarissa, and Erika took a step back. Still scared, Klarissa began to run back to were she was.

"GUYS RUN! I KNOW WHAT HE IS!" Klarissa yelled.

"WHAT?" Giggles asked.

"HE'S A KILLER! RUN!" Klarissa yelled.

Petunia and Giggles heard and ran. Erika didn't run. "ERIKA! COME ON!" Petunia yelled.


Petunia began to cry and continued to run.

Erika still had her knife with her, she took it out. Noticing this, Cono took out his knife. Cono threw his knife at Erika but she barely dodged. Her arm had a lot of blood on it. Her arm was wounded and she looked at Cono very mad. She couldn't stand it. She ran up to Cono and tried to stab him but she couldn't. He was too quick. She dropped her knife and ran back to find the others. She found them. "GUYS! WAIT UP!" Erika yelled.

"You killed him?" Giggles asked.

"No, but he did this to me," Erika said and held up her arm. Erika turned around to see if Cono was following, he wasn't so they continued to run. When they made it back to the nearest house, which was Erika's; they ran inside and kept their eyes out for Cono.

"That was close." Giggles said.

"Yea for me," Erika finished it. A puddle of blood surrounded her.


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