I know, I know, long time since updates. But I haven't been getting the alerts from your guys' stories to make me feel guilty about it. Grr at fanfiction dot net.

In any case, here's Christmas Bells. It took me just about forever to figure out how to format it. -.-;

And I just now thought of this: I don't know if any of these screen names are real, I just choose random stuff off the top of my head. So if any of these are YOUR screen name, I am terribly sorry. Please let me know, and tell me if you want me to change it or not. .

And underlined stuff is "links."

NotMyName348: I'm just trying to make an honest living!

Buddy4U003: Try getting a job!

NotMyName348: Merry Xmas?

- SweetLittleAngel has joined the chat -

- ActualReality has joined the chat -

Rawr0Pirate0Matey: hey check out this site! I sell coats! I've got furs, tweed, trenchcoats, casmere, anything!

SweetLittleAngel: Baby, you do need a new coat.

ActualReality: you really shouldn't do that…

SweetLittleAngel: Think of it as an X-Mas presant!

ActualReality: you've done enough… you saved me from…

SweetLittleAngel: ;-)

CameraMan: wait… so this amazingly cute girl asked you for help with her icon

CameraMan: … then asked you to go out with her?

WellHungarian: right.

CameraMan: and the problem is?

WellHungarian: I don't know!

WellHungarian: She was great, but something made me push her away

WellHungarian: she gave me a bad feeling.

CameraMan: I thought you said she was sweet!

WellHungarian: whatever. I'm hungry, let's go eat.

CameraMan: we're going to the Life after the protest.

WellHungarian: let's just… go. To a chatroom or something. Something different.

CameraMan: "mimi" got you out…

- CameraMan has joined the chat –

- WellHungarian has joined the chat –

Rawr0Pirate0Matey: Coats, coats, coats! Click here!

HiddenShadow: I got the good stuff. Click here to fly over the rainbow.

FelineAveBMeow: You got my good stuff?

HiddenShadow: I'm cool.

WellHungarian: Mark! That's her!

CameraMan: Maureen?

WellHungarian: No, mimi!

CameraMan: which one?

WellHungarian: the one buying the smack.

CameraMan: oh.

CameraMan: go talk to her!

WellHungarian: hey?

FelineAveBMeow: oh… hey.

WellHungarian: I… I just…

FelineAveBMeow: …?

WellHungarian: Well- I'm sorry.

FelineAveBMeow: just forget it.

WellHungarian: I shouldn't have blown up like that.

SweetLittleAngel: Collins, look at this one!

WellHungarian: Can… can I make it up to you?

FelineAveBMeow: How?

ActualReality: Angel… you don't need to keep giving all the time, you know…

WellHungarian: a bunch of us are going to the life after the show.

WellHungarian: for food… you know.

WellHungarian: wanna come along?

SweetLittleAngel: hush, you. It's Xmas.

FelineAveBMeow: haha. Sounds like fun. Sure.

HiddenShadow: well, if it isn't the loverboy. Hey, cutiepie.

WellHungarian: what do you want?

HiddenShadow: just warning you – you steal my client, you die.

FelineAveBMeow: stop!

WellHungarian: You seem to be doing fine since I left. Still got plenty of customers.

WellHungarian: you won't miss her, don't worry.

SweetLittleAngel: this one is a no.

BenCoffIII: Sorry, Alison. The protest is on!

AliGator: Benny!

BananasRockDude: do you have Z?

HiddenShadow: I'm cool.

WellHungarian: Mark, meet Mimi. Mimi, meet Mark.

CameraMan: Hi

FelineAveBMeow: hey.

WellHungarian: Mimi's coming to the Life with us.

Rawr0Pirate0Matey: We have a new arrival if you want to see it!

HiddenShadow: D is an ounce!

NotMyName348: I've got hats, bats, dats!

ActualReality: That's the one they stole!

ActualReality: it's my coat!

Rawr0Pirate0Matey: we do give discounts?

CameraMan: mimi, I think I've seen you before…

SweetLittleAngel: Collins, honey, we can get a better one!

ActualReality: but it's a scam!

FelineAveBMeow: lol, that's what Roger said, too.

HiddenShadow: no, I said graham!

SweetLittleAngel: honey, it'll be okay

ActualReality: THEIF!

SweetLittleAngel: but if she hadn't stolen your coat, would I have found you?

NotMyName348: Shoes and Jewlery!

SweetLittleAngel: let's get the leather one.

BenCoffIII: Ali, do you know which investors are going to be there

AliGator: Daddy will, and I think one of his friends, too.

BenCoffIII: Damn!

WellHungarian: let's head to the protest.

FelineAveBMeow: whos?

CameraMan: Maureen's

SweetLittleAngel: I'll give you 15 for this one

Rawr0Pirate0Matey: no. 25

SweetLittleAngel: 15

Rawr0Pirate0Matey: 23?

FelineAveBMeow: who's Maureen?

SweetLittleAngel: 15.

Rawr0Pirate0Matey: 20.

WellHungarian: his ex! Rofl.

SweetLittleAngel: 15.

CameraMan: But I'm over her!

Rawr0Pirate0Matey: 17?

WellHungarian: suuure.

FelineAveBMeow: haha

SweetLittleAngel: 15?

Rawr0Pirate0Matey: sold.

FelineAveBMeow: so when can I meet you in person?

WellHungarian: er – well - let's not go there yet.

FelineAveBMeow: is that a warning?

CameraMan: Nonono, don't worry. He just needs time to take it slow.

WellHungarian: I should tell you- shit!

FelineAveBMeow: what?

CameraMan: what?

WellHungarian: It's starting to snow.

- DivaWithAStage has joined the chat –

DivaWithAStage: whoops, wrong room.


- DivaWithAStage has left the chat -