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Hell Hath No Fury

Chapter Two: Of Snakes & Griffins

Pansy P.O.V

We had just arrived at Malfoy Manor, and I must say that it's never looked better. Ginny really does belong here. Whoa! I think Lucius Malfoy just turned in his grave! Yes Draco killed him in the Final Battle. Good writhen if you ask me. I looked up just in time to see my little goddaughter come running into my arms.

"Auntie Pansy, Auntie Pansy!" I held her tightly in my arms. Merlin, it's moments like this I know why I get up in the morning and try to make the world a safer place. She's amazing!

"Hello darling, how are you?"

"I'm okie dokie, Auntie Pansy. Is that a present?" She looked behind me with a tiny glint in her eyes.

"Why yes it is, but it's for the birthday girl. Do you know who she is? Hmmmm I don't see any birthday girls?"

"It's me Auntie Pansy, it's me! I'm right here in front of you silly." She jumped up and down and her little purple summer dress was moving with her. I laughed.

"Oh but of course, how could I forget? It's my favorite goddaughter's birthday."

"Auntie Pansy, I'm your only goddaughter." I heard a chuckle and looked up to see Harry. I smirked.

"Oh would you look at that Harry, isn't Melinda just the smartest little witch. She must get it from her godmother." I looked up haughtily and Melinda copied me. "Don't you agree, Melinda darling?"

"Why of course, Auntie Pansy." And with that we both walked outside with our noses in the air. Harry smiled at us and as we passed him, he whispered in my ear.

"Oh I know it Pans." That sent chills down my spine and I suddenly had the urge to push him up against the wall and shag him senseless, but I restrained myself. After all I was at my goddaughter's 6th birthday party.

Once outside the festivities were underway. Every generation of Weasley was present. Ron and Hermione of course finally got their heads out of their arses and realized that they were two peas in a pod. They had I think 4 kids and Hermione was yet again preggers. Twins they think. Six kids, wow, don't these people read or something? Oh well, what can you do? It must be something in Mrs. Weasley's food because all of her children have at least three offspring and don't have any plans on stopping. Although I guess I can't really blame them. I do luv children. I looked up at Melinda playing hide-and-seek with Harry and the other children and couldn't help but smile. She truly was precious. She had dirty blonde curly hair that was long and the most beautiful honey brown eyes. She was the perfect mix of Draco and Ginny. Still in my daydream I didn't notice Melinda run up to me until I felt her lift up my skirt.

"Ummm Melinda, sweetheart, what are you doing?" I asked with a smile as she tried to hide under my skirt.

"I'm hiding from Uncle Harry, Aunt Pansy. He'll never look for me here." Funny how I wanted to say never say never. But she was a bit too young for that conversation. So I just nodded and tried to look innocent. Too bad Harry is not only the boy-who-lived but also the boy-who-knows-every-fuckin-thing too! He stealthily sauntered over to us and sat down next to me.

"Hiya Pans what ya doin?" He asked me with a mischievous glint in his eyes. I smiled and looked up.

"Just enjoying the lovely summer breeze, it's not everyday we have time off to enjoy the simple pleasures in life." He just looked at me with a passionate gaze. I guess I shouldn't have used the word pleasures. Just then a little sneeze was heard coming form my skirt. Harry looked down and smiled.

"Why Pansy darling, I do believe your knickers might have allergies." I smiled cheekily. I just rolled my eyes. Harry got up from the chair and onto the ground. He slowly crawled over to my legs; he looked up at me and raised his eyebrows. I gave him an exasperated look and before I could even blink he lifted my skirt and went in after Melinda. I shrieked and jumped up, uncovering a giggling Melinda and Harry who was tickling her imperiously.

"Geez Pans do you just let anyone hide under your skirt, pity your on our side or else all we'd need to do to find where the Deatheaters are hiding is lift up your skirt." I glared up at Draco who was slowly walking over to me.

"Hello Draco dear and where have you been all this time? Can't you and Ginny spare five minutes to celebrate the sixth year of your child's existence? Or must you two be put in separate corners?" I smiled haughtily. Draco looked at me audaciously and I could see he was blushing a bit.

"Mind your tongue, Pansy. You are in my humble abode. I wouldn't want Potter to have to start searching for another lover, I mean partner." I glared at him. Yet somehow I couldn't be completely mad at him. Was there some truth to what he said? Or did I want there to be?

"Bonjour Mademoiselle Parkinson, Mousier Malfoy." Draco and I both turned and found none other then Blaise Zambini. I laughed and Draco just shook his head.

"Oh Blaise, you never cease to amaze me."

"Well I try, darling." He took my hand and bent down to kiss it.

"Blaise you filthy buggar, don't you have an off button, mate?" Draco chuckled. I giggled.

"Yes he does, it's called his wife." Draco and I turned to see Daphne Grenngrass walking towards us looking as though she was about ready to pop. I smiled at her and went forward to give her a great hug.

"Oh Daph, you're absolutely glowing! I'm so happy for the two of you." She just smiled and looked at Blaise lovingly who was looking back at her if possible even more passionately.

"Congrats mate," Draco said giving Blaise a pat and the back, "why didn't you tell us sooner?"

"We thought we'd surprise you. You see we could never stay in France so far away from all of you. And to isolate our child like that, well it just wouldn't do, so we're moving back." I squealed in delight and rushed to hug Blaise and Daphne.

"This is perfect, another niece or nephew to dot upon." I smiled.

"Well my dear when do you plan on gracing us with a lovely Pansy junior?" Blaise asked me playfully. Daphne and Draco had smiles on there faces.

"Well Blaise sweetie, I would need a husband for that you know, or didn't anyone explain that to you. You see when a man and woman love each other…"

"Yes Pansy I do know, don't you see my wife there just next to you. Or perhaps you think that she just ate a lot of croissants." Daphne looked outraged at Blaise and Draco and I just smirked.

"Yes Blaise I do see your lovely wife," Daphne seemed to feel better at that, "but that still doesn't solve the 'no sperm to my egg' problem."

"Wait you mean to tell me that you and Potter haven't shagged each other stupid by now." I nearly choked right there. Draco was on the ground laughing, while Daphne had tears in her eyes. Then just because Merlin hadn't made that embarrassing enough, Ginny and Harry came over to us.

"What's all this about?" Ginny inquired with amusement etched across her face, while Harry looked at me and Blaise, who I was currently staring daggers at, with uncertainty. Draco who seemed to have calmed down a bit walked over to his wife.

"Oh nothing my luv, just Blaise with another one of his French jokes, isn't that right Pans?" Afraid to say something I might not regret, I just nodded. Ginny seemed a bit apprehensive but let it go, while Harry had a, we'll definitely talk about this later look. There he goes again.

After that little incident the party went pretty well. We sang happy birthday and ate cake. Ginny and Hermione congratulated Daphne and Ron and Harry wished Blaise luck. Then it came time to open the presents. Melinda ran into the living room dragging me behind her.

"Hurry up Auntie Pansy; it's time to open presents. Come on Uncle Harry you sit by me and Aunt Pansy." I jumped. I hadn't even noticed Harry was right behind me. We both smiled at Melinda and sat down, with her sitting on the floor between us. Everything was going smoothly, of course occasionally a leg or arm would get brushed up against each other, but what can you do? Finally there was only one present left; three guesses whose it was? That's right Harry's and mine remained. You see after that little crack about the broom, Harry was hell bent on proving everybody wrong and said that he would Melinda the most perfect gift ever. He said that it would be from the both of us and I was to have no part in it. So being the wonderful person that I am I gave in and let him. Of course if he failed this mission I would tell everybody that it was all his idea and that he gave me no choice. What? I am still a Slytherin. Melinda was all flushed from the excitement and had the biggest smile on her face. She looked radiant. She grabbed the present and opened the wrapping paper and there lay a beautifully carved ivory box with the Melinda Rose Malfoy engraved on the top.

"Oh Uncle Harry, Aunt Pansy it's wonderful!" I had to admit it was rather stunning, and I didn't even help him pick it. Maybe I'm rubbing off on him? "But Uncle Harry I can't open it?" Harry looked very amused.

"Well you see, darling, it can only be opened by magic and only if you have the right password." How ingenious. Harry looked very pleased with himself and Melinda looked ecstatic.

"What is the password then Potter spit it out." Draco ever the patient one had to cut into that moment. Harry looked at him mockingly.

"Well you see Draco, the password is only known by three people. A secret if you will between Melinda and her godparents." Godparents? So I knew the password? I wonder what it is. Melinda's eyes light up and she ran to her room with Harry close on her heels.

"Well come on Pansy let's not wait for Voldemort to come back." He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and got up and followed them out of the room. We got to Melinda's room and Harry shut the door. Melinda ran to her humongous doll house, I swear I could live in it, and put the box in it. She then put her hand into the top of her dress and pulled out the necklace Harry and I had given her when she was three. It was a beautiful griffin with a snake around it. The griffin's eyes had rubies while the snake's eyes had emeralds in them. It was our little secret. I had almost forgotten about it. I don't think anyone else knows she has it. Melinda put the necklace on the top of the box and it glowed, then magically the box was covered in pictures of us with Melinda and opened to reveal beautiful music inside. Melinda rushed to Harry and wrapped her arms around him.

"Oh Uncle Harry it's the best! I luv it!" I went to the box and looked at the pictures. They were gorgeous. Pictures of Melinda and me at the beach, Harry and Melinda at the Quidditch Cup, and one of Harry and me at the lake (Melinda took the picture). It was perfect but then something else caught my attention; the music. I listened to the music and it sounded so familiar. I was still thinking about it when Melinda wrapped her arms around my legs. I looked down at her and smiled.

"Aunt Pansy, you and Uncle Harry always come up with the best presents!" She looked so happy, that I could only beam back at her.

"Well sweetheart, it does help to have such a wonderful goddaughter, and partner." I looked over at Harry, he winked.

"You better not forget that." I laughed.

"Well you better put that away and let's get back to the party."

"Okie dokie." And with that we went back outside to finish up the night.

Whenwe got home we were exhausted. Harry went to his room and flopped onto the bed. But I still couldn't get the music out of my that if I don't figure this out i would go mad! I went to Harry's room.

"Ummm Harry," a muffled grunt is what I got so I took that as a yes, "I can't get the music from the gift we gave Melinda out of my head, yet I know that I know it somehow. What is it?" Harry sat up in bed and had this look of warmth and love in his eyes.

"You honestly don't remember?" I shook my head.

"It sounds so familiar Harry yet I can't quite make it out." He just smiled and motioned for me to come and sit next to him. I went over and sat down. He looked up at me.

"When Melinda was first born I remember how excited we were to be her godparents. It was almost like she was our daughter you know. And I swear we would watch her more then Ginny or Draco would. She just fascinated us. Well I remembered walking in on you humming this lullaby to her. It was so beautiful. You told her that your mum use to hum it to you and that it was one of the only things you remembered about her. So I started to watch you when you would sing her that lullaby until I got the song in my head then took that memory out and saved it. I figured that one day it would be useful." By this time I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Harry lifted up one hand to wipe them away but before I could even think about it; I kissed him.

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