I had some pent-up anger to release. And this came out. I really don't have anything against Ginny, she's just a pretty versatile character.


This was hell.

There was no other way to describe it.

She was experiencing too many emotions at once, too many thoughts ran through her head.

Hate, love, fear, joy, sorrow, rage, jealousy, anger, rage, hysteria, rage.

He's mine only mine no one else's it's not real it's not real I know it isn't I still have a chance he's mine he will always be MINE!

It felt like everything and nothing at once.

She felt a pain that seared her to her soul, anger, more real than anything she had ever felt, and madness, gripping her mind more and more with each passing second.

It's not real it's not real I know it isn't it's just in my imagination nothing happened I didn't see it happen

But she saw it. It had happened. It was real and it was tearing apart the fantasy world she had built around herself, a world where Harry would come back to her and be hers and they could have their fairy tale ending.

Harry isn't coming back. Harry's never coming back. He doesn't need you anymore. He doesn't need a delusional little girl like you.

No no no no NO!

She put her hands to her ears, trying to protect herself from her own thoughts, but she could still hear it, treacherous little mind.

You saw them together. You know you did. You saw them. Harry's gone Ginny. He's gone forever. He can't be yours anymore. He belongs to someone else.

No no no no no no. No it's not true. It's not!

Yes. It happened you know it did. You were just walking to your secret place. But you didn't know it was already taken did you?


Harry was already there, his back to you. A smile lit your face. Your Harry was there, waiting for you so he could plead for another chance, to apologize for being such a fool.

Shut up!

But he wasn't there for you. You were the farthest thing from his mind. Harry didn't care about the little girl who'd been obsessed with him ever since she first heard about him. Harry wanted someone else. Harry loved someone else. Harry loved-


He didn't want you. He never wanted you. You were just convenient. You were just there. You meant nothing to him.

NO. I meant something. I know I did. Harry cared about me. Harry loved me. I know he did.

Maybe. But not in the way you wanted him to. You were like a sister to him. No more. You weren't what he wanted. You never will be.


No use denying the truth.

He never wanted you. And now look at you. A pitiful excuse of a human being, crammed into a corner, head in your hands, telling yourself that your obsession will come back to you. He will never come back because he never came to you to begin with.

Stop it!

Harry Potter will never love you.

Yes he will!

Her need to say that was stronger than ever now, she could feel her emotions consuming her.

Harry Potter will never ever love you.

Yes he does! He loves me! He loves ME!

Harry Potter loves Draco Malfoy.

Her mind snapped.