We all look up to him.

Raven looks to him as someone who she can trust. He has always been there for us. Never, not once has he ever let anyone of us down. Raven knows this probably best out of all of us. It was Robin who went with his archenemy to save her from her own father. Never once did he give up in her or their relationship with one another. And she believes he is the reason we as Titans stand here today. I'll silently admit, while we never seem to give him enough credit we all believe the same.

Starfire looks to him as someone she can love. She has her heart set on him. I am not sure if things would ever work out between them, Robin is too independent, something to do with his past I am sure, but I continue to wish them my best. Robin has always been the one to explain things about earth to her. And as we all know Robin is not as carefree as he wishes he could be at times. He has a lot to do as leader of the Teen Titans and yet he still finds time for her and the rest of us.

Cyborg looks to him as an honorable friend. And an honorable friend he is. He would jump in the line of fire at any time to save us from our death. And all of us know it. He feels as though we are his responsibility. And although he never tells us of his past we still know he hides nothing from us. Ever sense the event with Red-X all Robin has done is try to find a way to rebuild the Titans relationship between himself and us. But there is nothing to rebuild. We all make mistakes, but he doesn't seem to think of it that way. But he is just a human, and a normal human at that. He isn't like the rest of us. He doesn't have super strength or the ability to fly. But he has so much courage and belief in others he needs nothing more.

I look at him as a mentor. He is always there for any and every one of us, and I a know in my heart that I am not the only one of the Titans who look to him as a father figure or a mentor. He is always there for us when we need him. He stands close enough for us to feel protected when in battle but far enough away to give us a sense of independence. Although we give him a hard time about all the training he makes us do and how hard it is we have all seen the difference in ourselves sense we took up our place in his command. We are faster, stronger, more confident in others and ourselves. He has made such an impact in all our lives, I don't know what I would do without him. I don't know how any of us could go on.

Slade looks down at him as an apprentice and someone who can follow in his footsteps. And as much as all the Titans around the globe would hate to admit it, we know he could be more deadly than death itself. He could rule the earth a thousand times over and still be unscathed. At the same time however, we all know and even Slade himself (of that I am sure) that he will defeat Slade when the time is right and would never serve under his command willingly. Slade like all other villains Robin had fought will fall and he will insure justice for those who lost it to Slade's wrath.

But how can we look up to someone who thinks nothing of himself? Because he's our friend.

He's just Robin.

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