A/N: I realise that it has been almost a year since I've last posted something! So, in honor of V day- here's something new; Dedicated to all those who have read, reviewed and replied. Thank you.

I decided to flip the situations this time- since usually I write of Harry off on some escapade- this time Draco has gone on a business trip. Let's see how Harry copes...


You count down the hours, minutes…seconds to when you will next see him. Your heart flutters about and your mind is atwitter. Tomorrow. Tomorrow! Tomorrow is all you think of.

You can hear the clock tick at its snail's pace. Time taunts you. Tomorrow is too far away. Tomorrow! It's all you think of.

You can already hear his voice- his trademark drawl, dragging out your name like a caress. You can already feel his hand – all strong and steady around yours. You can already feel his arms – all warm and perfect around you. You can already feel his smirk – stretched out against your own too-wide-grin.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow! You will see him tomorrow.

Tick. Tock.

Tomorrow isn't soon enough.


When you finally see him, you almost trip.

Tomorrow is here! And so is he!

Your heart all but bounces out of your chest as he sweeps open his arms for you. You try to walk sedately - because you have an image to uphold. Because you saved the world and shouldn't be reduced to a hysterical mess by his mere return. But then again, you both know that you aren't the soul of decorum, he is. So you launch yourself towards him and tackle him near into the wall.


You feel him roll his eyes at your excitement. But despite his best intentions, you spot that little quirk of his lips. He's as excited as you are. You can tell.

Tomorrow is finally here.


Your heart is thrumming contentedly and your mind is exalting.

You are finally in his arms. He is finally in yours.

You count the seconds and breathe deeply. This is what happiness smells like.

You are finally where you are meant to be.

Tick. Tock.

Tomorrow is where you finally are.

And tomorrow is perfect.

"Missed me?"