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Summary: Cristina had a one-night stand with Burke when she was in medical school but never knew it was him because of their drunken mistake. After she had the baby, she gave up it for adoption. What happens when one fine day…

Chapter 1

A fire has just broken out in an apartment building near Seattle Grace Hospital. There are 3 critical victims and several others with not-so-critical injuries all admitted to SGH.

Bailey-3 critical victims! Ok people, let's go. Hurry!

All 5 interns run after her.

They find 3 victims, 2 female and one male, being rushed to the OR.

Bailey-Yang, you take the girl. Stevens, take the man. O'Malley, take the other lady. Grey, Karev, take the others who are injured. Come on, let's go, let's go!

Cristina takes the girl up to the OR. She can hardly see the girl due to the ash on her face from the fire.

Cristina-So what's your name?

Girl (softly)-Melissa. Melissa Prescott.

Cristina-Melissa, that's a nice name.

They reach the floor and Melissa is brought to the OR. Burke is there to operate as Melissa had a piece of concrete fall on top of her when a wall collapsed. The paramedics suspected a few ribs near her heart had broke so Burke was to be in charge of her.

Cristina-Don't worry, Melissa. We'll do our best.

Melissa gives her a small smile as the operation begins.

A couple of hours later, the operation is finished and it is a success. Melissa is taken up to her room. Cristina follows and checks on her before leaving. Just as Cristina is leaving,

Melissa-(asks softly) Am I ok?

Cristina-Yeah, it went smooth. Don't worry. Just sleep.

Melissa-Where's my mum?

Cristina-She's downstairs. I'll tell her where you are, now just rest.

Cristina pulls the blanket over Melissa and is just about to leave again when…

Melissa-What's your name?


Melissa-That's funny. My mum told me that my biological mum's name is Cristina.

Cristina just looks at Melissa closely, and leaves the room. Outside, realisation hits her. She goes to the on-call room with a cup of coffee and just sits there, thinking.


At the hospital one day after Melissa was born,

Cristina-Whatever you do, would you just please name her Melissa?

Jennifer, the adoptive mother-Sure, Cristina. It's the least I could do.

Cristina kisses her baby girl. Jennifer then takes Melissa away after giving Cristina a hug. Cristina watches Jennifer walk off, and breaks down uncontrollably. "I want my baby girl" she thinks to herself. "But I know I can't do it."


As Cristina remembers what happened that fateful day 7 years ago, she breaks down once again. "That was my daughter!" She thinks, as Burke enters the on-call room to see his girlfriend crying.

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