Fate/Stay Night

Syaran Li


"I'm the bone of my sword"

Many years had passed since I used these words; that mean this will be my last performance over this stage, one of many that I have to perform.

"Steel is my body, and fire is my blood"

I did everything to forget these memories, memories that a Servant can't have, the ones that push me to this point.

"I have created over a thousand blades"

It is possible those memories were the ones that help me to go forward, keeping my ideals, the ideals that make me the one I'm now, a heroic spirit

"Unknown to death, not known to life"

It was difficult to hold me back, being surrounded by the people that help me to make the right calls, to find the way did I follow the rest of my life, the same that bring me to this battle.

"Have withstood pain to create many weapons"

Maybe fate wants to prove me, being this one my first time on the Holy Grial War. Right now I know why we need to forget everything that tied us to our previous life. I couldn't prevent be nice with myself, with my worst enemy. "The most dangerous enemy in this life is oneself" eh…

"And yet, those hands will never hold anything"

It was right here were I took the decision of keep fighting, never let nobody suffer the side effects of this War. Did I do the best thing, right?

"So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works"

I don't have to worry anymore; this was my roll over the stage, everything else is up to you Rin, Saber… and Shirou.

Who was he? Five times, one servant could defeat Berserker five times. You don't go easy on him right Berserker? Hurry up! and heal your wounds, we have to kill the others.

Archer's body begins to vanish slowly. After the last spark of light, a red jewel with shape of heart was the only thing left behind for Archer… known as Shirou Emiya in his previous life


A little tribute for Archer