!El finis!

Chapter 19: Ends Have Finishes

The buzzing sound which strangely resembled the humming of an irritated bee was heard inside the room. She opened her eyes and looked at the white walls, and she felt where she was almost immediately. Her mouth was sore and painful as if it was scratched from the inside, and her arm was aching with pain. Then there was the shocking feeling of pain going through her body, as she got up and clenched her belly into her hands, rocking up and down on her bed.

"She's falling!" shouted the doctor, a young Koopa-Troopa in a white coat. "She's rising! Clear! Get ready for another burn!" He pressed the three buttons simultaneously once again, and this time the shock woke her up to her feet on the bed, and she stepped down from the thick mattress. There was a gas mask around her nose.

"Careful!" the doctor cautioned, "Remove the wires from you immediately." She looked down at her body and saw she was wearing a clear robe with barely any clothing, and she pulled away the wires attached to her body with sticky patches.

"Doctor," she started, dazed. "What happened to me? I know where I am and I last remembered that I was falling down…"

"You survived the drop," the doctor said. "When you're friend Goombella told us that you had fallen somewhere within the hotel staircase, we found you unharmed and unconscious among the huge amounts of rubble. A large flagpole had nearly killed you as it fell while we were attempting to get you out, but your friend Goombella saved you once again and pushed your cart out of the air."

"That mask covering your nose is emitting humid water into your lungs," the doctor explained more. "You inhaled vast amounts of smoke and ashes in your fifteen minutes of being trapped."

"Where's Goombella?" Lahla asked suddenly, "Is she okay?"

"She survived her jump off the building, from the very top," the doctor told her. "Unbelievable if we can say so ourselves. She landed on the large hot air balloon machine which was being brought out from the Masquerade Ball. When she landed, people caught her as she slid of the balloon twenty feet once again."

Lahla sat down back onto the bed behind her. She was exhausted, and was happy to be safe and alive. While grabbing for her life during the night before, her life flashed back into her mind in a second. She thought about her school, her friends, and her career dreams for her future. She thought about her mom and her sister; both family members dead and gone, and how she would meet them as she was thinking of how to finally rejoice with them if she were to die that day.

"Lahla," said Goombella from the door. The doctor smiled as Goombella ran up to her, and Lahla ran up to Goombella and the two friends rejoiced once again, with small tears in their eyes.

"I can't believe we both made it to the morning," said Goombella. "I had that horrible feeling, to be honest, that…" she paused, "…That at least one of us wouldn't make it."

"Never think that," reassured Lahla. "We're here right now, safe. We're both together."

"When Dry Bones threw that piece of wood at you…" her voice trailed off again. Lahla looked at her, worried.

"Drew," whispered Goombella. "Drew is still alive, after he tried stabbing himself."

"What are you talking about?" Lahla asked.

Goombella explained everything she remembered to her. "The two Brothenians brothers are dead. So is Ludwig Koopa. Then Death approached us in a physical form and threatened to get us all, and soon disappeared to get you." Lahla looked at Goombella in shock and confusion.

"You left off when you fell down and unconscious when Drew hit you with a piece of debris and caused you to fall."

"But why would he do that?"

"That was what I was thinking," Goombella told her. "After we escaped the collapsing staircase, he then said to me to look at him and make sure he was standing proper with the background visible behind him. Then he took out this crystal, which we had received from a past victim on our own two days ago. He stabbed himself in the chest and tried to kill himself. When he fell to the floor covered with blood, I thought he was already dead."

"He told me to go to the roof of the building before that, so I did. Then it struck me familiar. The numerous visions I had been receiving in the past week of me falling from a building was suddenly remembered. I knew this was the time, so I jumped without hesitation."

"I closed my eyes, and the next second I opened my eyes, I had hit something soft at full impact, then slipped off and was caught by a few circus actors. I was still wide awake."

"I told the police and other people that you were inside. We had brought the both of you out."

"The doctor said you saved me as the giant flagpole almost killed me," said Lahla.

"I did," said Goombella in a voice of happiness and sadness mixed together. "But Drew wasn't dead yet, the doctors had reported to me. They said they would bring him immediately to the hospital at the huge amount of blood loss he received. And now, the night had passed as I barely got enough sleep, and now it's 6 o'clock in the morning. And I have one more thing to tell you." She pulled out three pieces of paper from her pocket, each with numerous prints and typing on it.

"What are those?"

"Plane tickets," said Goombella. "At ten o'clock in the morning. We have to go as soon as possible. This is the last flight back to Eastern Mushroom Kingdom for this entire month."

"Good morning ladies once again, the sun is burning our heads again," said the doctor as he entered the room and closed the curtains. "Good news; your friend Dry Bones has stirred awake for a second. His eyes opened."

"That's great," said Goombella, not knowing how to express her retained happiness, "Thank you very much…"

"Doctor Steven Wiser Jr, there's the patient in Room 39 who is looking for you," called a voice from outside.

"I have to go," said the doctor. "Follow me." The two friends followed him anxiously as he led them to a door across the hall, which displayed the number 26. "Dry Bones is inside here." With that, he left running to the other end of the hall. Lahla looked at the doctor in a strange way, as if he seemed strangely familiar.

But Goombella looked straight at the door in front of them, and turned the knob. She opened the door carefully like an explorer opening the door of a Mayan temple and saw the room. There was a vase with flowers in it in the corner, and a bed similar to the one Lahla was sleeping on. Goombella ran up to the bed.

On the bed was Drew, breathing heavily but fine. His arm rose up, as his claw scratched the air. His eyes opened drearily as saw Goombella.

"Hello," he said in a weak tone. Goombella's heart seemed to enlighten with joy, as she had never felt happier before in her life.

"Drew, you're okay!" she nearly shouted. Lahla came up next to the bed as well and was filled with joy. The three of them were all in the same room, fine and well. Death had not taken them, and they were all fine.

That was, until Drew spoke again.

"Hello…other person," he said to Lahla as he saw her appear into view. Goombella and Lahla exchanged glances, confused for a moment.

Lahla let out a laugh. "Drew, you're funny," she said. "I'll get your breakfast; you must be hungry like heck from not eating." She noticed a tray of breakfast on the table on the other side of the room and immediately went to get it. She saw Goombella look at her with a look of worry.

"Hey, Drew," said Goombella. "I'm so happy that you're okay. I thought you were lost forever last night. And now we're all here."

"Who are you?" Dry Bones said back. "Who's Drew?"

Goombella looked at him. Drew's eyes were different, and she could tell that they were not his comical eyes which usually revealed his jokes and tricks all the time. His eyes were serious and bewildered. They seemed to stare past her.

"It's me, Goombella," she told him. "Remember?"

"I got your breakfast," said Lahla in a joyful tone, about to set the deliciously prepared breakfast besides him. Drew looked back at her, and Lahla looked at Drew in deep uncertainty.

"Drew!" said Goombella, grabbing him at the shoulders. "Look at me, it's Goombella and Lahla. We're in-"

"Who are you people!" he shouted suddenly, kicking the breakfast tray away onto the ground. The entire meal splattered against the floor as Lahla backed away, scared. Drew got up and picked up the chair besides the bed and held it up in defense.

Before Goombella could talk once more, he threw the chair down to the ground at a rolling desk, causing Goombella and Lahla to jump and step away from him in fear. The rolling desk moved across to the door, hitting the door from which they entered even further open as it knocked into a shelf, causing a tiny and dangerous object to drop down onto the desk.

Staples shot into the air and aimed directly at Lahla's neck. As Goombella took the tray into her hands and threw it vertically in the air in front of Lahla, twelve sharp, small pieces of metal pierced into the metal tray at a fast rate. But the tray in the air passed Lahla quickly, and four staples managed to shoot into Lahla; two in her chin and the other two piercing her closed mouth together between her lips. She fell back in pain as the staples sunk into her, and Goombella ran over to her side.

The door was suddenly opened again. Two police officers and a person who seemed to be a doctor entered the room without notice. Drew suddenly looked at them, his face settling down to a confused and blank expression.

"Drew Discet, you are now ready to go to court," said the police officer. "Please step down from the bed and follow us." The Para-Troopa looked at Goombella and Lahla at the side of the room.

"You people all right? Has this person caused any trouble?"

"No, no, we're okay," said Goombella. "She just got hurt." The police officer grabbed Drew and stepped towards the door.

"Where are you bringing him?" she asked quickly.

"He's going to trial in the Vegas Courthouse," explained the doctor.

"To court! For what?"

"He's being accused of contributing to these deaths happening in Las Vegas," said the doctor. "This is serious. He's been guilty from the start."

"No wait," said Goombella, going up to the police officer. "This is all a mistake. He's been with me this week and has nothing to do with this."

"With all the evidence contributing to this, he's been at nearly every site so far with the deaths," the police officer explained quickly. Goombella grabbed onto Drew, as the three of them looked at Goombella.

"You can't do this," she begged. "His whole memory is erased! We all have a flight to go on for today, and this is the only flight back home!"

"Young lady, let go of the person," demanded the officer. Goombella tried to shove the arm of the officer away, but he grabbed on firmly to Drew.

"I will alert the security now!" shouted the doctor, as the officer grabbed Goombella away with no feeling of mercy.

"He doesn't remember anything!" she cried. Drew looked at her in a frightened, yet repulsed way as he was brought out. The doctor pushed Goombella from getting any closer, but she ran towards the elderly doctor and knocked him to the ground. Lahla looked up and saw Goombella head out of the room.

Goombella ran across the hall and saw the pole officers bring Dry Bones out to the main entrance. The next thing she felt was numerous people tackling her to the floor, and she stuck out her hand as Drew was brought away from sight.

"Drew!" she cried, only for her voice to become muffled from the people piling above her. Her heart was throbbing with anger and grief as she was brought back. She was broken. Her life was tearing, and she broke down into tears.

Tears of ending and sorrow.


Goombella Cheney and Lahla Oostelbos returned back to their proper homes from Las Vegas on May 16, 2003. Drew Discet remained in Las Vegas for his immediate court trial.

Goombella became highly depressed the following week, fearing over Drew as she tended to break out into hysterics and chaos every so often.

After having counseling and therapy for almost three years, she moved away from her family suddenly without warning, living out on lonely streets located the rural places of Mushroom Kingdom, telling people who happen to stop by in her presence the story of Death's curse.

Lahla, seeing Goombella's erratic behavior as a threat, broke her friendship quietly the next week with her best friend. After unsuccessfully trying to access her sister's bank account for two years, she enrolled in the Kim Tissamo Pian University, and dropped out after only three months.

With nearly nowhere to turn, she moved in with an old friend of hers; a three-room cabin located on the docks of Noki Bay.

Drew, with no lawyer and nearly no remembrance of the events which had occurred, was found guilty for the bizarre deaths of his friends and others, and was also found guilty by the officials in contributing to the Insanity ride disaster.

He was sentenced to over sixty years in prison, and a payment of thirty-thousand coins due at the time of his release. After having his wound surgically healed, he was sent immediately to jail. Within only five years to follow he was known as one of the top ten infamous murderers of all time.

He remains in his cell, thinking his hardest to remember his lost memories as he only feels despair and hopelessness. Every year, his memory is slightly recollected.

(The words "THE END" follow).

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