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"You're a total and complete failure! You don't belong on this team, all in favor say Aye!" Mars yelled at sailor moon. Sure sailor moon was a ditz and a klutz and she was always late to battles, but she was extremely late this time. Although, this time she had a perfectly good reason for being late. She would have been on time, but on the way she was jumped by a youma that dug its claws in her back, and was really difficult to defeat. It took her all her strength to defeat it, then she had to use what little remaining strength to run to the battle scene and destroy the other monster the rest of the sailor senshi were battling. And now, to top off her pain, she was being yelled at by the ones who were supposed to protect her!

"Aye" Sailor Mercury said. The first word was a blow to Usagi. She turned to Jupiter.

"Aye" Jupiter said, sending another blow to Usagi. Usagi then turned to Venus.

"Aye" Venus said, opening a wound in Usagi's heart. Usagi then turned to Tuxedo Kamen, with little hope in her heart. After all, he had already broken up with her.

Nevertheless, the last syllable opened the wound to the point where her heart felt like it had been torn from her body and shattered into a million pieces then crushed into dust just like the monster they had just defeated.

"Isn't this pleasant?" A voice said from above the sailor senshi. The entire senshi but sailor moon looked up to see a man in all white with a purple design on the front of his shirt, a long cape that was purple in the inside, and hair so fair it was white. He also had piercing, violet eyes.

"The pathetic sailor senshi are kicking their pathetic leader off the 'team'" The man said. Just then the most startling thing happened, something no one expected to happen. Sailor Moon lost her temper.

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!" Sailor moon screamed, catching everyone's attention. Then the sailor senshi (not the man because he can't see her face), saw sailor moon's tiara shatter, and there on her forehead shining brightly was her crescent moon, the symbol of her royal blood.

"S-s-s-s-serenity, c-c-calm d-down. This is…" Mars began but was cut off by Usagi, who was no longer transformed as sailor moon but was wearing her normal bedclothes, pink pajamas with bunnies all over them.


"Usagi! We know plenty about you to know that you are nothing but a danger to this earth! You are nothing but a danger to the mission! You're a klutz, and an immature child! I am Prince Endymion, Prince of the earth. You are Princess Serenity, princess of the moon. You're kingdom was destroyed, and now if we keep you on the team, my planet and kingdom will also be destroyed! I will not let that happen!" Tuxedo Kamen yelled, transforming into Prince Endymion. The man, now unnoticed by the sailor senshi and the two royals arguing, was completely shocked.

'So this is the king and queen's past selves.' He thought. He quickly teleported next to Usagi, and bowed deeply.

"I apologize for my rudeness. I did not realize who you really were. Your highness, my name is Prince Diamond of the black moon. I am the leader of the black moon and I want to know that now since the sailor senshi and Endymion have rejected you, would you like to come and rule by my side? I will be your husband, and you my wife. We shall rule the universe together and you shall have your revenge on the sailor senshi. I will help you become stronger so you can kill them." The man now known as prince diamond said, coming out of his bow and looking serenity in her crystal blue eyes which had by now grown cold and emotionless.

"You want my answer? My answer is no. Even though the sailor senshi and my old love have rejected me, I will not endanger the earth any more than I have to. And I will have my revenge, for what I am about to do." Serenity replied, in a voice much like her eyes.

"I'm not giving you a choice, serenity." Diamond replied. He then grabbed serenity by her arm, and twisted it around so that it was pinned behind her back, and in a very painful position.

"So now what do you say, Serenity?" diamond asked, applying pressure.

"I say this," And with that serenity began to glow.

"VIMUKU!" Serenity shouted, and diamond was forced to release serenity and was thrown back several hundred feet, leaving the sailor senshi astounded.

"Wh-wh-where? How? How did you do that?" Jupiter asked.

"You guys, energy is radiating off of her. It's more powerful than anything we've ever encountered! It's even more powerful than all of us put together!" Amy shouted, clearly still in shock, while typing furiously on her mini computer. Serenity just stood up, and looked directly at the sailor senshi, and in turn, tuxedo Kamen.

"You may have thought me weak, but know this sailor senshi. I am more powerful than any of you could ever even begin to imagine. Although, you have betrayed me. Since you think you can defend the earth on your own, let's see how well you do without me." Usagi said, de-transforming from serenity back to Usagi. She removed her broach, took the silver crystal from the broach, took her communicator off her wrist, and threw the broach and communicator at tuxedo Kamen's feet.

"Goodbye." With that, Usagi looked at the unconscious form of prince diamond, turned around so the sailor senshi could see the cuts on her back, and walked home.