Wrongful Impression?

Ramoth hissed as the boys dutifully filed out onto the hatching grounds, each in turn bowing to the gigantic queen. Lessa smiled faintly as Ramoth went silent, settling on glaring at the hopeful candidates for Impression. Take a step back, dear heart, or you'll scare them away Lessa told the queen, who didn't answer, but looked a trifle indignant and backed away a few steps. The boys took up a semi circular formation around the clutch of thirty eight eggs. The golden queen egg sat on a mound of the burning sand a little way away from the other eggs, guarded by Ramoth herself.

The dragons started the deep crooning that announced the eggs were about to hatch, excitement mounting as the eggs began to rock. But it wasn't any of the other eggs that hatched first – the golden queen egg began to rock with alarming force, cracks beginning to appear in the shell. Lessa blinked, before ordering for the queen the candidates to be brought in – too late, for the egg had already hatched and was staring at the boys imperiously. With a sudden hop it landed in front of one of the boys, craning its neck to look up at the shocked look on the boys face, and the little queen watched go from shock to immeasurable happiness as Impression took place.

The white haired, pale young man crouched down and hugged his new partner, looking up at the crowd that had gathered, and unerringly found Lessa's face in the throng of shocked people.

"Her name is Meren!"