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Naruto's Thoughts The Thirst for Blood

Naruto couldn't sleep, feed or any combination of the two. All he could do was sit there and look at the wall. He didn't dare sleeping afraid that the villagers might come in the middle of the night and kill him. He didn't feed afraid that somebody might see him. All he did was sit there.

I can't live like this. I mean… I killed Sakura, Sasuke knows, Kakashi's on my case. SHIT! I can't do a goddamn thing about any of this. If anything I'll be burned alive.

Just as Naruto was thinking that he heard a knock at the door. He looked at the door not wanting to get up from where he was. But his feet had a mind of it's own. He ended up walking to the door unwillingly to find Kakashi standing there looking glum.

"What do you want Kakashi?" Naruto questioned annoyed.

"Naruto… Sakura's…" Kakashi trailed off looking away. Naruto being scared of what Kakashi was about to say tensed.

"Sakura what?"

"Sakura was found in the forest. Her body drained of all her blood. Not living. She was found dead," Kakashi said looking back into Naruto's eyes. Naruto shuddered as he heard the words he NEVER wanted to hear.

"What do you mean her blood was drained?" Naruto questioned.

"Like, there was no blood in her body. None what so ever," Kakashi said raising an eyebrow, "Isn't that a bit odd, Naruto?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Naruto said backing away from Kakashi. Kakashi just walked right up to him and got in his face.

"It's as if something or SOMEONE sucked her clean of her blood," Kakashi said menacingly. Naruto got angry at the accusation and pushed Kakashi away from him.

"LOOK! I'm tired of you and Sasuke. It would be better for me if I just left wouldn't it?" Naruto questioned angrily.

"I can't exactly say that I do, I mean after all I AM your teacher," Naruto stared at him and pushed him aside to leave his house. He walked into the forest not even caring at all what Kakashi ha just said.

This is exactly why I don't get attached to anything! Because then they end up finding out and then I have to run like all the other times. I just hope he doesn't find me this time. I can't deal with HIS crap anymore.

Naruto was walking through the forest and he heard a twig snap behind him. He stopped walking and looked behind him but saw nobody there. He sniffed in the air to see who it was and smelled three different scents.

Sasuke… Kakashi… Damn I can't make out the last one… SHIT! His eyes widened as he realized who the last scent was. He turned around fiercely trying to find him. He growled angrily and then looked in front of him and saw what he never wanted to see in his life.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto questioned angrily.

"I couldn't stop by for a visit?" the person stepped behind from the shadows and looked at Naruto smiling. His pale skin vibrating off of the night sky, whilst his eyes were glowing off of the moon.

"I don't need you to be here," Naruto said angrily.

"I need to talk to you Naruto," he said grinning evilly.

"Get away from me Orochimaru. You're not even supposed to be here!"

"But Naruto you know you need strength. I mean after all why is it that you can't control you're thirst anymore?" Orochimaru said grinning. Naruto's eyes widened as he heard what he said.

"Wh… What did you just say?"

"I mean this only happens to a select few… the strongest and it was a surprise to me when I found out that it was happening to you," Orochimaru said as he moved up closer to Naruto. Naruto didn't resist surprisingly and let him come closer.

He put his hands on Naruto's neck and saw the two bite marks that were left there from the time that he gave Naruto the nice little mark and the curse he has now. He smirked to himself, as he smelled Naruto's bloods coursing through his veins.

"You're becoming so strong Naruto… but your thirst is getting slimmer each day… why didn't you come to me for strength?" Naruto pulled back at an instant when he heard Orochimaru say that.

"I'm not Sasuke. You can't toy with my mind like that. He's the only asshole that would EVER go to you for strength. I'm not like him! The only reason he didn't even go is because Kakashi and all the other god damn jounins had to hold him back!"

"Calm down!" he said calmly. Naruto didn't listen to him as he saw the smirk hidden behind his features.

"What are you really here for?" Naruto questioned angrily.

"I need to see somebody that just so happens to live in your village," he said bluntly.

"And that person would be?"

"None of your business," Orochimaru said as he walked past Naruto. Naruto got angry and pulled his shoulders shoving him against a tree.

"Who… are… you… here… to see?" Naruto questioned already knowing the answer.

"A little friend of yours,"

"What do you want with him?" Naruto questioned annoyed.

"I have a proposition for him,"

"He's not interested!"

"HE can speak for himself!" Naruto looked behind him and saw Sasuke and Kakashi walking towards him and Orochimaru.

"Long time no see Orochimaru," Sasuke said annoyed.

"Ah. Just the boy I wanted to see,"

"What do you want?" Sasuke questioned not really caring about his tone or what Orochimaru had to offer.

"I have a proposition for you,"

"I heard that already. What do you want to ask idiot!"

"I just want to say that wouldn't you want to think about coming over with me? You need the strength and you wouldn't want to come with me and not be hunted by a vampire that walks among you?"

"I wouldn't want to be here with Naruto but I sure as HELL wouldn't want to go with a faggot like you!"

"Aw, you're making me feel bad," he said as he walked towards Sasuke.

"He said he DOESN'T WANT TO GO!" Naruto said as he charged at Orochimaru and jumped onto his back. Orochimaru didn't even bother struggling with Naruto. Instead he just easily picked him off of his back and threw him into the wall.

Naruto hit the trunk as immense pain hit his back. Naruto was on the floor and growled at Orochimaru as he saw him still making his way towards Sasuke. But since Naruto was immortal he didn't get hurt THAT easily.

He got up from the floor and ran towards Orochimaru but Orochimaru whirled around and grabbed Naruto by his neck lifting him off the ground. Naruto choked and grabbed at his hands.

"You had your chance now leave me alone," he said annoyed. Naruto writhed in pain as his air was being cut off. He looked around at Sasuke and saw that Kakashi was no longer there.

Where the fuck is Kakashi? Then he saw Sasuke jump onto Orochimaru's back and started to strangle him as well. Orochimaru let go of Naruto turning into a pile of mud. Shit! He used the damn substitution jutsu! Naruto saw Orochimaru behind Sasuke and then ran towards him with all the strength he had.

He latched onto his neck and wouldn't let go no matter how hard Orochimaru swung he wouldn't let go. Naruto smirked to himself as he bit down into Orochimaru's neck. He wailed in pain and Naruto sunk down deeper.

Orochimaru finally got him off of him and then Naruto licked his lips, as he tasted the sweet blood. Orochimaru looked at his hands, which were turning black and then disappeared into ashes. He looked over at Naruto who was smirking and then he turned to ashes.

Sasuke looked over at Naruto and Naruto smiled at him as he fell on the floor lying down. He's gone. He's gone. He's gone! Naruto smiled to himself as he closed his eyes and everything in his world went dark.


Naruto woke up in the morning looking at a white ceiling. He sat up in bed not knowing where he was. He heard a heart monitor ad then felt at ease. He laid back down in his hospital bed. He saw someone walk in from the corner of his eyes and knew who it was immediately.

"Hey Naruto,"

"Hey Sasuke," Naruto said. Sasuke sat down on the edge of his bed. Naruto was barely hurt and didn't understand why he was even at the hospital. But according to Sasuke he passed out when Orochimaru died.

"What… happened back there with Orochimaru?" Sasuke questioned.

"What do you mean?"

"He just turned to ashes and that was a bit odd don't you think?" Sasuke questioned.

"Not really. Because what happened with him was that he was denying his cravings for so long that when someone bit him he didn't have anymore blood to support him that he turned to ashes," Naruto said bluntly. Sasuke nodded as he heard that and walked over to the foot of Naruto's bed.

Naruto inched back a little bit and stared at Sasuke who was smirking.

"What?" Naruto questioned annoyed.

"I think that you should get quick soon. So that way I can kick your ass when you get better again,"

"Don't bet your life on it!" Naruto said playfully. Sasuke smirked as he backed up and left the room.

I seriously don't now how I'm going to survive living in this village… then again… those ARE the consequences for getting attached.


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