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The little black dress clung to her like a second skin. Maureen ran her hands down the sides of her lithe, curvaceous body. Checking herself in the full length mirror, she smiled, pleased at what she saw. Having Jarod as her personal trainer was definitely working in her body's favor.

Bare footed, she slowly twirled to the left, then to the right. Not bad, she thought. The former huntress headed back to the vanity to begin putting on her makeup. It was applied subtly to make her appear lighter, more natural rather than the old cruel beauty of her past.

It was over a month now since she and Jarod finally declared their love for each other. Frustration building up as she impatiently waited for Jarod to move them beyond just kissing and holding hands. For Pete's sake, they weren't innocent teenagers figuring out how to go past first base. She frowned as she put away her makeup kit and taking one last look in the mirror. They never did get to experience what being innocent teenagers was like, having making out on the couch, dealing with the automatically protective father, and learning to use birth control. The Centre made sure of that.

She squeezed her eyes shut and planted her hands flat on the vanity from the sordid knowledge that she used her sensuality and seductiveness to advance the Centre's interests. No wonder that buttwipe Mr. Parker didn't bat an eye trying to pimp her to Jarod in the aftermath of the raid.

Maureen inhaled sharply. The past is dead. Leave it buried behind, she admonished to herself. Look forward. She opened her eyes and a brooding woman stared back at her. A tired sigh escaped past her lips. Another talking point for her next session with her brilliant but very annoying mental health professional, Dr. Tushar. Putting that on her to do list, the brunette went back to her wrapping up her preparations for tonight's event.

The tall brunette turned around on her stool and bent over to slip into five inch high Christian Labotin's stiletto heels. Standing up she smiled briefly. Yes, she did love her expensive luxury high heels. She especially loved the way they affected Jarod. It could be said that he had a fetish for heels and/or legs but she wasn't sure. Blowing a frustrated breath, she admitted that there were still areas in each of their lives that the other still regarded as mysteries. But she vowed, a determined frown appearing on her face, those veils of mysteries were going to be solved, one by one. A lifetime's work, she thought bemusedly.

Her classically elegant look was just the thing for the event that she and Jarod were attending. It was a social gathering among some of the most powerful people in the country. She was there as Jarod's "plus one". All part of the deal she made with Juana Cloud Runner, the Director of National Intelligence. This event, the first of many, could be interpreted as Jarod's coming out night. The time where he would be introduced to and be noticed by the movers and shakers of the nation. The powerful men and women would carefully judge him, impressions made, his name put onto their contact lists, and invitations would be sent out to Jarod asking him to ever more events and one on one meetings as he moved ever closer to the center of power. This night then was where Jarod becomes a power player in the Republic. He would thrive and grow in this high pressure setting, both women acknowledged to each other when this soiree was being planned.

It was that canny Native American's invitation as well as Maureen's willing participation that led to her slowly strutting down the stairs to an admiring former Pretender.

Jarod appreciated the beauty that was Maureen. It was always there. In one of his pretends, he read up on the Greek classics, and seeing her confidently make eye contact with him, he thought she was the face that would launch a thousand ships, start a war to take her back to whom she belonged to, he would fight anyone, even a cruel Centre, to have her, to possess her. To tell the world that she was his and, just as importantly, he was hers. He unconsciously licked his lips as he remarked to her, "You look absolutely stunning." Perhaps he should tell her about this particular pretend sometime in the future. For now, he'll concentrate on this unique blend of beauty and brains.

Maureen twitched a confident smile at her Jar, "Of course, I am." Humor shone in her eyes as she walked up to him and gave him a deep kiss.

Their bodies tingled, their hearts thumping away as Maureen wrapped her arms around Jarod's neck while he circled his arms around her waist and instinctively tugging her in for a tighter embrace.

Always the aggressor, the ex-huntress parted her lips and stuck her tongue out pushing for entrance into Jarod's tantalizing mouth. Her natural desires warred with that little voice in the back of her head that demanded her attention. A voice that was shouting out to that the two of them were going to be late to the soiree if this went any further. She scoffed at that voice, as she moaned when Jarod allowed her entry and she dueled with his tongue, about being late. The brunette was so close to finally riding Jarod that she didn't care if she made the President or Cloud Runner or whoever the fuck else think they were important wait on them to appear.

Maureen's kiss was so damn distracting, Jarod voiced to himself, even though he had no intention of breaking it off. Instead, he parted his lips and allowed Maureen's probing tongue to enter him. He played with her tongue with his, exploring once again his former huntress' delectable mouth and lips.

Sighs, moans, and heavy breathing were the noises made in the foyer of their home. Their kissing was accompanied by the movements of their arms and hands as each eagerly explored more and more of each other's bodies. Jarod was the luckier of the two as he got more opportunity to touch Maureen's bare skin. This he took advantage of as he broke their lip lock and starting placing kisses from her jaw to her neck.

Maureen gasped as she felt Jar suck deeply on her neck. She firmly pushed him away from her, already missing his warmth, and touched her skin. She glared at him, "If you give me a hickey right now, Jar, I'll…"

The ex-Pretender chuckled. "You'll what?" He pulled her back towards him and gave her another long deep kiss cutting off any retort she had in mind.

A devilish gleam shone in her eyes as they broke off their latest kiss. "Surprise, I'm going to have fun at this shindig." A pause. "At your expense."

The slow heated smile that appeared on Jarod's face literally made Maureen's toes curled and her heart to skip a beat as she heard his response to her. "I look forward to it."

One last passionate kiss was shared between them before holding hands they left their home and headed off into the night and another milestone in their always eventful lives.

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