Chapter 13: A Resolution


Arriving at the door, Serena knocked. She heard some sniffling inside and wondered if Mina was ok.

"Mina, are you alright?" she asked through door.


After a few seconds, the door cracked open but Mina did not emerge. Serena gently pushed the door open further and entered the room. There in front of her stood Mina, and she looked horrible. Mina had small bags forming under her red puffy eyes as a result of all the crying. She was wearing a loose shirt that fell to her mid thighs, most probably one of Malachite's undershirts. Serena slowly walked toward her and pulled her into a gentle hug.

"What's wrong Mina? Why have you been crying?" she asked.

"Oh, Serena! I painted that!" Mina said, stepping away and pointing to the painting above the fireplace almost accusingly.

"I painted that so that Malachite would think of me always, even when we couldn't be together. I painted it as a reminder for him and now it's a reminder for me" Mina let out, looking away, staring off into nothing, letting her thoughts drift off.

Softly, hesitantly, Mina continued.

"I remembered,…, I remember some of the time I spent with him" she said, her gaze sweeping back to meet Serena's.

"How could we have ever thought that the Negaverse generals were our generals? How could I think he was MY Malachite?" Mina bit out bitterly and ashamed.

"Oh Mina, it's okay. We'll find them. Darien and I haven't given up. We've been searching for them. We didn't tell you all because you only saw the Negaverse generals. You didn't remember and we thought that if we didn't ever find them, well I didn't want you to suffer. I'm so sorry." Serena explained, grabbing a hold of Mina's hand.

"I can't seem to grab a hold of my feelings. It's all so jumbled. I don't even know why I'm crying so much" she said as she wiped her eyes.

"I can't clearly remember everything, just flashes here and there, brief moments. All night it just haunted my thoughts: the caress of his fingers, a flash of his gaze, his laugh being carried on the wind, the whisper of a kiss" Mina said despondently.

Serena looked at Mina's haunted eyes and found despair but also hope; hope that someday she would meet the Malachite of her memories. Although Serena could see that Mina was suffering over this newfound information she also felt a weight lifted off her shoulders. She had felt conflicted for some time about sharing this information about their past and was relieved that Mina had remembered. She hadn't wanted to force the memories upon them with the help of the crystal. Their presence at the palace had fueled this natural discovery and Serena was grateful that Mina was beginning to remember. She only hoped that it would be case for the others as well.

With this in mind, Serena embraced Mina once more.

"We will find them and you'll have your answers. I'll try to tell you as much as I know and once we find Malachite and the others you can ask him everything. I know it's not any consolation but I'm happy you're here with me and that you're beginning to remember more about our past lives." Serena murmured to Mina.

"I don't know how I feel about this. I had a few flashbacks of the Silver Millenium. I remembered more than most of you guys but they were just flashes of home, of my mother and father, of parties, classes, and training. And then of the final battle. It was so painful and I didn't want to remember all that perished on Venus, on the other planets, and the moon. I know that near the end there were horrible battles and we must have lost so many but I didn't want to bare that pain in this life. And now I realize there might have been so much more! I feel like a coward for trying to hide from our past." Mina explained still distressed.

"It's alright dear cousin" replied Serena with a smile. "There are still many things I do not remember and at first I too pushed back the memories. But then I realized there was so much I was missing out on. There was so much good before the Negaverse came. The Silver Millenium was such an era of prosperity and peace. The love of family and friends can't be forgotten just because we fear the pain of the bad that might accompany it. And all the sacrifices that were made must be remembered. These were our court, our people. Even when I went to the other dimension there was so much I saw and did. It leaves a mark on your heart, on your soul. I have fought so hard but I have gained so much in return. I love you, Darien and the Scouts, and I love the guys. You're my sisters and my brothers. I wouldn't exchange my memories of you for any comfort forgetting might afford."

"I'm sorry if I'm being selfish" Mina began to say but Serena interrupted, "You're not and it's okay. There's so much to take in and honestly ever since we did initially gain our memories back we've always been fighting an enemy. When have we really had the time to discuss any of this and really think it through? I'm more surprised that we haven't had a more serious conversation about this before."

"Now, I think we've been gone long enough. Lita has prepared an amazing breakfast and if you don't get down there fast there may not be a scrap left considering the number of people here" Serena said with a slight smile, hoping to coax Mina into a lighter mood.

I hope you enjoyed it! I'm thinking of doing a special chapter for Lita next so stay tuned.