Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Harry Potter or Charmed. I wanted to write this as a way to have the final battle end with Voldemort dead but indicate the possibility that Harry, Ron and Hermione's help could be used to destroy other threats.

After the Final Battle with the Triad, Dumaine and Christy the Charmed Ones had mostly retired except for Paige. She still used her Charmed powers to help her as a Whitelighter as she protected her charges.

One day she got a call from the Elders. They revealed to her the existence of Hogwarts and the continued existence of Wizards. It was quite a surprise because before vanquishing an evil wizard four years before the Charmed Ones were told that he was the last wizard. The Elders explained the current conflict with Voldemort and how if the final battle with him, which had already started, was won, Harry, Ron and Hermione had the potential to continue fighting other evil threats that popped up and vanquishing them together. The Elder's were assigning Paige as their Whitelighter to help guide and heal them when necessary but they told her that in order to win this battle the Charmed Ones needed to enter it and help weaken Voldemort so that Harry could kill him. Normally they were powerful enough to do that on their own easily, but it was Harry's destiny not theirs.

Paige orbed to the manor to get her sister's together along with Billie figuring they might need her help with her telekinetic powers.

"Guy's we need to help them win this one," Paige said after explaining everything. "I'd do it by myself but we need all three of us to make a difference."

"I don't know," Piper said. "We're retired we don't do this sort of thing any more."

"I say we go for it," said Phoebe. "I don't see why we can't help this one last time and we're not actually doing the vanquishing, we're helping someone else to do it who needs all the help he can get."

"I say go for it," said Billie.

Leo, Piper's husband and an ex-Whitelighter said, "You should go. This isn't a normal fight like you guys have done before, you're simply helping a few of Paige's new charges. They need some guidance from an outside source that they don't know with their battles like how at the beginning you needed my help even though I never showed you who I was or that I was helping you until you figured out who I was. From what Paige has said I think these three need that kind of help right now."

After this speech the Charmed Ones decided to help out and Paige orbed them to the battle along with Billie.

Meanwhile the final battle against Voldemort was taking place at Hogwarts. After a few months of searching Harry, Ron and Hermione succeeded in destroying all of the Horcruxes except for the snake Nagini. They started with the locket, which after a few weeks of searching for who R.A.B was they realized that Sirius' brother's name was Regulus Black and that they never found out what his middle name was. They also remembered the locket that they found the summer they'd spent their after Voldemort returned and when they investigated the locket, they found out it was the one that they were looking for. They quickly destroyed it and searched for the other Horcruxes and found them by searching through information left behind by Dumbledore in the form of notes and another set of memories to view in the Pensive which he left to Harry along with the sword of Godric Gryffindor (he left that to Harry because he felt that it would be the best weapon to use against Nagini and Harry had proved himself worthy of wielding it by pulling it out of the Sorting Hat). During their search for Voldemort himself the three of them found out that Voldemort intended to attack Hogwarts, which had reopened, and take it as a stronghold for himself. He planned a surprise attack on the castle but Harry, Ron and Hermione managed to warn the Order of The Phoenix which they had been made members of and also warned the staff and students along with the Ministry of Magic so that Voldemort was caught off guard by the amount of people waiting to take him on when he got to the castle. A major battle had erupted with both sides taking some serious losses. Harry, Ron and Hermione had rushed to the aid of the people on the battlefield but first focused on taking out Nagini. After a fierce fight Harry slew her with the sword of Godric Gryffindor but not before Ron got fatally bit by her. He didn't die, but he got bit by her in such a position that even if they could get him to a doctor in time there would be nothing that they could do (if bit by this particular snake in certain places the poison would spread too far in your system too quickly for an antidote to be of any use because it wouldn't be able to get it all, Ron was bit in one of these places). Harry took on Voldemort with the aid of Hermione but she got hit by the Sectumsempera curse and until the battle was over no one could get her to help so she was simply bleeding to death but still doing her best to send curses from the ground at surviving Death Eaters and other assorted beasts (Voldemort had acquired a massive army of Death Eaters and Dark Beasts). The duel between Harry and Voldemort was pretty evenly matched. He told everyone else in the battle to stay away that this was his fight and they reluctantly accepted his wishes. Voldemort also told his followers to stay out of it, and that he wanted to do this as a duel between him and Harry without his followers interfering. Finally Harry ended up getting hit and falling to the ground momentarily stunned. This was all Voldemort needed.

"Now the moment we've all been waiting for. Say hello to your parents for me."

He aimed his wand at Harry but at that moment the Charmed Ones orbed in.

"Avada Kedav." He never got the chance to finish the curse because Piper blasted him to the ground.

Voldemort stood back up but Paige called out "Voldemort's wand" causing it to be orbed to her. She then broke it in half. Phoebe jumped into the air and kicked Voldemort, knocking him to the ground again. Death Eaters nearby sent killing curses at them but Billie telekinetically sent them back at the people who shot the curses killing them.

"Quick, finish him off while you've still got the chance," Piper said to Harry. "We've done all that we can do."

Harry stood up bracing himself for what he knew he must do. He pointed his wand at Voldemort focusing all of his rage and anger and yelled out "Avada Kedavra." The curse hit Voldemort and was so powerful that he was not only killed, but his body was destroyed.

"Nice job mate, I'm glad I could see Voldemort killed before I die," said Ron who'd managed to crawl over.

"Me too," said Hermione weakly, crawling over next to Ron. "I enjoyed all of these years that I've been helping you against Voldemort. I don't regret anything."

"Me neither," said Ron. "I really enjoyed being friends with you all of these years and helping out. Hermione I'm sorry about last year when we didn't get along I really am."

"Me too. I'm just glad we got over that," saidHermione.

"Goodbye Harry, Hermione." said RonRon slipped into unconscious and started to stop breathing.

Harry and Hermione rushed to his side sadly to be with him at the end, but Paige seeing this, walked over to them. "Move out of the way." she said.

"Are you crazy," asked Harry? "If he's going to die I want to be by his side."

"I can help him if you get out of the way," said Paige.

Harry and Hermione were reluctant but Hermione was too weak to protest and Harry wasn't sure what to do.

"Listen to her," said Piper. "She can help him and her," she said indicating Ron and Hermione.

Reluctantly they did it and Paige walked over and used her healing power on Ron healing him of the poison that was killing him and undoing the damage, saving him. She then turned to Hermione and did the same thing.

"Thank you," said a now revived Ron.

"Yeah thank you, whoever you are," said Hermione. "By the way who are you?"

"Introductions later, fight now," said Piper. "We still got a battle going on here."

The seven of them (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Billie) quickly rejoined the battle. The Charmed Ones were too powerful for any one beast to take on and they just blasted andkicked enemies down (Pheobe originaly did this until she picked up a defeated Death Eaters wand and started trying to use it to send attacks at the enemies and it worked because she did have magical powers), and sent curses back at enemy forces as they made their way through the battlefield. With the Charmed Ones on the side of the Order of The Phoenix, the Ministry and the students along with the fact the Voldemort was dead the battle was quickly won. After the battle was over Paige went around healing who she could on the side of good and thanks to that the side of good suffered few loses while Voldemort's men took pretty heavy loses and were nearly decimated. The few goons that remained were rounded up and taken to prison.

"So who are you guys really," asked Harry after the battle was won.

"Well," said Piper. "We're the Charmed Ones and this is Billie a witch who joined us this year."

Hermione was shocked. "Oh, my God." she said. And then to Ron and Harry. "They're considered to be among the most powerful witches there are. They retired recently after winning a major victory."

"Wow, so you came out of retirement just to help us," said Harry.

"Yes," said Piper. "We did it this one time because we were alerted to the battle and the fact that you needed help so we came, but we only did it just this one last time."

"But why didn't you kill Voldemort yourselves," asked Hermione. "I know your more than powerful enough."

"Because it wasn't our fight, it was yours," said Phoebe. "We came to assist you but it was up to you to finish the fight and Voldemort.

"Also," said Paige. "I'm your new Whitelighter so I came because you were in trouble and brought my sisters because I wasn't powerful enough to help you on my own."

"Why do we have a Whitelighter," asked Hermione. "They are only assigned to people who have great potential to continue fighting evil." (a/n I'm making that up they never said for sure in the show what type of witches Whitelighters helped exactly)

"You do have great potential, I mean look at what you accomplished today and over the last seven years," said Paige. "Your destiny is to continue on fighting evil. The work you've done fighting against Voldemort proves that you can handle that burden. Together you can overcome any foes."

"Remember not to ever give up no matter what happens," said Piper.

"Stick together and you'll win against anything that comes your way," said Phoebe. "We helped you this time but don't count on any of our help again except for Paige. We're retired but over the years we discovered that when we worked together we were unstoppable. You have the potential for that when you work together."

"If you ever need serious help call my name and I'll come but only do that if you're in dire need of help or healing. I want you to do what you can together with the help of the people you've come to rely on and trust these past years without unessacary outside help. We helped this time because it was necessary but it won't be necessary all of the time," said Paige.

"Goodbye and good luck," said Piper.

Paige then orbed them out while everyone looked on shocked.

Afterwards a great party was held to honor the hero's and to celebrate the death of Voldemort. But Harry, Ron and Hermione were having a discussion about what the Charmed Ones had said.

"Do you really think that we can pull it off, continuing to fight evil together," asked Ron.

"I don't know but if the Charmed Ones say that we can then I believe them especially after all that our teamwork has accomplished," said Hermione.

"Well whatever happens we need to stick together and we should be able to accomplish anything," said Harry. "What so you say to continuing to fight evil even when this is all over and continuing to save the day?"

Both Ron and Hermione agreed whole-heartedly and it was the beginning of a new future for everyone, but for Harry, Ron and Hermione the beginning of their lifelong partnership against the forces of evil.

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