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Paige, Harry, Ron and Hermione orbed outside of Grimwauld Place.

"If McGonagall got the Order back together then they should be here," said Harry. "Paige, you should be able to enter because after the war was over the Order removed the Fidelus Charm figuring that it would no longer be needed."

The four of them entered the house and found the Order gathered around the kitchen table.

"Please join us and tell us what you've found out," said Professor McGonagall. "If there's anything that we can do to help vanquish Voldemort forever then we need to know."

"Alright," said Paige as they sat down. She then proceeded to explain to the Order what she had been informed of by the Elders. After she finished there was stunned silence around the table.

"My God," said Lupin. "If that's true then we need to find a way to kill Voldemort and make sure that he's gone for good not just pretending to be."

"Well we've got a plan on how to do that," said Harry. "But we're going to need all of your help to pull it off."

The four of them began to explain their plan and how it was to play out. They explained how the Order and anyone that they could gather to help had to hold off any forces that Voldemort brought with him while they dealt with Voldemort himself. They explained their plan for the actual vanquish of Voldemort and about the spell that they planned to use to get rid of him forever.

"Are you sure that that's going to work," asked Tonks? "Relying on a spell that you've never used before and it needs the Power of Three to perform?"

"Together they're very powerful and I believe that they can make a Power of Three of their own for this spell," said Paige. "As for relying on this spell, we have used it four times before and it only failed us once. The other three times it got the job done. We even modified the spell once like they've done to suit our needs and it worked perfectly that time."

"Are you sure that you can do this," asked McGonagall? "It's awfully risky and if you can't do it you'd be throwing your lives away for nothing."

"We need to try," said Harry. "If we don't we risk losing everything and it's better to lose our lives trying to vanquish Voldemort than running and hiding from him."

"Yeah, we're sure we can pull this off but I'd rather lose my life trying then not trying and regretting it later," said Ron.

"Yeah," Hermione agreed. "Together we're really powerful and if we can pull this off Voldemort will be gone forever and who knows what other Power of Three spells we'll be able to use against evil forces we come across."

"If you guys are sure," said McGonagall reluctantly.

"Yeah," said Harry. "We need to do this, for the sake of the world not just our own."

"Well alright then," said Lupin. "Let's get this show on the road."

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