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Sands gulped. Slowly he turned around so he was facing the person who had spoken to him. "My name is Sands. Not Shel. And it's been a long time. What have you been up to Mort."

"Writing. Don't suppose you read any of my stuff?"

"It is rather difficult to read when you don't have eyes. Now if you'll excuse-."

"I'm sorry Shel. I didn't mean to leave you when we were little. You are still my little brother."

"I have to go." And with that Sands turned and walked, very quickly as it were, in the opposite direction. Sheldon what are you doing. You haven't seen him in years and you just walk away. Go back there and talk to him. Tell him how you feel. He'll help you.

"I don't need any help. I'm perfectly fine on my own. Though I could do without you, you whiny little snot." That's not a very nice thing to say to someone. You really should work on your manners. Do you even have manners? "Possibly." Then you should show them. People like it when they are treated with respect. And we have to hurry or you'll be late for work. "I think I'm one of the few people who have to go to work in the middle of the night."



"I was just looking at your file and saw that you haven't had a physical or psychological examination for over two years. Why?"

"Well I was in Mexico for a while."

"Well you are going to go have those exams right this minute. Go!"

Sands got up from his desk and walked towards the elevator. Sheldon. How could you forget that you have to go for examinations every year. Now I understand that you were in Mexico, but you should've had one down there. "You are going to shut up even if I have to make you."

"Hello, Sands. What are you doing down here?"

"The boss found out that I haven't had any exams for two years. Gonna check me out?"

"Sure. We'll start with an eye exam. Now take off your sunglasses." Sands reached up very slowly. His hand brushed against the side of the glasses and he yanked them off. Libby screamed. Never in her life had she seen something so horrible done to someone's face. "Sands? What happened?"

"I got my eyes ripped out of my skull by a sick doctor. It isn't exactly a new development. Actually I'm pretty used to it. Don't even have to use a cane. Now if I could talk to you about the rest of these exams. Could you just say I took them. Give me a good score. Not too good though. Thanks." He put his glasses back on and strode out of the room with Libby still staring in shock. At the last minute he turned around. "On second thought, I think I should have some insurance. So I know you won't tell."

Sands grabbed Libby by the shoulders and bit into her neck. I silent scream escaped her lips as he drained the last of her blood and she went limp in his arms. "I always knew you were sweet, Libby." He let go of her and listened as she landed in a heap on the floor. "See you around."

When he left the room he went straight to his boss' office. "Hey listen, Libby wasn't there so I'll just take the tests on my own time. Now do you have an assignment for me, or were you just hoping to find my address so you could be at my place later so I could fuck you senseless after work?"

"I need you to play bodyguard."

"Oh so you do have an assignment."

"Yes. There is a man who is suspected of murder in Tashmore Lake. A Morton Rainey. We need you to get close to him and find out if he committed these crimes. He is suspected of murdering 3 men, one woman, and one dog. We know that he is here in Washington for a book signing. He just re-released his story 'Secret Window' with a new ending. He is saying at a motel called 'Happy Smiles'. You should be able to find him at Barnes and Noble or Borders. Rumor has it he doesn't do the small independent bookstores. Find him and contact me when you do. Collect as many reinforcements as you need."

"Does it say that he was adopted?"

"What? That doesn't matter. Now go."

Sheldon how could you think that Mort would do something so horrible. He could never kill anyone. You have to go and prove him to be innocent.

Sands left the office and walked straight outside. He had to convict his brother of murder. His brother who had always said that killing was bad. All he could do was grin. He walked to the motel and stole a key to Mort's room. He went inside and waited.

Mort, on the other hand, was just coming home to the motel. He took out his key and opened the door. "Holy shit!" He slammed the door closed. "Who are you?" he yelled through the door. Suddenly the door was pulled open from the inside. "Now Mort, that's no way to speak to your brother now is it?"

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